Best Android TV Box in India 2022: Reviews & Buying guide
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Best Android TV Box in India 2022: Reviews & Buying guide

Best Android TV Box in India

Wondering which is the best android tv box in India and how do they work? Well, the Android TV box works almost similar to an android smartphone or tablet. That means these boxes use the Android operating system. So, you can install all the apps like youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime on your LED/LCD and watch your favorite movies and shows at any time and anywhere. 

The other benefits include watching the news, playing games, and so on. Overall, this entertainment unit has become a necessity these days. Spending some money to buy this android box is all worth it. 

So, revealing to you the #5 best Android TV boxes in India, along with the price and features on this page. Also, read our experts’ buying guide to choose the right Android TV box for your home. Let’s start reading!

#5 Best Android TV Box in India With Comparison Chart

Image Product Detail Price
Best Android TV Box in India Fire TV Cube Get hands-free access to 4k ultra HD content with a built-in Dolby speaker and unlimited access to amazon prime. Best Android TV Box in India
Best Android TV Box in India MINIX NEO U9-H MINIX NEO android box offers a high dynamic range, vibrant sound, and massive storage capacity. Best Android TV Box in India
Best Android TV Box in India Cubetek 4k HDR Media Player with Android 9.0 Cubetek is the most compact and compatible TV box on almost all the platforms with dual-band Wifi for fantastic picture and sound quality. Best Android TV Box in India
Best Android TV Box in India Main Stop MXQ Pro 4k Android Buy this best-priced entertainment unit today with better storage capacity and a quad-core processor. Best Android TV Box in India
Best Android TV Box in India AUSHA MXQ Pro 4K 5G Android 10.0 TV Box AUSHA Android TV box comes with the latest 10.0 android version, wide bandwidth,16 GB ROM, and 2 GB RAM. Best Android TV Box in India

Best Android TV Box in India for 2022: A Must-buy Entertainment unit for home!

We know it’s not an easy task to buy the best android tv box. There is a lot to check from details, specifications, features, and prices.  Android TV boxes give you better streaming options with an inbuilt Chromecast. Moreover, they are available at pocket-friendly prices. Our experts have shortlisted the #5 highly rated and reviewed android TV boxes in India. Let’s get started!

Best Android TV Box in India
Fire TV Cube 2022- Control your TV with your Voice!
  • Hands-free streaming with Alexa
  • Access to 4K Ultra HD Content
  • Control compatible soundbar
  • Built-in speaker
  • Dolby Vision support & HDR10+
Best Android TV Box in India

Recently launched in 2022, the Fire TV cube has become the talk of the town. It offers hands-free operation with the inbuilt speaker. Just talk to Alexa about what you need to watch on the fire tv home screen. Control your soundbar and compatible EV with embedded eight microphones in a fire tv cube. Access the 4k ultra HD Content and Dolby vision. The additive advantage for amazon prime members. Get unlimited access to movies and ad-free songs. Ask Alexa to check the weather and news alerts without even turning the TV on. Buy this enticing latest gadget today at a discounted price on Amazon!

  • Control compatible TVs
  • Access live channels.
  • Dolby Atmos is available.
  • Multiple streaming services.
  • Need to buy HDMI Cable
Best Android TV Box in India
MINIX NEO U9-H, 64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android
  • 4K Ultra HD Picture Perfect
  • HDR( High Dynamic Range)
  • Dolby & Cinematic Surround Sound
  • Dual DRM Support
  • 64-bit Octa-Core Media Hub for Android
Best Android TV Box in India

Say bye to freezing or buffering! Get ready for an immersive movie experience, HD picture quality, Dolby sound with the MINIX NEO android TV box. Install the apps and enjoy watching your favorite TV serials, movies, and Live reality shows with HDR10 support. Dolby sound bar delivers vibrating sound quality for a real cinema experience at home. This Android TV box comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 OS that offers massive storage. One can opt to expand the memory for storage with an external micro SD card.

  • Immersive video experience
  • Play ready 3.0
  • 16 GB Memory Storage
  • 4-star ratings
  • Easy setup
  • Little buffering
Best Android TV Box in India
Cubetek 4k HDR Media Player with Android 9.0
  • 4GB RAM+32GB ROM
  • Dual-Band Wifi
  • USB 3.0/ HDMI connectivity
  • Dolby Surround Sound
  • All File Formats supported
Best Android TV Box in India

Cubetek Android TV box is the most compact device that supports all media files. It comes with a user-friendly interface. This fully-featured tv box has an inbuilt Dolby 5.1 sound system,  dual-band wifi for enhanced picture quality, and an optical port for a surround sound experience. It can support up to a 2TB USB hard disk, 4k, 1080p resolution. The package includes 1 media player, 1 HDMI cable, an adapter, and remote control. Buy this Android TV box on amazon; compatible with almost all the devices, including CRT, LCD, LED, and projector.

  • Compatible with 4K resolution
  • Rich video streaming
  • No buffering
  • Easy slide switch mode
  • Not certified widevine L1
Best Android TV Box in India
Main Stop MXQ Pro 4k Android
  • Powerful Android 10.0 OS
  • 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 
  • 2.4GHz Wifi connection
  • Quad-Core and Mali – 450 GPU
  • All Audio & Video formats supported
Best Android TV Box in India

This must-have home entertainment unit connects you with HD movies, TV dramas, and live entertainment shows. It comes with a six months warranty and pre-installed software. So all you need to do is plug in and connect the HDMI port with your TV. Plus, it supports all kinds of audio and video formats. The high bandwidth Wi-Fi connectivity improves the picture quality and lets you enjoy the immersive movie experience. So, buy this affordable and fully featured Android TV box on amazon today!

  • Play unlimited games
  • Mini and compact size
  • Seamless experience
  • Fast allwinner H3 processor
  • Missing Bluetooth
  • It doesn’t support Jio TV apps & Tata Sky
Best Android TV Box in India
AUSHA MXQ Pro 4K 5G Android 10.0 TV Box
  • MXQ Pro 5G With Air Mouse 
  • 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
  • 64 bit CPU for smooth & stable operation
  • 2.4G/5.8GHZ Dual Band WiFi
Best Android TV Box in India

AUSHA Android Box TV has gained excellent customer feedback and reviews. It comes with a pre-installed browser,16GB memory storage capacity, multiple connectivities, and built-in 2GB RAM. This Android TV box is equipped with a high-performance quad-core CPU and HD media player. You can install massive softwares, and it still runs smoothly. All you need to do is set your TV to HDMI mode and connect AUSHA android TV box using the HDMI cord and power adapter. Here you go! Now watch your favorite movies and live shows.

  • 4K & 3D Video
  • Ultra-fast speed
  • Pro image processing 
  • Faster transmission & Boot up
  • Some apps might not work

Buying guide to buy the best Android TV Box in India for 2022

best Android TV Box in India

Want to buy the fully-featured, user-friendly as well as budget-friendly Android TV box? Well, read our buying guide before you invest money picking any random TV box. Following are some essential things to consider that will help you select the right one:

  • Operating System: It’s the operating system that makes your device compatible with apps and other softwares. So always buy the android tv box with the latest android version/OS.
  • Processor/CPU: The speed, stability, freezing, buffering depends on the type of processor. So, spend your money on the more powerful and updated processor.
  • Sound system: The Android TV box must offer better surround sound. Buy the one equipped with a Dolby soundbar or blu-ray for a cinematic experience at home.
  • Switching Rate: It’s the dynamic switching rate that decides the visual appeal. It automatically converts the lower frame rate to a higher frame rate with enhanced picture quality
  • Memory: It’s essential to know the storage capacity of the Android TV box. Check the inbuilt ROM and RAM so you can install as many apps as you want.
  • Connectivity/WiFi: look for devices with multiple connectivity options like USB 3.0 ports. HDMI, AV, etc. Also, it must support extensive bandwidth data for better picture quality and a seamless video experience.
  • Video resolution: The logic is that a simple higher video resolution like 1080p and 1440p means you can watch HD movies and programs on your phone.

How do we rate and pick the best Android TV Box in India?

Our vetted and qualified experts thoroughly check the features and specifications of every single product before listing them on the website. We make sure the gadgets are true to their nature. Take a look at the criteria we follow to pick and recommend the android tv box to our users.

  • Price: To check if the price offer is all worth it? Generally, the Android TV boxes are available at affordable prices. You can also pay via No EMIs for your convenience.
  • Media Support: We make sure the android TV box supports almost all the audio and video formats. So that users can enjoy watching data on multiple platforms.
  • Version: Our android TV boxes comes with the latest android version compatible on almost all the cross platforms.
  • Speed: To check if the android TV box runs smoothly and with stability? There should not be any buffering or freezing while switching from one app to another
  • Customers’ Feedback: Customers’ comments and ratings reveal the reputation of any product. Don’t worry! All the android TV boxes mentioned on this page are highly rated with positive feedback.

FAQS about  Best Android TV Box in India

Is an Android TV box worth buying?

Yes, it’s totally worth buying an Android TV box for your home. It works almost like your smartphone or tablet with inbuilt Chromecast and pre-installed software. You can install apps and watch as many movies, daily soaps, or Live reality shows.

Which is the latest android TV box to buy in 2022?

Buy the most trending Fire TV Cube, Cubetek, or MINIX neo android tv box in 2022. All these devices are fully featured with better sound quality and a powerful processor.

How to choose the best android TV box?

There are many factors like OS, speed, video resolution, compatibility, connectivity, and price. Check our buying guide in this article that will help you make a better decision.

Final Words

Buy any of our recommended TV boxes that can transform your ordinary LED/LCD/TV into a smart TV with access to multiple platforms. Enjoy streaming HD data from various apps like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and many others. We hope our product’s detail, buying guide, and rating criteria saves your time selecting the right one for you. Ready to buy your best android tv box in India? All these cost-efficient TV boxes are available on amazon at exceptional prices. Enjoy Shopping!

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