Alienware Vs Asus Rog- Which Is The Better Gaming Laptop Brand?

Alienware Vs Asus Rog- Which Is The Better Gaming Laptop Brand?

Alienware Vs Asus Rog

Both of these top gaming laptop brands are usually compared in the tech community. A lot of debates and discussions rage regarding the performance level, gaming hardware, and sound quality. Well, let us tell you that d people have split opinions on Alienware and Asus ROG. 

Asus is often said to be more affordable, fully featured, and comes with great design. Whereas Alienware is a subsidiary of dell and is known for selling premium gaming PCs and laptops.

Here in this article, we‘ll be digging a little deeper to compare and analyze the features, specifications, design, and build quality of two elite gaming laptop brands. 

Although it’s hard to determine as both Alienware and Asus ROG are top-notch laptop manufacturers for gaming and office use. Also, they are capable of handling heavy-duty work.

But still, let’s find out how they measure up and which brand manufactures the better gaming laptop.

Differences Between Alienware Vs Asus Rog


Asus ROG PCs or laptops are designed keeping in mind casual gamers. So most of their gaming laptop models are not equipped with advanced components. Well, that reduces the cost also. The benefit is you can upgrade your graphics cards, SSDs, and RAMS when required. Well, that adds to the extra cost you have to bear on your own.

Alienware focuses more on personalization and upgradability. They allow the user to build their own PC or gaming laptop.  So, that gives the power to choose the internal components of their choice and buy gaming laptop or PC within their budget.

Mobile Gaming

For the past few years, Asus has been focusing on developing mobile gaming phones employing the 865 Snapdragon chipset in their latest ROG phone 3. The phone features a  high refresh rate of  144 Hz and a 4K OLED display. 

In contrast, Alienware has not designed and developed any specific software for mobile gaming until today. Neither there is any news or updates regarding the launch of gaming smartphones in the future. At present,  Alienware is dedicated to the manufacturing of gaming laptops, notebooks, and gaming PCs.

Power supplies

Asus ROG features dedicated hor power supplies of about 1200W of power for their PCs and gaming laptops. So, you can easily connect your RGBs without impacting the power performance of the GPU and CPU.

As we already told you, Alienware allows users or gamers to choose their own components. So they have multiple options to offer for power supplies. Alienware typically uses 1000W U662D for their rigs.


Asus ROG gives you the freedom to choose from multiple options in motherboards ( (latest Ryzen or Intel chips). It includes the B550 and X570 to Z490 series. Some of the motherboards are network-oriented while others are dedicated to overclocking. 

In this arena, Alienware lacks and typically uses the Aurora R5 series (supports the latest version Core™ i9-11900T) in their gaming laptops and PCs. As per the recent news and updates, Alienware will soon switch to Ryzen chipsets in 2021.

Battery Life

Honestly speaking, most gaming laptops consume lots of power and have short battery life. But we have a piece of good news for you.  Both these top-notch laptop brands are capable of delivering at least 90Wh of battery power.  

That means ASUS can easily operate for 6 to 10 hours on a single charge. Whereas Alienware will last for a maximum of 3-4 hours.  

In terms of battery life, ASUS is way better than Alienware.

Gaming routers

Asus ROG offers customized gaming routers for their rigs that open the gateways for seamless networking and excellent connectivity. At present, ASUS ROG‘s latest device supports a single 2.4 GHz band and two 5GHz bands.

Whereas Alienware relies on third-party manufacturers for gaming routers.

Gaming laptops

A graphic card is the first and most important factor considered when checking the specifications of a gaming laptop. Talking about their latest models, Alienware M15 R3 uses the GeForce GTX 2070 Super 8GB DDR6 which is better than the GeForce GTX 2070 Super 8GB DDR6  used in the ASUS  ROG Strix Scar 17 G732.

Other than Graphic cards, both brands use Intel’s core i7, and their processors support multi-threading and hyper-threading in their latest models. 

The Strix Scar 17 G732 processor is slightly faster than the Alienware M15 processor. 

Alienware features a dedicated 512GB SSD card with two more SSD slots in case you want to expand in the future. Whereas ASUS ROG comes with twice the memory i.e. 1TB SSD and two slots.

Alienware is a renowned American hardware company that guarantees better great render distances, better anti-aliasing, and less clutter in intensive gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Alienware so Expensive?

The reason is simple, you get what you pay for!  Alienware is an American computer hardware company and a subsidiary of Dell technologies. It is known for manufacturing high-end gaming PCs and laptops. It gives the authority to consumers to choose the components of their choice. They use the latest processors, SSDs, and graphic cards.

Which laptop brand is best for Pro gamers: Alienware or Asus?

Asus has been designed specifically for casual gamers, and its models are available at a comparatively lower price than Alienware.
Alienware on the other side is known for developing customized and premium gaming PCs and laptops. So it’s a better option for experienced gamers.

How are Alienware laptops better than Asus laptops?

Alienware gaming laptops are built exclusively for pro gamers and use advanced technology and components that can be upgraded later( graphic cards, SSDs, HDDs, etc.). That’s why Alienware laptops are slightly overpriced than Asus.

Our Final Verdict: Should I Buy Alienware or Asus Gaming Laptop?

There is no denying the fact that both ASUS ROG  and Dell Alienware are one of the elite gaming laptop manufacturers in the world. 

ASUS focuses more on design, flexibility, and portability. So their laptops are lightweight and easy to carry whether you are traveling or at home. In contrast, Dell emphasizes more on battery performance, quality, and build-up design. They are comparatively heavier and bulkier than ASUS.  Dell laptops provide better cooling and reduce the stress on GPU. so obviously, users get great battery backup. 

The laptop also features a better keyboard and more port selection including Thunderbolt 3 support and USB-C. 

Now talking about ASUS, their gaming laptops come with larger touchpads even in small-sized laptops. The battery backup is great and the latest models with AMD Ryzen 6000 CPU delivers higher performance than Alineware’s Intel 10th Gen processors. So, both these gaming laptop brands are best in their own worlds. 

Overall, Alienware is the best gaming laptop brand for professional gamers while ASUS is perfect for beginners or casual gamers.