10 Best air fryers In India 2022
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10 Best air fryers In India 2022

Best air fryers In India

Looking for a multi-functional and best air fryer for your home? The electric air fryer is by far one of the most innovative kitchen appliances to cook nutritious food. 

Here on this page, you’ll find detailed reviews and comparative analysis of the Best air fryers In India. Compare the features, prices and buy the one that fits your budget and requirements.  

We’ll also give you a number of reasons why you need to have one in your kitchen. 

But first, check our list of hot selling top #10 air fryers best in their own category!

Best 10 air fryers In India – Expert Recommendations

Image Product Detail Price
PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90 PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90 90% less fat.
Rapid air technology.
Reheat your favorite dishes.
Best Air Fryers In India
INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry-1400W 4L INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry-1400W 4L Smart air crisp technology.
Touch control & digital display.
Oil-free fryer.
Best Air Fryers In India
Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0 Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0 Smoke vent for bad odor.
1200W Even heat distribution.
Fry, grill, roast, bake & more.
Best Air Fryers In India
Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer Aero crisp technology.
10 Auto preset options to cook.
Up to 200° C Temperature Control
Best Air Fryers In India
VARDA Max Electric Fryer VARDA Max Electric Fryer 3D Rapid Hot Air Circulation Technology
1800 Watts Power
All-In-One Healthy Fryer
Best Air Fryers In India
SToK 4 Liters 1500W SToK 4 Liters 1500W 3D Rapid Air Technology.
Double Layer Grill
Digital one-touch screen menu
Best Air Fryers In India
Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W 4.2 Liters Cooking Pan Capacity
Fully Adjustable Temperature Control
Quick Release Button
Best Air Fryers In India
Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer 7 Pre-sets digital control.
Non-stick Coating Food Basket
Free Recipe Booklet with 100 Recipes
Best Air Fryers In India
PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 Rapid Air technology.
30 minutes timer with auto-off.
1.8 m cord length
Best Air Fryers In India
SOLARA Large Digital Air Fryer SOLARA Large Digital Air Fryer 6 Pre Set Modes for Indian Cooking.
3.5 Liter Basket
Best Air Fryers In India
PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90
PHILIPS Air Fryer HD9200/90
  • Power: 1400-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 4.1L
  • Item Weight: 4.9 kg
  • 2-year Warranty.
  • Smart Rapid Air Technology
  • Multifunctional: Fry/roast/grill/bake
Best Air Fryers In India

This is a 4.1 liters capacity air fryer that has the rapid air technology for a multipurpose air fryer. This air fryer will satisfy all your fried food cravings but with 90% less fat. That is a win-win situation from all angles. 

You can bake, roast, grill, or even reheat your favorite leftovers. It has a temperature control that goes up to 200 degrees celsius, and to ensure the user’s safety, the air fryer has a 30 minutes timer with auto cutoff. This way, even if you forget to turn off your air fryer, it does it on its own and saves you from any unnecessary fire accidents. 

This multipurpose air fryer by Philips helps you enjoy all your favorite junk food without guilt. It lets you bake cakes, fry aloo tikkis, french fries, chicken nuggets, reheat leftover pizza from last night’s pizza party, and so many more. The sky is your limit when it comes to cooking in air fryers. 

It comes in black color and weighs about 4.54 kilograms. The dimensions of this air fryer are 33.8 x 33.8 x 35.5 cm. It is quite compact, and the black color would match all kinds of decor. So, you do not have to worry about the air fryer not matching the rest of your kitchen.

  • 30 minutes timer with auto-off.
  • Cooks food perfect;y with 90% less oil.
  • Temp control: 200 Celcius.
  • BPA-free plastic body.
  • No pause/stop mechanism.
  • Small cord.
INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry-1400W 4L
INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry-1400W 4L
  • Power: 1400-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 4L
  • Smart AirCrisp Technology
  • Item Weight: 4.8 kg
  • 1-year Warranty.
  • Variable temperature & touch control
Best Air Fryers In India

This Inalsa is also an oil-free fryer that uses a technology that fries or cooks your food using a constant stream of hot air at high speed. This Air system technology helios you cook with less or no oil at all, making your everyday food healthier. You can achieve the same crispy food but with 99% lesser fat content by using the Inalsa air fryer. 

There are eight preset programs that let you cook all types of food. From frozen potatoes, natural potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, chicken, sausages, meat, fish, cakes, and much more! The fryer comes with a digital screen through which you can easily view the settings, timings, and other important information. This makes the fryers extremely user-friendly.

The temperature ranges from 40 degrees to 200 degrees celsius, and the time limit is 1 minute to 60 minutes. A buzzer will sound after the cooking procedure, indicating that your timer is up. The handle is designed to be chilly and safe to touch, and there are non-slip feet on the bottom.

  • High capacity.
  • Fully digital.
  • Temp ranges between 40 to 200ºC.
  • 8-preset menu options
  • Less wattage.
  • Optimum use is required.
Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0
Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0
  • 230V, Power: 1200-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 2 L
  • Item Weight: 6.2 kg
  • 1-year Warranty.
  • Smoke vent to remove bad odor.
  • High Quality non-stick coating.
Best Air Fryers In India

With 230 volts, this Prestige air fryer can fry, grill, roast, bake, and many other things. It has a frying basket capacity of 2.0 liters, so you can cook big enough portions without any worries of having to do the work again and again. 

The air fryer can reach up to 200 degrees celsius and has a minimum range of 80 degrees celsius. It has a timer for up to 30 minutes, and if you want to cook items that take a long time, then you can simply reset the timer after 30 mins to finish cooking your dish. 

Oftentimes, a wonderful cooking experience is ruined with a waft of smoke, but in this electric fryer, there is a smoke vent that absorbs any and all unwanted odor and smoke for an undisturbed cooking experience. The fryer distributes the heat evenly using 1200 watts of power. 

It comes in the classic black color that will blend well with the rest of your kitchen decor and weighs about 6.20 kilograms. The dimensions of this air fryer are 27 x 27 x 32 cm.

  • Uses less oil.
  • Multifunctional: bake, fry, grill, or heat.
  • 30 minutes timer
  • Portable & easy to use controls.
  • Temperature is not efficient sometimes.
Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer
Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer
  • Power: 1700-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 5L, 6.5L Cooking pan
  • Item Weight: 7 kg
  • 2-years Warranty.
  • Aero Crisp Technology
  • 360 Degree air circulation
Best Air Fryers In India

This air fryer has a digital touch control panel that lets you easily see the settings, timings, and temperature. The LED display will clearly display the cooking time and the temperature that the fryer has reached. The Aero Crisp technology lets 360 degrees air circulate, allowing the food to cook evenly and help you achieve that perfect and even golden brown every time. 

It has ten auto preset options that let you cook using different techniques. To make it easier for you, the fryer has an auto shut-off option of up to 60 mins. Using this option, you can just throw in some food in the air fryer and maybe go take a shower; even if you take a long time, the fryer will stop cooking at the time that you had set, ensuring that your food is cooked properly.

You have up to 200 degrees celsius temperature control. The pan has a capacity of 6.5 liters capacity, and the food basket has a capacity of 5 liters. This is big enough to cook for a family. So, you can comfortably cook without having to worry about having to do the cooking twice. 

To ensure your safety, there is an overheating protection function and a safety lock.

  • Auto shut off up to 60 minutes.
  • Up to 200° C Temperature Control
  • 10 Auto preset options to cook
  • LED Display.
  • Cooks delicious food.
  • Heavy-weight.
  • Expensive.
VARDA Max Electric Fryer
VARDA Max Electric Fryer
  • Power: 1800-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 6.5L
  • Item Weight: 5.5 kg
  • 1-year Warranty.
  • 3D Rapid Hot Air Circulation Technology
Best Air Fryers In India

Using the 360 degrees rapid air frying technology lets you cook by using zero or little oil. You can cook using 85% less fat or oil. If you are bad at cooking and are prone to accidents in the kitchen, you can surely give the air fryer a try as it avoids any oil splashes while cooking. 

There’s also an auto-shutoff and overheat protection to keep you secure from any electrical mishaps. It has an LCD display and soft buttons that are simple to use; it is also simple to clean and comes with dishwasher-safe accessories.

The 4.5L Family Model Capacity is ideal for families of 2-4 people or singles. The temperature range on this air fryer is 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. Fast heating is provided by the 1500W high power and highly sealed chamber, which is ideal for air frying, baking, and grilling.

It is a Multi-functional, All-In-One Healthy Fryer that fries, roasts, grills and can also bake your favorite meals.

  • Beautiful touch panel display.
  • Uses less or almost no oil.
  • Perfect for a small-sized family.
  • Temperature ranges from 80°C to 200°C.
  • Takes more time for efficient cooking.
  • Overheats quickly.
SToK 4 Liters 1500W
SToK 4 Liters 1500W
  • Power: 1500-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 4L
  • Item Weight: 6.5 kg
  • 1-year Warranty.
  • Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology
  • 85% less oil than traditional fryers.
Best Air Fryers In India

This air fryer has a built-in digital one-touch screen menu, featuring eight presets- Steak, Fish, Cake, Chicken leg, Shrimp, Chips, Ice chip. You need to just tap to get your healthy food ready. 

It is super easy to use and reduces oil usage up to 85% than traditional fryers; however, it never fails to deliver the same level of crunchy taste of fried food with little to no oil. You also will not have to deal with oil fumes in-house.

The SToK air fryer has 4 liters Pan capacity and 3.5 Liters Basket capacity making it the best for family use. You can easily cook all the food for your family in one sitting and be done with your work. 

Along with the air fryer, you have a 1 Double Layer Grill, 1 Recipe Book, 1 User manual, and a one-year offsite warranty. The materials of this grill are made up of food-grade, BPA-free plastic to ensure your health and safety. 

The removable nonstick coated baskets are dishwasher safe, PFOA-free & BPA-free. The fryer has a timer that lets you know when cooking time is done. The timer will beep a few times to indicate this to you.

  • Double layer grill.
  • User-friendly features.
  • Cooks almost everything.
  • PFOA &/BPA-free plastic material.
  • Bit expensive.
  • Gets overheated if not used efficiently.
Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W
Inalsa Air Fryer Fry-Light-1400W
  • 240 Volts, Power: 1500-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 2.9L, 4.2L cooking pan
  • Item Weight: 5.270 kg
  • 2-year Warranty.
  • Fully-adjustable temperature control.
  • Air fryer heats quickly in 2-3 mins
Best Air Fryers In India

With this air fryer, you won’t have to give up your diet to satisfy your cravings. It takes up to 2-3 minutes for the air fryer to warm up, and it cooks meals faster than a conventional oven, allowing you to save money while minimizing your calorie intake.

By pressing the release button, you can quickly remove your basket from the air fryer for cleaning and serving.

To adjust the timer and temperature, simply rotate the knob to your cooking needs. Allow the knobs to manage the meal preparation; this air fryer can handle casseroles, curries, beef, chicken breasts, sausages, and even desserts.

It has a 2.9 liters food basket and 4.2 frying pan capacity. This air fryer can feed the whole family. It simplifies cooking and is appropriate for any occasion. When the basket is removed, the appliance turns off automatically for your safety. To guard against unforeseen overloads, overheat protection is also provided.

Dishwasher Safe and Easy to Clean- The Detachable Food Graded Non-Stick Coated Basket is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. To clean the basket and pan, simply place them in the dishwasher to free up your hands and save time.

  • Non-stick cooking pan.
  • 10-days replacement.
  • Intelligent knob for effortless cooking.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Plastic body material could have been better.
  • Heavy weight.
Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer (3.5 L, Black)
Kenstar Aster Digi 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer (3.5 L, Black)
  • Power: 1500-Watt
  • Basket capacity: 3.5L
  • Item Weight: 4.9 kg
  • 1-year Warranty.
  • Non-stick coated basket.
Best Air Fryers In India

This air fryer has a digital control that lets you operate it easily without any hassle. It also has seven preset settings for you to be able to achieve any type of cooking that you would want for your food. You can bake, fry, grill, and do many more. 

It has a timer of up to 30 minutes; however, you do not have to worry about cooking food that might take longer than 30 minutes. You can simply reset the timing and achieve the desired doneness on your food. You get a 1-year warranty along with this air fryer by the manufacturer from the date of purchase. 

Along with the air fryer and the warranty card, you will get a user manual and a free recipe booklet that has about 100 recipes for you to try from. Not only can you now eat your favorite snacks without any guilt, but you can also use them as a chance to explore new recipes and cuisines.

  • Non-stick Coating Food Basket.
  • 7-pre sets functions.
  • 4.5-star customer rating.
  • 99% fat-free food.
  • Wire length is short.
  • The exterior body gets hot while frying.
PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90
PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90
  • Power: 1400W
  • Basket Capacity: 4.1L
  • Weight: 4.54 kg
  • Rapid Air Technology
  • Easy-to-use digital touch panel
  • 7 preset options
Best Air Fryers In India

With Rapid Air technology, you can grill, bake, roast, and even reheat your favorite dishes with the Philips Digital Airfryer (4.1 Ltr). Use the easy-to-use digital touch screen with seven settings and the ‘Keep Warm’ option to maximize the potential of your air fryer and enjoy your dinner whenever you’re ready.

Cook delicious food to crispy perfection with up to 90% less fat approximately, a 30-minute timer with auto-off, temperature control up to 200°C, and a 1.8-meter cable for convenient maneuverability.

The seven presets include frozen snacks, fresh fries, beef, fish, chicken drumsticks, cake, and even grilled veggies, allowing you to make Aloo Tikkis, Roast Chicken, Grilled Vegetables, Chocolate Cakes, and more. So, whatever your diet entails, you may prepare it in this air fryer.

If you want a less expensive version of this air fryer, go with the Phillips analog air fryer, which is also a wonderful alternative but lacks some of the functionality found in the digital version.

  • Grill, bake, roast & reheat your food.
  • 200 °C temperature control.
  • Keep warm function.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • No resetting option for the timer.
  • Small cord length.
SOLARA Large Digital Air Fryer
SOLARA Large Digital Air Fryer
  • 230V, Power: 1400 Watts
  • Basket Capacity: 3.5 L
  • Weight: 2 Kg
  • Advanced touch screen menu
  • Free recipe ebook and videos
  • Temperature range from 180F- 400F
Best Air Fryers In India

Food prepared in a SOLARA Digital Air Fryer contains up to 85% less fat than traditional fried foods while retaining the same delicious flavors and crisp textures. Rapid 360° air circulation cooks food faster than ovens while using a fraction of the oil used in deep-fried foods.

It’s a 3.5-liter fryer with a user-friendly touch-screen menu. With the built-in touch screen menu, you can take the uncertainty out of cooking with six culinary presets. With a 30-minute cooking timer and a temperature range of 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 10-degree increments.

The producers produced a 100-page eBook and VIDEOS about Indian cuisine, with an emphasis on regional cuisines. In their test kitchen, all of these dishes have been tested and true.

It comes with a nonstick pan and a removable basket with a cool-touch handle and a button guard to keep it from being accidentally removed. Shake and turn objects in the middle of your cooking session with the detachable frying basket.

The removable frying basket’s nonstick coating is safe and easy to clean and maintain. This basket, unlike most air fryers, detaches from the grab handle and is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

  • Safe non-stick coating.
  • Detachable dishwasher safe basket.
  • Cooking timer up to 30 minutes.
  • Rapid 360° air circulation
  • Takes more time than normal frying.

Now that we have looked at the best products let us focus on the buying guide.

Buyer’s guide: How to choose the right air fryer?

Buying Guide Best air fryers In India

We know it’s confusing for a layman when hundreds of options are available online. Below is our selection criteria that will help you buy the right air fryer for your home!

#1. Different Types of air fryer:

There are about six types of air fryers that are currently available in the market, and they all have different features that differentiate them. 

  1. Paddle-type air fryer
  2. Solo air fryers
  3. Air frying toaster even
  4. Air fryer & Multi-Cooker
  5. Basket-type air fryer
  6. Countertop Convection Oven

For example, in a paddle-type air fryer, you can even cook liquidy food items such as curries; however, they tend to be more expensive than the regular ones. If you choose the basket-type air fryer, you will not be able to prepare liquid items, but it is long-lasting and has a large capacity. 

So, when you choose your air fryer, assess the pros and cons of each type and buy the one that will be the best for your kitchen the most. 

#2. Digital Controls ( Preset/Timer/Temperature/Touch panels)

Some air fryers have knobs that help you set the timer and the temperature. This is a good option. However, it might not indicate the precise time that is left or the precise temperature at which your food is cooking. 

On the other hand, if you choose an air fryer with a digital display, you will know the exact time left and the temperature at which it is cooking, making your cooking experience better. 

#3. Basket & Cooking Pan Capacity:

This is an important factor that you need to think about before buying an air fryer because if you have a large family, you do not want to buy an air fryer with less capacity as it will only mean more work to you. Find what your need is; if you are a family with many members, then it is best to choose an air fryer with a higher capacity.

#4. Power Performance:

Air fryers usually range from 1200W-2200W. So, choose a high-power air fryer if you are buying it for bigger families, whereas low power capacity works for smaller ones.

#5. Built material & Durability

Pick the one built using BPA-free high plastic material. It must be durable enough to handle high temperatures.

Besides these, always consider the customer‘s feedback and ratings before you rush to buy any random air fryers.

FAQs about Electric Air Fryers

We are sure you have some general doubts that are unanswered, so let us help you out with that!

Is it healthy to cook in an air fryer?

Yes, air fryers help satisfy your fried food cravings easily without intaking too many calories. Hence, it is healthy to eat air-fried food.

Is oil needed to cook in the air fryer?

You can choose to add a little oil to your air fryer to get the extra crispiness, and a little oil at the bottom also ensures that the food doesn’t stick to the bottom. However, it is your choice. 

Which is the best brand for buying air fryers in India?

Philips, Inalsa, Prestige, Havells, Kenstar are some of the most trusted brands in India. Check below the list of top-rated air fryers under 10,000/-. 
1. INALSA Air Fryer Digital Nutri Fry-1400W 4L
2. Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0
3. Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer
4. SOLARA Large Digital Air Fryer
5. PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90
Read our buyer’s guide for the best air fryers in India to find the best deals & offers.

What cannot be cooked in air fryers?

You can’t cook fresh green, battered food, whole roast, cheese, raw food, grains in an air fryer.

What are the best features of electric air fryers?

Choose an air fryer equipped with the latest technology, preset menu options, auto-off, timer, high power, and capacity. Read our detailed article for choosing the air fryers for your home.

So, Which is your favorite air fryer?

Buying air fryers for home is a value for money deal. It is a one-time investment for good health and nutritious food. We hope this article about the Best air fryers In India 2022 helped you find your air fryer. Fortunately, we have listed air fryers of different sizes, features, and prices on this page. So, if you are looking for a healthy kitchen appliance for your home, we have given you 10. Click to buy today for the best deals and offers!’

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