Are Gaming Laptops More About Style Than Performance?

Are Gaming Laptops More About Style Than Performance?

Are Gaming Laptops More About Style Than Performance?

Although professional gamers prefer desktop PC for playing high-end video games. But still, the trend of buying gaming laptops is at its peak these days. What do you think is it about flaunting the expensive gadget or do these gaming laptops are capable of providing high performance?

Many gamers were laughing at the concept of gaming laptops when they have launched some years ago. Although they didn’t match the power and performance level of the gaming PC. But the scenario has changed today. Thanks to the internet and technology that had made it possible for professional gamers to play the games on go.

We are not saying that gaming laptops are as good as desktop PCs but still the gap has become narrower. We hope in the fifth and sixth generations,  these gaming notebooks will be able to match the performance level of PCs.

The major benefit of buying gaming laptops is they are portable and can be carried away anywhere from campus, or office to vacation. Plus they are available in different shapes, sizes, and specifications as per your budget and requirement.

Rest, it’s obvious that the price factor will vary depending on the brand, advanced technology, and features.

Explore this detailed article to know are gaming laptops are more about style than performance. 

How gaming laptops have improved performance over years?

Since the powerful mobile dual processors and quad processors enhanced have been introduced, gaming laptops have started winning hearts. The other deceptive features such as dual graphics cards via SLI technology have added value to the price.

Many gaming laptop companies are working hard and have even successfully added many desktop components to the laptop.  

Why are gaming laptops become so popular?

The oh-so-cool factor is encouraging the young generation to invest in these gaming laptops. Honestly speaking, those who can afford them are already buying them without any second thought. 

Also, it’s not a waste of money. Although the combination of style and performance is winning the hearts of gamers. Their availability in different designs and sizes is also another factor that is influencing gamers to invest in these high-priced computing monsters. 

Gambling laptops are simply spectacular just like sports cars. You can flaunt them with the essence of confidence and cool.

Not to forget, what makes these gaming laptops a priority is the portability factor. They are lightweight i.e. about 10 or 12 pounds. It’s easy to carry these monsters than to shift that bulky desktop, large displays, and CPUs.

It’s not about just size and looks, there are many other features that come with these gaming laptops including:

  • the high-performance level.
  • Better computing power.
  • Supersampling features such as FSK

So, Gaming laptops are capable enough to serve your purpose but at a comparatively high price than their rival desktop PC. 

If it’s more about performance, and budget overlooks, then probably opting for the desktop PC is the best decision so far. No matter what so ever your choice may be, no one can take away the unique vibe and style from pro gamers.

But don’t get swayed by the opinions of different people, gaming laptops are preferring performance over style these days.  

So, if you can afford the hefty price or already have a gaming laptop, there is nothing wrong in flaunt your laptop with pride. 

Some Drawbacks of Buying Gaming Laptops:

There is no denying the fact that modern gaming laptops have become easily portable powerhouses. These computing monsters are proving to be tough competition for desktop PC. But there are some limitations that you should be aware of:

  • Of course, it is tiring to use your lap for a longer period to play games. It can affect your performance when you are participating in contests and online tournaments.
  • Gaming Laptops feature both style and performance. So, obviously, that adds to their cost. They are a bit more expensive than PCs at home.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks is; limited room for upgrading. That’s why many serious gamers don’t invest in gaming laptops. For example, once bought it is almost impossible to upgrade the GPU; the most essential feature that is responsible for your performance.
  • Limited Ports, and Inputs. But you can easily upgrade RAM, HDDs, and SSDs. 
  • The price point is another drawback for buyers with budget constraints. As they can easily buy a high-performing desktop PC at the same or low price. 
  • When it’s about display visuals, there are no comparisons between the laptop and 24 or 25 inches desktop screens. It’s another miss for gaming laptops.
  • The other major reason is the price since you can get more power and performance in a gaming desktop PC for a cheaper price than going with a laptop.
  • You need to frequently charge a gaming laptop, as the high-memory games drain the laptop battery rapidly.

Key features of Gaming Laptop:

The ease of use, and convenience is the primary factor that is making gaming laptops an excellent choice for experienced gamers. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for hours to reach home, start your PC, and play your favorite games. It is probably the quickest way to play PC games.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons to choose a gaming laptop over a desktop.

Customize Settings:

The combination of internal components and laptop case gives stunning results. The gaming laptop allows you to arrange the fan, CPU coolers, RGB properties, and RAM in several ways. So overall, you can customize the laptop and make it perform the way you wish to. 

Easy Upgrades:

 It doesn’t matter which gaming machine you have bought, you can easily upgrade the system as per your requirement. For example, you can upgrade RAM, attach SSDs, and HDDs to enhance the storage capacity. 

Technically it reduces the initial cost. All you need to consider is the GPU. specifications. unfortunately, GPU can’t be upgraded later.

Game Anytime, Everywhere!

Gaming laptops have the potential to let the play high-end games anywhere, and everywhere. It’s the best possible option for solo travelers who can take this compact gadget with them on a plane, bus, or hotel. No one can stop you from playing games!

Low Maintenance

No doubt they are expensive at the initial level. But once you have purchased a gaming laptop, they don’t need high maintenance or cleaning. The enclosed design of the gaming console doesn’t allow dust to enter the laptop. So you can focus and invest more time in gaming.  

Can Work as a Desktop:

Another benefit of buying a gaming laptop is, you can probably use it as a desktop PC. You can upgrade the RAM, and attach the peripherals, SSDs, and HDDs to make it work like a desktop PC. So you can enjoy both worlds. Trust us, it will save you lots of money.


Everything has some pros and cons, and the same applies to gaming laptops also. But if you’ll compare; these video gaming consoles have a lot to offer. For example, you can easily upgrade RAM, and SSDs at a later stage. They are compact and easy to be carried away. 

Gaming laptop manufacturers are focusing on reducing the cost, so every avid or serious gamer can buy them. 

In a nutshell, we would love to say that gaming laptops are both about style and performance. Do you Agree? Do share your opinion with us!