Best Barbeque Grills in India In 2022
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Best Barbeque Grills in India In 2022

Best Barbeque Grills in India

Are you searching for the best barbeque grills in India? Well, in that case, you’re at the right place. 

We live in an era where everyone wants to eat healthily, but no one likes any compromise in taste. Grilling your food is the best way to keep it healthy and delicious.

Nothing can replace the smoky aroma of freshly grilled food. And if you can get that at home, then nothing like it!

In this article, our experts have mentioned the ten best barbeque grills available in India. Read their reviews to find a perfect griller for your family!

List of #10 Best Barbeque Grills in India for 2022

Image Product Detail Price
Best Barbeque Grills in India BEAU JARDIN Portable Charcoal Grill This portable charcoal grill allows you to control the heat and retain it well for even grilling. Best Barbeque Grills in India
Weber Original 47cm Kettle Charcoal Grill Weber Original 47cm Kettle Charcoal Grill Suitable for direct and indirect cooking methods, this weber charcoal grill comes with a thermometer. Best Barbeque Grills in India
H Hy-tec HYBB-10 Barbeque Grill with 7 Skewers H Hy-tec HYBB-10 Barbeque Grill with 7 Skewers The fire-resistant and rustproof design of this griller make it extremely safe for household uses. Best Barbeque Grills in India
Napoleon Charcoal Grill NK18K-LEG Napoleon Charcoal Grill NK18K-LEG Napoleon Charcoal Grill is your regular griller but with a modern touch of convenience and durability. Best Barbeque Grills in India
D-ICE – Grilling Basket & Kabob Skewers D-ICE – Grilling Basket & Kabob Skewers Grilling baskets for everyday grilling requirements. Best Barbeque Grills in India
HOKIPO Stainless Steel grill HOKIPO Stainless Steel grill Stainless steel griller with anti-slip rubber feet to keep it stable on the ground. Best Barbeque Grills in India
Bajaj Maverick 750 Watt Mixer Grinder H Hy-tec HYBB-04 Briefcase Barbeque Grill with 8 Skewers Show off your cooking skills at a barbeque party with this foldable and easy-to-handle barbeque grill. Best Barbeque Grills in India
Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill This barbeque griller has a window on the lid so you can keep an eye on the food being cooked. Best Barbeque Grills in India
Best Barbeque Grills in India Weber Go-anywhere Charcoal Grill A classic charcoal grill in a miniature form, its compact design makes it ideal for picnics and camping trips. Best Barbeque Grills in India
Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill Butterfly Cresta Food Processor 1 HP Enjoy homemade grilled food in the comfort of your apartment using the Weber Q 1400 Electric Griller. Best Barbeque Grills in India

Best Barbeque Grills in India – Shop The Top Brands Here!

Do you want to eat healthily, but at the same time, you don’t want to give up on the desire of eating smoky foods? If yes, then getting a barbecue grill is a perfect choice. These grillers will make your events much more happening and fun. We have compiled the top 10 best barbeque grills In India that are perfect for making smoky grilled food. Before buying, make sure to check the features and pros and cons of the product for a better understanding. 

BEAU JARDIN Portable Charcoal Grill
BEAU JARDIN Portable Charcoal Grill
  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Excellent heat control and retention abilities.
  • Portable charcoal grill for camping trips.
  • Porcelain enamel coated bowl for accurate heat retention.
  • Step-by-step instructions for easy assembling.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

A Go-anywhere griller is a must for people who love camping every once in a while. This portable barbeque grill by BEAU JARDIN is one of the best barbeque grills in India. The 18″ diameter of the grill provides enough cooking surface for grilling any meal. The adjustable, corrosion-resistant aluminum air vent damper controls the heat. And the round porcelain-enameled bowl retains the heat for even grilling. The one-touch cleaning system makes it easier to collect all the ash directly in the ash collector. 

Who should buy BEAU JARDIN Portable Charcoal Grill?

It’s ideal for people who go camping every now and then. 

  • Porcelain-enameled bowl.
  • Adjustable air vent damper.
  • Ash leak.
  • Charcoal grate.
  • Cooking grate with two handles.
  •  Short legs.
  • Not sturdy enough.
Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 47cm with Thermometer
Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill 47cm with Thermometer
  • Steel-plated hinged cooking grate.
  • Corrosion-resistant deep ash collector.
  • Durable wheels for every weather.
  • Lid handle with thermal insulator.
  • Tool hooks.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

Are you planning a camping trip? Well, in that case, don’t forget to take a Weber Original 47cm, Kettle Charcoal Grill, with you! After all, nothing sounds better than some delicious barbeque food. The best thing about this grill is that you can cook for up to eight people simultaneously. With the one-touch system, it guarantees that the ash falls directly in the ash plate. One can easily regulate the temperature inside the barbeque by altering the air supply using the ventilation grids.

Who should buy Weber Original 47cm Kettle Charcoal Grill?

It’s great for beginners as it has a lid thermometer to monitor the temperature. 

  • One-touch system to collect ashes.
  • Lid with a thermometer.
  • Air-flow regulator.
  • 47cm diameter grills.
  • Spring clip leg assembly.
  • Immovable grill rack.
  • No rack to attach barbeque tools.
H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB-10
H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB-10
  • Sturdy grills.
  • Wooden handles.
  • Functional warming rack.
  • Tool-less easy assembly.
  • Powder-coated finishing makes it safe for the environment.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

H Hy-tec HYBB-10 Barbeque Grill is a top-quality grill set. It has a sturdy and durable design. The best thing about this product is that it doesn’t require tools for assembly. It means that you don’t have to carry a bulk of tools with you. Plus, the installation barely takes any time; it’s quick and easy. It comes with a mesh-free ash collector and removable grills for easy cleaning. Overall, the product is ideal for gatherings, picnics, camping, and home & garden parties.

Who should buy H Hy-tec HYBB-10 Barbeque Grill?

People who enjoy picnics, outdoor camping, and barbeque parties are bound to love this product.

  • Foldable and removable legs.
  • Heavy and sturdy grills.
  • Fire-resistant and rust proof body.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Finishing can be a little off.
Napoleon Charcoal Grill (47 Cms, Black)
Napoleon Charcoal Grill (47 Cms, Black)
  • Built-in Accu-probe lid thermometer.
  • Large removable cast-aluminum ash collector.
  • Chrome-coated, stainless steel grill.
  • Double stainless steel air vents.
  • Integrated clasp for lid suspension.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

Napoleon NK18K-LEG is a compact 18″ charcoal barbeque grill set. The weather-resistant wheels ensure durability in different seasons. With adjustable air vents, controlling heat while grilling becomes easier. The Accu-probe thermometer helps you maintain the ideal temperature, so even beginners can enjoy grilling. The cool-touch handle keeps your fingers protected from the heat. The lid also has a built-in lid hanger. Overall, this griller is everything one needs. It’s stylish, full of features, and definitely worth the price.

Who should buy Napoleon Charcoal Grill NK18K-LEG?

It’s portable and compact, so anyone who enjoys grilling can use this product.

  • Steel Charcoal cooking grate.
  • Ash bucket.
  • Weather-resistant durable wheels.
  • Adjustable air-flow vents.
  • Accu-probe temperature display.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Long preheat duration.
D-ICE – Grilling Basket & Kabob Skewers
D-ICE – Grilling Basket & Kabob Skewers
  • Four grill baskets and two skewers.
  • Heavy-gauge steel grills.
  • Skewers with slidable handles.
  • Wooden handles.
  • Side locks to keep food in the place.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

This unique grill basket makes grilling easy even for beginners. Just pop the ingredients in the basket, and it’s ready for grilling. Each basket has a side lock to ensure everything stays in place. To avoid any mess, simply spray some oil on the basket grill before putting in ingredients. Both the skewers and baskets are easy to wash.

Who should buy D-ICE – Grilling Basket & Kabob Skewers?

It’s ideal for people who like grilled food on a regular basis. It makes grilling quick, effortless, and easy.

  • Easy to wash.
  • Doesn’t require any assembly.
  • 420 food-grade stainless steel skewers.
  • Non-stick baskets.
  • Skewers with loop handles.
  • The wood handles may get hot.
  • Baskets may open sometimes.
HOKIPO Stainless Steel Barbecue
HOKIPO Stainless Steel Barbecue
  • Air vents for controlled airflow.
  • Foldable and portable design.
  • 430 corrosion-resistant stainless steel grill.
  • Heat-resistant grill.
  • A set of tongs included.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

HOKIPO Stainless Steel grill is a must for everyone who enjoys grilling. If you like the smokey, grilled flavor in your meals, then you’ll definitely like this product. The best thing about this griller is that it’s really inexpensive. The smooth handles allow easy lifting. Plus, the foldable legs make it really compact to store and carry. The anti-slip rubber feet keep it stable on the ground. The air vents allow easy control of airflow and distribute the heat uniformly throughout the grill. 

Who should buy the HOKIPO Stainless Steel grill?

People who love grilling can definitely go for this product.

  • Anti-slip rubber feet.
  • Compact design.
  • Smooth handles for easy lifting.
  • Easy to use and wash.
  • Small/large barbeque wire mesh plates.
  • Thin steel grills.
  • Tongs may not be durable enough.
H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB-04 Briefcase Barbeque Grill
H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB-04 Briefcase Barbeque Grill
  • Foldable design.
  • Coal-based barbeque grilling.
  • Superior powder-coated finishing.
  • Heavy and sturdy grills.
  • Rustproof and durable body.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

H Hy-tec HYBB-04 Briefcase Griller is one of the top barbeque grills. Its unique powder-coated finish helps it withstand temperature fluctuations, moisture, and chipping. It contains no toxic VOCs, so it’s safe for the environment. The griller comes with foldable and detachable legs for easy storage. Moreover, the unique warming rack helps to keep the food warm for a longer period.

Who should buy H Hy-tec HYBB-04 Briefcase Barbeque Grill?

People who enjoy small family gatherings should definitely invest in this stylish barbeque grill.

  • Compact size.
  • Tool-less quick assembly.
  • Briefcase-like design.
  • Steel skewers.
  • Functional warming rack.
  • No side handles.
  • No ash collector.
Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill
Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill
  • Cool, easy-grip lid handle.
  • Removable non-stick grill plate.
  • Handles on both sides.
  • 24″ power cord.
  • Four non-slip ½” rubber feet on the base.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill is one of the best barbeque grills in India in 2022. Its improved view lid allows you to watch the food while it’s cooking. This latest barbeque grill is lightweight and compact. It has 11 temperature settings, allowing you to both cook different meals and keep them warm. The cooking surface has a non-stick coating to ensure that the food doesn’t stick to it. In comparison to many other grills, this one takes only ten minutes to get preheated.

Who should buy Hamilton Beach 25361 Indoor Grill?

This griller is ideal for kitchen & dining uses. So, anyone who prefers indoor, smokeless grilling can buy this product.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Drip tray to collect grease.
  • High heat control settings.
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Short power cord.
  • Long preheat duration.
Weber Go-anywhere Charcoal Grill
Weber Go-anywhere Charcoal Grill
  • Three glass-reinforced nylon handles.
  • Triple-layer nickel-plated cooking grate.
  • Rustproof aluminum vents.
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl.
  • Pivoting sturdy legs to lock lids.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

This small barbeque grill by Weber is easy to carry. But don’t go on its size! It can easily grill up to six hamburgers at once. The legs swing over the top of the grill to secure the lid in place. This makes it compact and easy to fit in tight spaces. The porcelain enamel coating on the bowl and lid makes the set resistant to fire and corrosion. Moreover, the coal barbeque grill comes with an installation manual for quick and easy assembly.

Who should buy Weber Go-anywhere Charcoal Grill?

Small families will love this product. It’s easy to assemble and use, so even beginners can enjoy perfectly grilled food.

  • 10-year warranty.
  • Compact design.
  • Steel-plated legs.
  • Steel-plated cooking grate.
  • A Rectangular grill provides more cooking space.
  • A bit expensive for the size.
  • Little heavy.
Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill
Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill
  • Glass-reinforced nylon structure.
  • Removable catch tray.
  • Different heat control settings.
  • Easy-to-clean cooking surface.
Best Barbeque Grills in India

Weber Q 1400 Electric Barbeque Grill is a good alternative to gas or charcoal-based grillers. The porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates distribute heat uniformly. Plus, the cast-aluminum lid offers great heat-retaining capacity. With the glass-reinforced nylon structure, it doesn’t require much maintenance. The different heat control settings allow you to maintain the grill’s temperature easily. The cast-iron and porcelain coating also make the grill set corrosion-resistant.

Who should buy Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill?

It’s a great option for people living in apartments and condos where charcoal grills are usually prohibited.

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Cast-iron cooking grates.
  • Portable and long-lasting.
  • 6′ grounded cord.
  • Cast-aluminum body and lid.
  • No built-in thermometer.
  • Long preheat duration.

Buying Guide – Best barbeque grills In India

Buying Guide – Best barbeque grills In India

By now, you must have gone through the above-listed barbeque grills. So, it’s the right time to move on to the things that you need to look into before buying any griller. Here, we have provided detailed information on different types of barbeque grills and other features that will help you to find out the best barbeque grills in India.

Accessible and portable 

Why would you want to buy a barbeque grill? It’s all because you want to make your own food on a griller at your desired destination for a great occasion. Isn’t it? Choose a BBQ that can easily be accessed and is portable. It can be either coal, gas, or electric grills, based on your preference. 

Classic food taste 

The charcoal barbeque grill is most likely to be used by most Indians. As it gives an essence of traditional charcoal-based cooking. Also, it provides the desired taste and is considered to be good for health. 

Types Of Best Barbeque Grills

Most of the barbeque grills come in various shapes and sizes, compact and larger in-built ones. Some of the common types of barbeque grills are : 

  1. Barrel grills & smokers : These types of grills are more versatile and ideal for making fast food, in case you’re arranging large gatherings. Also, if you desire to have smoky meats, then choosing the barrel grills is a good choice. Barrel grills are pretty expensive but come in various shapes and sizes giving you multiple options to choose from. 
  2. Kamado & ceramic grills : These barbeque grills are specially designed with a Japanese layout. And, it can be used for basic grilling as it perfectly regulates temperature and heat flow. Also, the grillers can be used to make various foods and maintain the proper heat through cooking. The grills are perfect for small as well as for larger gatherings and can be considered as a worth buying option. 
  3. Kettle grills : No doubt, these grills are the most preferred ones due to their portability and easy-to-use option. It comes in different models and that allows you to select the option that fits your requirement and budget. As you get the smaller cooking surface, and that makes it a favorable choice for ones, who want to arrange small parties rather than a larger one.  


Size is another important factor in the case of storage and cooking space. If you have a small space, then prefer buying one that doesn’t occupy much space but provides crispy delicious food. 

If you want to fix a permanent one in your backyard or outdoor space, then make sure to measure the size and then buy the one that suits your budget and needs. Always remember that the barrels come in a bigger size, and ceramics are pretty heavy to handle. So before buying, make sure to consider these facts.


For small events, using a kettle is the best option and comes in an affordable price range. However, for large events, you can prefer to buy coal barbeque grills that have been listed above in the article and will help you choose the best one for you. 

Temperature regulation

Things that you need to consider while regulating the temperature are the number of dampers used and the ability to control the distance of coal from the griller. At least 2-dampers must be used for easy exchange of oxygen.

You can regulate the heat flow either by controlling the distance of the griller from the coal. The charcoal net in the barbeque grills allows you to adjust the height and give sufficient heat required to the food. 

Our Selection Criteria for picking the Best Barbeque Grills In India:

We have listed each product after proper evaluation and research. After analyzing the market, customer reviews, and surveys, we have compiled products that are nothing but the best.

Apart from this, we have conducted a vast study on a wide range of grills, to determine the best out of all, which you can find in the above article.

We have made sure that the products we mention are durable, budget-friendly, and can be easily operated. Also, the products are certified and give you the desired taste and flavor. 


How to clean a barbeque grill? 

You can clean the barbeque grill in several ways, either by using vinegar, beer, etc. All you need to do is to put some cleanser on the greasy area. And then rub it over the grill area with a soft brush until the stains are properly removed.

How long does it take to install a barbeque grill?

Usually, installing a grill is a bit hefty task and consumes a lot of time. If you’re new to griller, then make sure to contact an expert and take proper advice for installation. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully while assembling the griller.

Does the gas grill gives a taste of charcoal? 

Honestly, the gas grill doesn’t give a charcoal flavor. For smoked flavor, charcoal-based grillers are the best and will give you the desired taste.

What is healthier gas or charcoal grill?

No, doubt if you consult any expert the answer will always be the gas griller. Cooking food on natural gas is always healthier than charcoal. Also, it’s not just good for the body but for the environment as well.


The best barbeque grills in India are much easier to use and give a touch of grill rather than boiling. Also, these top 10 barbeque grills are budget-friendly and provide you with the desired taste and flavor. Hopefully, after reading this article all your queries must have been resolved and you will be able to find the best product for yourself. If you truly love the smoky flavor, then get yourself indulged in the best barbeque grill that will satisfy your taste and needs.

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