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Best Mattresses In India 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Best Mattresses In India

After a tiresome day, you want to return home to your comfort zone, change into your pajamas, and curl up against your pillow, to have a good night’s sleep. Even though you are tired and sleepy, you keep twisting and turning in your bed, unable to fall asleep. You keep waiting for the magic to happen so that you can sleep like a kid again. Maybe it’s time you cast your spell and get yourself a new mattress. If you’re looking for one as per needs, we have all that settled for you in our post of best mattress in India.  

Image Product Detail Price
best mattress in india Emma Memory Foam Ortho Mattress Emma Foam Mattresses are a german build quality that is durable. It does not need changes as frequently compared to other mattresses. Emma Foam mattress made this, keeping in mind the consumer’s comfort, offering pain relief and body adaptability. best mattress in india
best mattress in india Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress The foam is a favorite ortho mattress. It is excellent for people with a history of back pain, relieves one from pain, and keeps your coal. It is a durable material and comfortable for the spine best mattress in india
best mattress in india Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress This mattress is a medium-firm six inches thick memory foam. Many people look for medium hard yet soft, comfortable beds suitable for their backs; this is one such mattress. best mattress in india
best mattress in india Sleepy Cat – Premium Orthopedic Mattress Sleepy cat is a medium-firm foam that is super comfortable and cozy. The best part about its product is that it has incredibly supportive customer service and a supportive mattress for your back. best mattress in india
best mattress in india Livpure Regal 8 Memory Foam + Latex Mattress Livpure regal 8 memory foam +latex mattress has the first generation infused memory foam. It is a cool-gel, temperature adaptive, premium quality mattress. It will ensure that you sleep comfortably as per the weather. best mattress in india
best mattress in india Peps Organica 8-inch King Size Spring Mattress It comes in different sizes, and you can choose one according to your need. It is a firm innerspring constructed mattress. It Primarily offers a latex material in a contemporary style. This latex is eco-friendly and of cotton fabric. best mattress in india
best mattress in india Sleep X Ortho Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress The primary material in this product is bonded foam. It is a cool gel memory foam that comes with a 5-year warranty. The mattress is comfortable and supports the body to ease the body ache. best mattress in india
best mattress in india Wake up 8-Inch Medium Firm Pocket Spring Mattress It is an innerspring, firm, king-size mattress that is the best choice for those looking for a mattress that would relieve pressure points and circulate oxygen throughout the body. This type of mattress is Pocket coiled. best mattress in india
best mattress in india The Sleep Company SmartGrid Luxe: Made in India Mattress It is an Indian based mattress in the most advanced technology. The mattress is suitable for people who are asthmatic or allergic to dust. It does not emit toxic fumes and is breathable. best mattress in india
best mattress in india Durfi 5-Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress The Durfi 5-inch mattress comes with a cotton candy memory foam. It is 5 inches deep; as the name suggests, the foam is hypersensitive and contours the person’s shape. It is super convenient for orthopedic requirements. best mattress in india

Best Mattresses In India – Top Brands to Buy Now!

best mattress in india
Emma Memory Foam Ortho Mattress
  • It is a triple-layered mattress with seven zones of the spine support structure. It gives support to the lower back and tends to the pain. The bed has a top cover made with adequate fiber, which ensures a perfect sleep.
best mattress in india

It has an airgocell layer underneath that enables the better movement of air. This foam mattress has an open-pore structure giving it the space to breathe. It is a combination of Visco-Elastic Foam and polyurethane foam that gives excellent support, durable and relaxing. 

These foams are beneficial for your body because Visco-elastic foam Relieves the spine, and Polyurethane foam supports the shoulder and the lower parts of the body. There is a grey comfort cover on the topmost layer that adds air circulation and grip on the bed. It is a sophisticated looking mattress that would blend right in amongst its surroundings. The mattress covers are washable by machine, giving you every chance to love the product. It is long-lasting and efficient. It is the best mattress if you tend to sleep on your back or stomach.

  • It is durable and body adaptable.
  • It is a combination of Visco-Elastic and Polyurethane foam.
  • It is a triple-layered mattress with seven zones.
  • Expensive in comparison.
best mattress in india
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Doctors suggest such foams for those who prefer not to shift in their sleeping position for more than four hours. It is the best mattress for a pregnant woman as it helps ease the pain.
best mattress in india

The bed has a densely filled core, which comes with quality orthopedic foam. The mattress stays soft and comfortable. 

The foam provided is of excellent premium quality, light in weight, and easily transportable. The mattress cover is cotton, and it is washable. The cells in this foam are bigger and help the airflow across it, reducing odor possibility. Wakefit Mattress gives a 100 days sleep trial, so if you feel that this mattress is not for you, then you can refund the order. 

It is also great for those with neck pain. It does not make sounds when the other person on the bed is tossing or turning; you can sleep soundly without being disturbed. The fabric is breathable, and comparatively, it is less expensive than most other mattresses that offer these benefits. It comes with a 10-year warranty from Wakefit.

  • It has a 100 days sleep trail.
  • It is best for neck and back pain.
  • It gives a 10- year warranty.
  • The mattress is not thick enough.
best mattress in india
Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress
  • It is soft and durable and still has a soft hardness to it. Although it may not be ideal for the elderly, it is an excellent mattress for those who are looking for a mattress to control their back pain.
best mattress in india

Sometimes sleeping on a soft bed can cause body ache, so this is the wisest choice for them. This mattress comes in four layers, excluding the base that has a support foam. The sturdiness of the base has a bouncy effect. The second layer is responsive memory foam. It is high in quality and adds comfortable ease to it. 

The mattresses’ foam lets the airflow around it, ensuring airflow. The cover of this mattress is washable and efficient. The fabric is easily removable. It helps those who cannot sleep if there is even the slightest noise or movement because it induces deep and better sleep. The mattress has a 100 day trial period, so if you have your doubts after using it, you can easily change it.

  • It offers a 100 day trial period.
  • It has high-quality, responsive foam and has a bouncy effect.
  • The mattress is breathable.
  • Some customers complain about the quality of the product compared to its price.
best mattress in india
Sleepy Cat – Premium Orthopedic Mattress
  • This product is of fine quality. It serves the people who are suffering from back pain. Any age does not bound this mattress, and everyone can enjoy sleeping on it. It is an organic latex that cools down the body.
best mattress in india

It contains seven zone designed layers; it is thick with a base, covers, five high-density memory foam, latex foam, and a zipper cover. The mattress covers zip on the top layer so that it can be removed and washed. One can sleep peacefully undisturbed. It has a seven zone technology that supports your critical body parts. 

It is a beautiful mattress that goes just right in your bedroom and makes it feel more at home. Mattress selection is one of the essential parts of being an independent person. Having the right mattress that you can get home to gives you a sense of motivation.

  • It has seven zone technology alongside a removable zipper cover.
  • It has organic latex that cools down the body.
  • The foam is firm and comfortable.
  • It only has 30 days sleeping trial compared to the other products that give 100 days sleeping trials.
best mattress in india
Livpure Regal 8 Memory Foam + Latex Mattress
  • This mattress comes with a natural latex layer that supports your spine exclusively. This mattress base is the 6 HR foam, comes with a Kooltex washable cover, and ensures a cool surface
best mattress in india

It adapts to your climate and temperature needs accordingly, giving you a perfect sleep. Can you imagine sleeping in a cold bed in winter and a hotbed in summer? This mattress would not let you go through that ever again.

It has three different layers, a responsive memory foam, premium quality mattress, 10 years warranty, and unique Kooltex fabric. This mattress is a polyester blend, rectangular-shaped, Regal designed mattress just for you if you want uninterrupted sleep. The Livpure mattress has a cool-gel memory and latex, four variations to this stunning mattress; It comes in king, queen, single and double sizes.

  • It has a 6 HR foam and comes with Kooltex washable cover.
  • It has a temperature adaptive, cool-gel, and premium quality mattress.
  • It gives you 10 years warranty.
  • It is expensive in comparison when compared to the other products in the market.
best mattress in india
Peps Organica 8-inch King Size Spring Mattress
  • This mattress is chemical-free, and the latex is eco friendly. It claims to have bio-cotton, and the springs give support to the neck, head, shoulders, calf, and back. The product offers middle support and eases the pain of the body.
best mattress in india

Prep’s Organica has used Belgium’s finest foam, which means that the quality of the product is at its best. Our body’s central part is a little bulky compared to the other parts; that is why this mattress suits our body well—the mattress contours the body’s pressure points.

If you want to go organic, maybe start with the bed. You would love to curl up against something that you love, wouldn’t you? 

This one is anti-microbial, resistant to dust mites, resistant to allergies, naturally cool, refreshing, and comfortable. It is hypoallergenic. The pep organica mattress is in three different sizes; it offers better air circulation around the mattress giving it space for the air to flow. It has 8 inches thickness that makes it very comfortable and spacious.

  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It is an anti-microbial, resistant to dust mites, hypoallergenic mattress.
  • It is best for neck, shoulders, calf, back, and head pains.
  • It is more expensive than the other products with the same features.
best mattress in india
Sleep X Ortho Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress
  • This type of mattress keeps your body cool and refreshed. It is a next-generation cool gel memory foam with high density, high resilience, and breathable fabric that enables the high to pass through.
best mattress in india

If you are a person who wakes up sweating and gets annoyed at it, and blames their mattress for it, you will not be able to do that anymore. This mattress dispenses the body heat and is a cool mattress that keeps you away from sweat patches. SleepX Ortho is delivered pre-assembled, so you do not have to go to the trouble of assembling it.

This product is comparatively cheaper than most other products offering the same features. Finding a more affordable mattress with everything you need is very difficult, but here you go.

  • They are durable and long-lasting.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It is best for people with back pain.
  • It is not waterproof, and that creates a problem.
best mattress in india
Wake up 8-Inch Medium Firm Pocket Spring Mattress
  • They have pocket spring, are high in resilience, have HR foam, and a 10-years manufacturer’s warranty. The Wake-up mattresses are comfortable and pain-relieving.
best mattress in india

These are breathable and let the air move smoothly. It circulates oxygen equally throughout the body, giving us a sound sleep. The pocket coil mattresses move independently, contouring our body’s shape, relieving pain on the neck, back, shoulders, and hips. 

You will have a sound sleep because you would not hear your partner’s movements due to the spring’s independence.  Nothing will compromise your sleep, and you will wake up better. It provides durable mattresses, and they may be the right choice for you. 

  • It gives a 10-year warranty.
  • The mattress is breathable.
  • It relieves pressure points and circulates oxygen throughout the body.
  • These are lagging in new technology.
best mattress in india
The Sleep Company SmartGrid Luxe: Made in India Mattress
  • The Polymer head from India Defence Lab created this and designed it with the best smart grid technology to ensure good sleep and no sweat experience.
best mattress in india

It provides cushioning, an inflow of air, Hyperelastic polymer to relieve back pain and gives support. The top layer of this mattress is hyper-elastic, and it maintains a cool breeze to it.  It is harmless and does not sag after a point of time like other mattresses. 

The company offers a 100 day trial in case the customer is not happy with the product. The inflow of air gives the mattress a chance to breathe and keeps it cool. It does not attract dust mines or micro-organisms, so it is not required to wash the mattress after a few days. 

It claims to provides more than twice the amount of support than an orthopedic mattress. Smart Grid has 2500 air channels and above. The material is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The fabric is also organic and super comfortable to use. The mattress you choose for your family has to be safe, and that is what it claims to be and is. 

  • It is hypoallergenic and breathable.
  • It has a 100-day trial run.
  • It has a smart grid technology that is efficient for all your mattress needs.
  • These are lagging in new technology.
best mattress in india
Durfi 5-Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • The mattress has charcoal in it to avoid any impurities that might disturb the foam. It keeps away the foul smell and makes the morning feeling fresh and spectacular.
best mattress in india

The mattress reduces pain in pressure points and is the best for those with body ache. It also controls the body temperature of the person. The mattress is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so it is the perfect choice for people who are allergic. It is resistant to dust mites and bed bugs. 

It provides a knitted fabric that adds to your room’s sophisticated aroma and makes it feel more like home. It is one of those mattresses that make you feel like you are receiving the best hug. It is cozy and comfortable, alongside being safe and beneficial. It weighs 400 GSM and is a bit heavy. 

  • It is hypersensitive and contours perfectly with your body shape.
  • It reduces pain in pressure points.
  • It is hypoallergenic to some extent and also antibacterial.
  • The product is too heavy and is not easily transportable.

Consider While Purchasing A Mattress In India

There are three types of materials used for mattresses. Those are foam, latex, and spring. It is essential to know what these materials are before purchasing a mattress to invest in something beneficial for your body type and needs.

  1. Latex –

 Latex is more supportive, durable, and eco-friendly. Latex is known for relieving pain; it provides pressure near the joints and the lower body parts. It is naturally antimicrobial, which means it does not require constant cleaning and sanitizing. It ensures that there are no micro-organisms building, such as bacteria, fungi leading to dust mites. Latex refines from the sap of a rubber tree, which means it does not damage or cut down a tree in the process. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable. These are cool and breathable materials for your mattress.

  1. Innerspring –

If you want to move on your mattress comfortably, Innerspring is just the right material for you. It is responsive to your body and gives you comfortable ease. Innerspring is durable and cool, offers a firmer bed than most mattresses. Innerspring mattresses were first introduced in 1871 when Heinrich Westphal decided to use Steel Oils on mattresses. These provide excellent contouring of the body and pressure relief. If you want a traditional approach in your mattress preference, then innerspring is the right choice for you. These contain layers of metal spring, covered with padding of foam.  

  1. Memory Foam – 

It uses your body pressure to form into your shape. You feel like you’re sinking in the mattress, and that too in the right way. It is like a hug at the end of the day. If you have joint pain, this material is the best kind for you because it is said to relieve pain. It is a durable material if it has a high density, provides support and excellent pressure relief. When using a memory foam mattress, the best part is that one is less likely to get disturbed by their partner getting up or tossing in the bed. It gives you the best sleep.


Mattress selection may be subjective, based purely on a person’s needs; that is why it is essential to know the best mattresses’ features. You should thoroughly check the durability, flexibility, comfort, thickness, and crucial features before committing to a mattress.

You do your research on every little thing that involves you, and that is why it is all the more important to know what product you will buy, especially when you are going to sleep on it. The closest you come to a product is your mattress, you curl up against it, and you need to know what it has. That is what we aimed to do, and we hope we helped in the tiniest possible way through this post for best mattress in India.

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