#10 Timeless Ballpoint Pen Artists

#10 Timeless Ballpoint Pen Artists

Timeless Ballpoint Pen Artists

Do you know some of the world’s famous artworks have been created using the most simple writing tool? Yes, we are talking about ballpoint pens! The artworks created using ball pens have proven to be versatile, low-cost, and portable. Many contemporary artists are preferring ballpoint pens for creating their masterpieces.

Anyone can get awestruck by checking the photorealistic paintings. Some of the popular ink artists are Rembrandt, Alphonso Dunn, Ed Fairburn, Laura Footes, and a lot more.

The rolling ball mechanism & oil-based ink is the most accessible tool to start practicing art anytime & anywhere. As compared to charcoal, watercolors, and clay; the pen is the most convenient option.

This article is dedicated to all the pen artists who embraced the ballpoint pen and created some marvelous pieces of art. Here in this guide, you’ll get to know the most popular ink artists worldwide. Let’s begin!

Top #10 Ball Pen Artists who Redefined the Art

For those who don’t know, let us tell you that the ball pen was invented by John J. in 1888 as a writing tool on leather. After 50 years i.e.in the 1940s, it was redesigned and evolved for use on paper by Lazlo Biro. Thanks to him! Now the world recognizes him and uses the pens manufactured by Biro.

Now let’s explore the list of the world’s best ball pen artists!

#1. Lucio Fontana

Born in 1899 in Italy, Lucio was the first ball pen artist. He drew his first painting in 1946 in Argentina, the same place where Biro had invented the ballpoint pen. Some may call it a coincidence! 

Do you know Lucia Fontana is also known as the founder of Spatialism? His early sketches represent the spatialist movements and huge interest in technology, science, and merging art. Many of his paintings reflect as if he was trying to test the ink quality & flow of the pen. 

One of his popular artworks is a doodle of a spiraling funnel field with swirling orbs. His paintings are still sold at auctions and are available for sale in online stores. 

#2. Alphonso Dunn

Born in Jamaica, Alphonso Dunn is a graduate in chemistry, and later did a master’s in fine arts. This New Jersey-based artist integrated his scientific approach to chemistry into his drawings. His paintings were so sharp, and realistic. 

Dunn used a special term for his paintings i.e. paraphernalia of perception that generates curiosity to know the hidden meaning in artwork. He has received many rewards and you can still buy his paintings in auctions or from private collections.

He is also the author of the popular & hot-selling book Pen & Ink which explains the drawing technique. You can follow him on Facebook, youtube to watch tutorials.

#3. Ed Fairburn

Born in 1989, this Young English artist from Cardiff Wales, UK introduced topo pointillism which is the integration of topography and pointillism process. He used a technique of drawing portraits, features with fade straight, criss-cross lines, and hills. With his ability to create evocative art pieces, Ed Fairburn has become one of the popular celebrities  in Europe 

He successfully manipulated the patterns (contour, roads) used in cartography/ paper maps to draw portraits using pencils & pens.

If you’ll check his artwork, it somehow gives you a god-like view and divinity vibes. 

#4. Olivia Kemp

This exciting freehand pen artist creates paintings with a freehand style using pen & ink. His paintings depict 21st-century issues & subjects, flora-fauna, and landscapes of her interior world. Olivia Kemp’s paintings are more facetious than fictitious. She has also received acknowledgment for skills in linework by pen, and Richard Ford Award. Her main area of interest is drawing & remodeling imaginary places.

You can also visit her personal website to view his marvelous pen paintings inspired by Prado, the scrap heap series, and more.

#5. Rob plater:

Based in New York, Rob Plater’s drawings are inspired by hip-hop, comic books, fictional characters, and imagination. His characters usually wear a mask, armor, and headdresses.  He obtained his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Art.

His artwork reflects the concept of perception from a child’s perspective. Palter has been acclaimed for his mastery of sharp, carved lines he uses to draw his imagination with second faces.

#6. Jack Dillhunt:

Jack Dillhunt is from Wisconsin, America, and is known for drawing digital images, and abstract drawings. His mixed media images will leave you astonished.

This professional multimedia artist is recognized for drawing on bedsheets using a ballpoint pen and has also been showcased at American Visionary in Baltimore.

His artwork has also been used for phone covers, greeting cards, shower curtains, pillow covers, etc. You can buy all these art pieces by visiting his personal website. His sketches show his ability to mirror impossible images on canvas.

#7. Mark Powell:

Mark Powel is another popular ball pen artist from London who is known for creating abstract masterpieces & sketches. His 3D artwork is so realistic and facetious that it would be hard for you to recognize if it has been made using a pen. 

This ball pen artist uses Antique envelopes as a canvas to sketch almost realistic paintings of wildlife & old age people. His fine artwork of using stamps & postages in the creases will leave you awestruck.  

His paintings reveal a story that convinces you to think deeply. Powel’s outstanding ball pen artwork is available to be bought on his personal website or in private auctions.

He is one of the powerful timeless pen artists who have redefined the meaning of art using the basic writing tool.

#8. Juan Francisco Casas

Based in Spain, Juan is a photographer, poet, and pen artist as well. He follows the unique approach to portraying images with a ballpoint pen. To bring anonymity to his artwork, he takes photographs and draws them later using a ball pen.

Juan is mostly known for portraying naked females using a ball pen. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with his stunningly realistic artwork. The unique part is most of his paintings are  10 feet tall. His paintings and sketches have been exhibited at many museums across the world.

#9. Ler Huang

Ler Huang is a popular pen artist from Kaohsiung, Taiwan who is mostly known for sketching colorful, overlapping images, and fashion-related paintings. Her portraits are usually focused on female modes, and headshots with a subtle transparent quality. Ler prefers using colorful ball pens as her artistic medium

Ler got a huge appreciation for her recent artwork with geometric experimentation on a female model. It has been named Geometric Light by Ler Huang.

#10. Chris R. Wright

Chris R. Wright is an ink artist based in Southampton, UK.  He is also a writer, actor, illustrator, filmmaker, and versatile ballpen artist who loves creating unique sketches. Some of his popular artworks are pet dog/cat commission, brawl, Bill Murray Commission, and many others. This multi-talented artist’s sketches include funny caricatures, pet portraits, and everything. He calls himself a self-taught artist and his ball pen artwork is simply Superb!

Wrapping up!

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