10 Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India 2022
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10 Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India 2022

Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Today no one wants to carry a bulky camera with them. Smartphones have come to the rescue as these are the new generation mini cameras that capture exceptionally well. In this ever-evolving generation and technology, mobile cameras have progressed exponentially, from a single rear side camera to multiple rear camera modules, huge megapixels, and clear selfie cameras. However, smartphones with all these commendable features can’t do the pictures perfectly. Although smartphones nowadays are armed with excellent photographic features, there is still a way to take those photos to a top-notch professional image level. This is when mobile camera lenses come into play.

But like every other product in the market, best mobile camera lenses in India offer a huge variety to choose from. Getting your hands on the one that fits your needs perfectly sounds like finding a white bead from a stack of rice. It is a dilemma to choose one out of the millions of a kind. Here is a compilation of the best smartphone camera lenses to try out.

List of Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses

Image Product Detail Price
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses SKYVIK Signi Pro (Wide+Macro) Clip On Mobile Camera Lens Kit Wide Lens camera to capture more space in the photos. Compatible for iPhones, Samsung, and other except poco and one plus Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses SKYVIK SIGNI X Mobile Camera Macro Lens Kit Stunning Macro lens kit to explore and zoom into the miniature world. Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses Ekdant HD Telespcope lens Get 12 times closer to the world with a wide-angle camera and blur background Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses Penlight 18X 4K HD Universal Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens A zooming lens that can turn a smartphone into a telescope with improved image quality Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses Adcome 12x/24x Macro Mobile Phone Camera Lens with Lens Hood A professional macro lens that zooms into the mini world approximately 10 times by comforting extreme close-ups. Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses SKYVIK SIGNI Mobile Camera Lens Kit A multi-purpose lens that enhances all photography tasks from miniscules to wide-angle photography. Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses LUZWE 3 in1 Lens Kit A wide-angle lens with 180 degrees fisheye and 10 times macro capturing capabilities . Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses CR0GIE Phone Camera Lens Two in one super wide-angle and 15 times macro professional lens for filming for various platforms. Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses 12X 4K HD Universal Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens Zooming type smartphone camera lens that scales up your pictures in terms of quality and accuracy Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses Adcom 8 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit It’s a complete epitome of photography and videography features like wide-angle, fisheye, kaleidoscope, and macro. Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Up till now, we have pretty much gathered a brief about the top 10 Smartphone camera lenses tabulated among these lines. Allow us to get deep into it and expand every bit of what these lenses have to offer their users.

Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1 (Wide+Macro) Clip-On Mobile Camera Lens Kit
  • Wide-angle capturing feature
  • A macro lens that can get 15times closer to the human world
  • iOS and Android compatible
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

The model SIGNI Pro 2 in 1 lens kit by the brand SKYVIK is a macro-type Smartphone camera lens that is focused on a fixed objective. The wide-angle capturing feature of this lens helps to gather a broader area than a usual Smartphone camera can. The brand armed this mobile camera lens with yet another stunning macros feature that will make you explore the minuscule part of this world. The macro lens can get as close as 15 times the human world and make you go through some beauty of the creative nature that your naked eyes cannot observe. 

As there are two features merged within this object so if you are compelled to use the wide-angle lens, try attaching the entire lens to the clip. If you desire to use the macro lens, detach the macro lens and try rotating it anti-clockwise and reattach it to the clip and voila, here it is ready for you to use.

Well, there is something that it missed – this is not a mobile zoom lens. This means you need to move closer to the object in order to capture a good shot and cannot zoom in and out.

 This lens is compatible with iOS and androids like Samsung and others while leaving a few like POCO and OnePlus.

  • A macro lens that helps capture a closer view of the human world.
  • Compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.
  • Wide-angle capturing helps to cover larger areas for the pictures.
  • It lacks the zoom-in and zoom-out functionality.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
SKYVIK SIGNI X Mobile Camera 20x Macro Lens Kit
  • Macro lens technology
  • Lens made of aluminum alloys and glass
  • Compatible with all smartphone devices
  • Superior Magnification capabilities
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

The SIGNI X Mobile Camera lens is a macro lens that can be compatible with all the Smartphones in the market. The macro lens works with 20 times efficiency to get a dive into the little world of nature, the flowers, insects, and other miniature objects. Aluminum alloys and glass is used to carve out the lens in order to reduce the light flares and make sure that there is no scratch on your camera or mobile surface by using a soft rubber detachable clip.

The box contains SKYVIK SIGNI * 20times macro lens, a user manual, 12 months warranty and friendly customer support, lens carrying case, soft cleaning cloth, pouch, and a universal clip.

The SIGNI mobile camera lens is a macro photography-based lens. Macro photography is the branch of photography that deals with the tiny world of minuscule objects like very small plants and insects. SIGNI lenses will help you with that as it offers superior magnification capabilities.

As it is a macro lens, try reaching the object to take the shot. The focal length of the same varies from 30 mm- 80mm, which means it is the range in which you can have a shot of the object in focus.

  • The macro lens technology helps capture even the most minuscule details in pictures.
  • It is compatible with all types of smartphones.
  • Aluminum alloys and glass used for lens help eliminate light flares.
  • While it has magnification capabilities, they’re limited to only a focal length of 30-80mm.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
Ekdant HD Telescope lens
  • Telescope lens perfect to click distant objects 
  • Mini-sized lens and highly portable
  • Universal Clip Holder
  • Compatible with all kinds of devices
  • 12-times Zoom option
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

It is time for us to hop onto the next lens, which is the EKDANT HD Telescope Lens. This is also the cheapest out of the whole list of the best mobile camera lenses. This only costs Rs. 399 at Amazon while it costs Rs. 899 in the market. So let us judge whether the features are smart or not.

The EKDANT HD telescope lens is a universally compatible lens that works fine with almost every smartphone available in the market. Basically, the EKDANT telescope lens is a telescope lens that works at a significant distance from the subject in order to have a shot clicked. This lens uses its 12 times telephoto lens to capture what is far from us that too clear and crisp. It works phenomenal in helping the picture quality sustain and blurs the background.

A lens is an ideal tool for various photographic events like bird watching, sports, sightseeing, wildlife photography, and many more that cannot be done moving close to the subject. Another thing to comfort you would be the portability and price. The mobile lens is super easy to carry anywhere, super affordable, and easy to use.

  • Being a telescope lens with a 12times zoom option makes it great for capturing distant objects with ease.
  • Highly portable with its mini and compact size.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Amazon has a very low rating for this product.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
Penlight 18X 4K HD Universal Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens
  • Optical glass with high-resolution
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Compatible with all types of smartphones
  • Comes with a tripod
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Fourth on our list is the Penlight 18X 4K HD Telescope lens. It is generally a zoom-type telescope lens that works at a distance from the subject in order to click a picture clearly. The price of the product looks pretty decent. It originally costs Rs. 2,499 while its Amazon price is Rs. 1099.

Hoping on to the details of this product, the brand Penlight uses supremely high-quality materials in manufacturing these telescope lenses. A high-precision optical glass with high resolution is used in the making of the lens, and it is made in a way to avoid reflection using anti-reflective coatings on each side of the glass. And as mentioned before, you don’t even have to move an inch towards the subject. It can work efficiently at a distance and execute enhanced photography.

This lens is also compatible with almost all the cell phone types in the Indian market. A few of them are iPhone 6 and 6plus, iPhone 5 and 5plus, Samsung galaxy edge S8, and many more.

It comes with a tripod with extendable legs and helps the best in keeping the photography unit (the lens attached to the phone) in its position, and it is super portable and easy to use.

  • High-resolution optical glass and anti-reflective coatings help click beautiful and high-resolution pictures.
  • With super zoom, you can easily click distant objects.
  • The tripod helps add ease and stability for clicking pictures.
  • There are no shortcomings to this lens as such.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
Adcome 12x/24x Macro Mobile Phone Camera Lens with Lens Hood
  • Macro lens suitable for extreme close up shots
  • Multi-layered optical glasses
  • Soft rubber to prevent scratches
  • Comes with other necessary lens accessories
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Next comes the ADCOME Macro Lens on the list of the best mobile camera lens. This lens is small, budget-friendly, and portable. The price of this lens is Rs. 1,999, while third-party websites like Amazon deliver it for Rs. 1,190 only. Let us see if it really stands that price.

The brand ADCOM has launched this macro lens which is exclusively designed for extreme close-up shots, defining every inch of details of the mini world. It can get 12 to 24 times closer to the subject than what your regular camera setup does. The company uses premium quality optical materials to manufacture this lens. Multi-layered and high-class optical glasses are used in the making of these lenses.

This lens has a slightly different mechanism of usage. You need to screw the lens on the clip and fasten securely on your smartphone and then just align the whole unit accordingly and let the lens do its magic. Other than this, the soft rubber included prevents any scratches and marks on your device’s screen or camera.

The components that come along with the 12X/24X Macro lens are – a lens cap, a Macro lens hood, a microfiber lens cleaning cloth, a user manual, and a lens traveling case.

  • Has multi-layered optical glasses for high-resolution pictures.
  • Comes with all the necessary lens carrying accessories.
  • The rubber touch helps prevent scratches on your devices as well as the lens.
  • It could be difficult to get a hang of the different usage mechanisms of this lens.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
SKYVIK SIGNI 3 in 1 Mobile Camera Lens Kit
  • Fish-eyed, wide-angle, macro lens
  • Universal Clip
  • 1year warranty
  • Comes with other necessary camera accessories
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Number sixth on the list is the SKYVIK SIGNI mobile camera lens. The SKYVIK lens is a macro, wide-angle, and fisheye. By now, we are aware of what a macro lens does – going beyond the limits of closeness to explore the miniature world and takes you to an entirely different world.

This product is a highly specialized macro lens with some super magnification capabilities. Either you are a novice to this or you are used to the term photography, you are not going to have any kind of major problem using this; it is this simple to use.

The focal length of this lens ranges from 30mm to 80mm. That means you will get clear pictures only if you keep your camera between these ranges to your subject, not close to 30 mm and not farther than 80mm.

Not just limited to wide-angle, there are other properties added to it. This lens is a wide-angle lens also. It gives a wider view as compared to the normal camera lens. A larger area will be covered along with the focused subject.

In addition, not full screen, but it is a fisheye lens and retains a black border along the corner. It puts up a new perspective on your photos and lets people see you in some weirdly distorted view.

  • Being wide-angled, it helps capture larger areas.
  • Has excellent magnification abilities.
  • Significant ease of use and portability.
  • Comes with 1year warranty.
  • It may not be compatible with some devices.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
LUZWE 3 in1 Lens Kit
  • Comes with three lenses
  • Wide-angled, fish-eye, macro lens
  • High-quality, anti-flare optical glass
  • Super wide-angle feature for covering bigger areas
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Next is the LUZWE 3 in 1 lens kit for the mobile camera lens kit. It is a wide-angle, 180 degrees fisheye lens and ten times macro lens. This is the cheapest lens in the list tabulated above, but the features are totally worth your attention and time.

Three great functions of a lens are incorporated within one kit that too at just Rs. 249 on Amazon. Considering the fact that this is a three-lens kit, it is one of the “cannot forget and must-have” list of a photographer.

The lens is made up of high-quality optical glass, professional HD lens, which is equipped with materials that prevent glass flares and light reflections. Moreover, this lens is compatible with all the smartphones and on pc too, which is some next-level tasks.

The lens has enhanced ten times macro features, and its focal length ranges from 1.18 inches to 1.57 inches, not closer than 1.18 inches and not farther than 1.57 inches. It clicks your mini-world shots in a way that it needs to be done – in its full glory. Amazing click, crisp features, and gorgeous details are some of the characteristic features of the pictures clicked by this lens.

Other than this, the lens is occupied with another feature called the super wide-angle- It can expand the field of view to a large extent and enables us to capture a bigger team in just one frame like a sports team, a family, and a workforce. 

  • Extremely cheap and affordable.
  • Anti-flare optical glass helps prevent reflections and get high-resolution pictures.
  • The Super wide-angle feature helps cover larger views for the pictures.
  • It can be tricky to fit the lenses in the holders.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
CR0GIE Phone Camera Lens
  • HD coated lenses with auto and manual focus
  • Built using aluminum alloy for more clarity and durability
  • Macro lens
  • Wide Angle Features
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Again very affordable, very efficient, and full of features, CR0GIE Phone camera lenses are here to serve you. It is a macro and wide-angled type lenses with compatibility with nearly all the smartphones available in the market.

This lens has an auto or manual focus type and has an HD coating over it. It offers super-fine quality pictures with minimal flares or light reflection because of the professional build material used in making it. Superb clarity and the aluminum incorporation in the making of the lens make it super durable as well.

The lens is 15 times updated macro lens with a 37 mm diameter that enables the photographer to shoot within the range of 1.18 inches to 1.57 inches. With the entry of this product in the market, it has become more convenient to click extremely clear and gorgeous photographs.

The ultra-wide angles feature enables the cameraman to click a larger field of an area with more some team members or family members included in the photograph. Like we mentioned before, the lens has a wide range of compatibility- a typical clamp design that is detachable, works with every smartphone.

If you are a beginner in fields like blogging, vlogging, and YouTube, you can definitely put your hands on this product, and you’re never going to regret your decision. 

  • The wide-angle feature helps cover larger field areas and you can take pictures with as many people as you like.
  • It’s highly durable and clicks clear pictures due to the HD coating and aluminum alloy build.
  • The typical clamp design helps attach and detach the lens easily with all kinds of devices.
  • Not good for close-up pictures.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
12X 4K HD Universal Zoom Mobile Phone Telescope Lens
  • Telescope type lens with 14times zoom feature
  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • Soft rubber eye-cup
  • Detachable design
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

The brand Mobimint has in store this other piece of magic which is the 12*4K HD Universal zoom mobile telescope lens. This is something that came lesser time on our list. This is not a macro lens for miniature photography that we have been describing since the beginning of the list.

This is a telescope-type lens that has the capability of shoot far away subjects in exceptionally high quality. These telescope lenses are just perfect for shooting between the range of 50 m to 200 m which is significant enough to consider. With proper fixing and adjustments of the objective, it holds the ability to shoot with higher precision and defined quality.

It comes with 14 times zoom features that can legit turn your phone into a telescope that can click ultra HD photos. The lens is portable are has a soft rubber eyecup below the allow a more comfortable viewing while shooting and prevents slipping to retain the focus.

There is a compromise with the durability, high-quality plastic material is used in the making of the lens add points to its durability. The mobile camera lens is stylish in its looks and appearance as well.

  • The 14times zoom feature helps click high-resolution pictures even from far.
  • The soft rubber eye cup helps focus more comfortably.
  • It’s a very stylish camera to carry.
  • Made with plastic, the camera can not be trusted to be very durable.
Top 10 Mobile Camera Lenses
Adcom 8 in 1 Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit
  • 8 in 1 Camera lens kit
  • Universal Clip
  • Macro lens
  • Universal clamp design
  • Anodized aluminum and multi-layered optics
Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Now we have come near to the end of the product list description, and this is the last item in your best mobile camera lens list. It is the Adcom 8 in 1 Mobile Phone camera lens kit. As the name suggests, it sounds like it has the ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously.

Yes, it is an exceptionally brilliant piece; it is a wide-angled, telescope type, kaleidoscope, starburst, fisheye, macro lens, and universal clip attached on phone kind of traveling lens.

It fulfills all the requirements of all photography studio apparatus, and you can call it a mini photo studio on its own.

It is something of supreme importance for those who wish to give their career wings in fields like blogging, vlogging, influencers, content creators, and YouTube. It approves working with all the single and dual camera setups in the market. It acquires a universal clamp design which provides using it with cell phones.

You can see the premium craftsmanship just by seeing the use of anodized aluminum and multi-layered optics that provides durability as well as a perfect click with no imperfections in any aspect like reflection and glares.  

As mentioned in the name itself, it comes with eight professional camera lenses in a durable yet stylish carrying case. All the equipment involved in the kit is ideal for the front as well as the back mobile cameras.

  • With eight lenses, this is a mini photo studio for you.
  • It’s highly durable with strong aluminum and a multi-layered build.
  • Comes with a stylish carrying case.
  • Made with plastic, the camera can not be trusted to be very durable.

Buying Guide

Buying Guide Best Mobile Camera Lenses in India

Besides knowing the best products, you also need to know the important considerations for making the purchases. This buying guide will help you out with that by detailing everything you need to consider when purchasing a camera lens.


You need to be sure that the material that your lens is built with is strong and durable. As such, you want to take camera lenses with multiple optic layers and an aluminum alloy build. 

Lens Type

There are many different lens types that you can get. Macro lens, fish-eye lens, wide-angle lens, and telescope lens. Each type serves a different purpose. So, you need to make the right choice of lens type. There are some kits with multiple lens types, you can get those kits too.

Device Compatibility

Some lenses do not support all the devices. So, before you get a camera lens, it’s necessary that you check the compatibility of the lens you’re buying with your device.


You want to make sure that you can take your camera lens wherever you go. So, it’s important that you give consideration to the portability of the lenses. As such, you must prefer lightweight lenses with compact designs and durable carrying cases so that you can easily take them along with you on your trips, treks, journeys, and other expeditions.


You want the best quality, pixel-perfect, and clear pictures. So, it’s important that you get lenses with high-quality HD resolution and anti-glare technology to ensure that your images come out perfect to your likings.

Final Words

So, these were the ten best mobile camera lenses in India to consider for getting better images for capturing your moments and making memories. We have also backed you with a buying guide.

Hope this helps and you get the camera lens that you’re going to fall in love with.

Happy Capturing Moments!

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