Best Hand Blender In India – Buyer’s and Review’s Guide
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Best Hand Blender In India – Buyer’s and Review’s Guide

best hand blender in india

Hand Blenders are multi-purpose machines you can use for blending, pureeing and mixing, etc. These are compact and very useful machines with applications that extend to more than the above-listed things. Hand blenders are convenient machines that make cooking very easy. Mixers and grinders being very heavy machines are difficult to operate and also are not portable. Hand blenders on the other hand make your job very easy. They are very easy and safe to use and even easier to handle. They also save a lot of time and effort in preparing your meals. This post on the best hand blender in India will provide you with suggestions to choose a blender of your own need and choice.

Since the machines are lightweight, they are very easy to handle. Having said that, there are also many additional features that come with them. Depending on the brand and budget, various features are added to make it a versatile machine. This increases its applications and helps in various other ways.

Get ready to explore the list of the best hand blender in India!

Image Product Detail Price
best hand blender in india Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender Inalsa is a name everyone is privy to in Indian households. Considering the name, the brand delivers quality as well as good customer service. This particular product has many additional features and includes the essentials one must-have. The hand blender works with 1000W power and processes efficiently. best hand blender in india
best hand blender in india Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender Phillips is another common name in electronic devices. From television to hand blenders, the brand is trusted by many customers. The same is the case with this product. It ensures good quality and a good performance as well. best hand blender in india
best hand blender in india Orpat Hand Blender Orpat is a company based in India and also has a number of products or great variety in the market. Orpat hand blender is the most economical option in the list. This hand blender works as well as any other and provides an equally good performance. best hand blender in india
best hand blender in india Braun Multi Quick Hand Blender Braun is an international brand delivering products worldwide. The brand’s service is controlled by Orient Electric in India. Braun Multi Quick Hand Blender uses a patented technology called powerbell. This technology blends and delivers fine texture. best hand blender in india
best hand blender in india Morphy Richards Hand Blender Morphy Richards is another name that needs no introduction here. Appliances of a large variety can be found in households. The company is synonymous with quality and can be trusted with durability. It also includes a measuring beaker. best hand blender in india
best hand blender in india Prestige Plastic Hand Blender Prestige is another common name when it comes to kitchen appliances. From cookers to mixers and blenders, the company supplies good quality products that are easy to use and are apt for Indian households. best hand blender in india
best hand blender in india Boss Portable Blender Boss Portable Blender is a very easy-to-use hand blender that gives a number of additional features apart from blending. It operates on a 230V power supply and has a very powerful motor. best hand blender in india
best hand blender in india Kent Hand Blender Kent is known for the water purifiers – aqua guards and ROs. Kent hand blender can also be trusted with the same surety. best hand blender in india

Best Hand Blenders in India 2022

Hand blenders in 2020 can be called an essential when it comes to cooking. As far as Indian households are concerned, our cuisine includes variety and with that comes varied needs. To cater to that sort of requirements, we need efficient products to save our time as well as effort in preparing food. Even simple meals take a lot of preparation sometimes and at this point in time, one can really use some extra minutes. Hand Blenders help you do just that.

These machines cater to a varied audience and also varied needs. Blending, whisking, and mixing are the basic functions you can expect from hand blenders. Along with that you can replace your blades with other parts and enjoy those functions too. Hand blenders offer a variety of functions and are all equally effective. Apart from that, these products are very easy to handle and are compact.

Without getting more confused, take a look at the top 10 best hand blenders in India!

best hand blender in india
Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender
  • It also features a chopper, jar, whisker and a blender that is detachable. All these features make your preparation very easy and also save time. The hand blender’s speed can be adjusted with manual settings. This feature is effective in preparing mixtures of desired texture.
best hand blender in india

 The blender also features a design that is anti-slip for safety. The comfortable grip helps in effective handling and better results.

It also has a light indicator that tells if the blender is working or not. Since the blender comes with detachable accessories and other features, it is a little on the expensive price. But considering the features it has to offer, it is a cost-effective product.

  • Removable blender, whisker and chopper
  • Manual speed settings
  • Anti-slip blender for a better grip
  • Slightly expensive
best hand blender in india
Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender
  • Philips Hand Blender uses Stainless Steel rod and blades as well. The blades are also removable and can be replaced for whisking and whipping, also provided with the product.
best hand blender in india

This multi-purpose product does not have any extra parts and is very compact. The sleek design has a good grip and is easily portable. It also has a wall bracket so it takes up almost no space for storage. The blades are also very easy to clean. It comes with only a button to control/start the process. The product is made in India.

It works at 230V of power. It covers all basic functions and is a great choice of product at the given price. It is also very durable.

  • Replaceable blades for whisking and whipping
  • Sleek design and good grip
  • Cost-effective and wall bracket provided
  • Heats up after continuous blending
best hand blender in india
Orpat Hand Blender
  • The hand blender can be used only for blending and related purposes. The grip that the blender supplies is very comfortable. It is a very compact machine and can be stored very easily.
best hand blender in india

The blades are made up of stainless steel and are very easy to clean.The hand blender is very easy to use and can be controlled with only a single switch. Since it uses high power, it processes food quickly and effectively. The sleep design can also be placed on walls. It operates on 230V of power and is very light-weight.

This hand blender is very cost-effective and if blending is the only function you require, this product fits your needs. The customer service is also very efficient and the product is very durable.

  • Compact and sleek design and very cost-effective
  • Stainless steel blades are easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Splatters the processed mixture
best hand blender in india
Braun Multi Quick Hand Blender
  • It has blades that effectively decrease the splatter created by blending. The blender is very easy to use and can be switched on with a single button. The sleek design is compact and can be stored easily.
best hand blender in india

It is very easy to handle. The blade protectors help prevent spillage and splattering for better functioning. It saves time and effort by effective blending.

The blades used are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and better processing. A beaker with quantity levels marked is also provided with the blender. It goes well with the blender and processing.

  •  Sleek design for good grip and handling
  • Stainless steel blades for easy cleaning
  • Durable
  • Might need a different socket than those usually found in India
best hand blender in india
Morphy Richards Hand Blender
  • This product comes with a number of other additional features apart from the blender. It has detachable blades that can be replaced with chopper attachment or the whisker.
best hand blender in india

It is a multi-purpose blender and can be used for a number of other things. The blender works on 230V power and has safety measurements in place. The blender has manual speed control at the top. This gives liberty to choose different textures with the processing. The beaker helps prevent any spillage at all.

The product is light-weight and compact. It takes up very less storage space and can even be mounted on the wall. It also comes with a 2 year warranty. Given the brand, this hand blender, in addition to all its features, is also durable. Given the number of features, the product is a little expensive but it’s worth the money.

  • Detachable blades with cutter and whisker
  • Manual speed control
  • Compact and can be mounted on a wall
  • Slightly Expensive
best hand blender in india
Prestige Plastic Hand Blender
  • The product in hand is a Hand Blender by Prestige. It operates on a 250 watts motor and has stainless steel blades. The blades offer efficient processing and are also easy to clean.
best hand blender in india

 It caters to all kinds of requirements that you may have from any particular product. It is a simple blender with a single button to start operation. The sleek design is easy to handle and compact size is easy to store.

Prestige hand blender is durable and as the brand assures, is very durable. Along with this, the product gives a 1 year warranty. It is a simple machine and another economical option to consider.

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Compact design and good grip
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Switch to be hold while in use
best hand blender in india
Boss Portable Blender
  • The blender comes with replaceable blades that can be used for multiple purposes. It also gives you manual speed control options at 2 levels.
best hand blender in india

The speed of the blender can be controlled with the help of a switch. The speed control helps give you choice on the texture of your choice. The other blades can also be used for the same. The blade is made of stainless steel which delivers good processing and is also easy to clean.

The blender has a good grip provided which makes it anti-slip and easier to handle. In all, the product is also a great pick with a 2-year warranty. It also comes with a wall mounting stand for easy storage.

  • Replaceable blades for multiple purpose4s
  • Manual Speed control
  • Comes with a stand
  • Heating problem under excessive usage
best hand blender in india
Kent Hand Blender
  • The hand blender operates on 400 Watt power and processes efficiently and at high speed. It features manual speed control which can be changed according to your needs.
best hand blender in india

 The body is made of stainless steel for better efficiency and easy cleaning. It helps in chopping, blending as well as whisking to the best texture and consistency.

Kent gives a 1-year warranty with the product. The hand blender is easy to use and compact. It is designed for a good grip so that it is easy to handle.

  •  Manual speed control
  • High power and good efficiency
  • Stainless steel for better performance
  • Little expensive

Buying Guide

There are a lot of things that a hand blender can do. Apart from fulfilling the basic functions, it extends its use to a number of other things as well. Like whisking and chopping. The machine may not look like it but it can be used for multiple purposes. But to understand these functions you will have to dive deeper into the understanding of the product.

A hand blender is a simple and compact machine that is very easy to use. But if you need the machine to deliver results exactly as you need, there are a few things you should have knowledge of. Knowing these, you can better choose your product and will be well equipped to sort your list of options. After going through and considering the below-given factors, you will choose each feature that you’ll need. This in the end will definitely give you a final option to choose from.

Things to Know Before Buying Hand Blenders

1. Purpose

If you are looking for a machine you can use in the kitchen instead of a heavy-duty mixer, this will do the job. It gives you control over the consistency and texture and is also very easy to use and clean. But if you need a machine for baking purposes or any other activity that requires whisking, you should consider one that has a replaceable blade and comes with a whisking option. If you want a simple machine only for blending, you can choose one which comes with the blades intact.

2. Power

Different products have different features. Hand blenders operate on different powers and accordingly deliver results. If a hand blender works on high power, it will be more efficient as the motor will help turn the blades faster and more effectively. One that consumes lesser power will be slower. Given that, the cost may vary as per the different features.

3. Durability

Since a hand blender is a product that is used often, you would want it to run effectively and for a longer duration. If you are investing your money in something, you would want it to be worthwhile. Most brands provide a warranty with the products and that is another important product detail one must look into. Apart from that, the parts should also be durable so the blender can last long and work with the same efficiency.

5. Additional Features

All hand blenders can be used for multiple purposes. But some come with additional features that can be of great use to you. The most common feature is the replaceable blades that can be replaced by a whisker, a cutter, or a different set of blades. Accordingly, you can use them to provide an even larger setoff function. You can also get a manual speed control which can be used to get a different texture or consistency of the mixture. Some brands also provide a stand to mount the blender on a wall so it takes up no space.


Hand blenders are used on a daily basis. It is important that you buy a product of quality that does not compromise on its performance delivery and efficiency.

Hand blenders are electronic products and must be handled with care no matter how easy they are to use. There are a number of safety measurements you can take to ensure your safety as well as make your product last longer. Blenders use motors that tend to heat up and malfunction under excessive and continuous usage. It is better to use a blender continuously for not more than 1 minute and give it ample breaks to cool down.

These easy-to-use products are a must-have as per our suggestion as they not only save time and effort but also make your life easy. We hope you get to the best hand blender in India for you that fits all your needs and requirements.

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