Best Portable AC in India for 2022: An Expert Guide!
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Best Portable AC in India for 2022: An Expert Guide!

Best Portable AC in India

Are you searching for the best portable AC in India? Portable AC’s have become the latest trend and a convenient plus economical option for Indian houses. Honestly speaking, we don’t have AC fitted in all the rooms so buying portable AC is a great option. 

These user-friendly AC’s are not only easy to move from one room to another but are also affordable and energy-efficient. The other benefits include they are not restricted to areas and can also work efficiently as dehumidifier/Fan/AC/Heater, unlike the Windows or split ACs.

So, beat the heat these summers with a new kind of compact AC. Designed aesthetically for modern houses and workplaces with supercooling features and 100% copper coil condensers.

Following is the list of the 9 best portable AC in India, along with our experts’ recommended buying guide and rating criteria to pick the portable AC for 2022.

List of #9 Best Portable AC in India for 2022: Buy on Amazon Today!

Image Product Detail Price
Best Portable AC in India WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Tranquil Home Dehumidifier This 3 in 1 AC/Dehumidifier/Fan is easy to install and move with maximum cooling and comfort. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC Croma portable ac has been designed for medium-sized rooms with a consistent cooling effect and four adjustable modes. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India Whynter Elite Dual Hose Portable AC Awarded as the “Best Portable Air Conditioners to Buy in 2019” and has been named “the most efficient and fastest cooling portable AC” by the new york times. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India Voltas Venture Slimline Tower AC (3 Ton) Built with noise suppression technology and an overload protection device that protects the compressor. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC Buy this portable ac today that delivers supercooling with auto adjustable modes and higher energy efficiency. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC This portable AC is equipped with a powerful compressor, copper condenser, and high-density filter. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India Honeywell 1.15 ton Portable AC Buy this multipurpose portable AC with auto-adjusting mode and can work as a Fan/Dehumidifier when required. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India EURGEEN A5 1320 Watt Portable Air Conditioner Buy this multitasking portable AC suitable for all seasons. It can work as an AC/Dehumidifier/Fan in summers and a heater in Winters. Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India VOSAREA Mini Portable AC The smallest noise-free traveler AC with 3-speed fan control and 4 in 1 cooling plus humidifying functions. Best Portable AC in India

Best Portable AC in India for 2022:  Shop by Experts Recommendation & Reviews

Hesitating to invest in a new kind of product? Then, allow us to tell you the many benefits of buying a portable AC over the traditional ones. Whether it’s about power consumption, cost/energy efficiency, or multitasking, these versatile, compact ACs are not space-bound and can be easily moved with attached wheels. Ready to check the features and specifications of Top-rated portable AC in India along with the prices? Keep Reading!

Best Portable AC in India
Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC
  • Built for 170 sq. ft. room
  • 100% Copper Condenser coil
  • E-410 Refrigerant gas
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 2-way air Swing
Best Portable AC in India

Croma 1.5 ton portable AC is 3 in 1 appliance with Dehumidifier and fan. Get the fastest cooling and super comfort with no drip technology. This portable AC is easy to carry from one place to another. No external help is required to install Croma AC. It comes with an internal condenser that automatically expels the moisture. It’s a tata product, so you can expect assured lifetime service and extended support. Buy this hassle-free AC today that’s easy to maintain, operate, and clean. 

  • Mesh filter
  • On-off Indicator
  • Remote Control
  • Condenser Fins
  • A bit noisy
Best Portable AC in India
WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Tranquil Home Dehumidifier
  • 30L/Day Moisture removal 
  • 6.5 l Water tank capacity
  • Automatic humidistat control
  • Auto Frost Control
  • 3 in 1 AC/Dehumidifier/Dryer
Best Portable AC in India

White Washington is an international electric appliances manufacturing company. You can trust them for quality and loyalty. This portable AC by White Washington comes with a humidistat and auto frost control. It can work as a dehumidifier and dryer when required. Other features include digital control, four circulations, remote control, timer, and drain function.  Don’t miss out on the great deals on amazon. Buy today before the stocks last!

  • Excellent ratings
  • 30 L capacity
  • Available at No Cost EMI
  • Warning signals.
  • Stabilizer required
Best Portable AC in India
Whynter Elite Dual Hose Portable AC
  • 3 in 1 Dehumidifier/Fan/AC
  • Activated carbon filter
  • 7,000 BTU Cooling Capacity
  • Extendable Exhaust
  • Full Thermostatic control
Best Portable AC in India

Whynter Elite Dual Hose Portable AC is the perfect buy for larger rooms. Use it as an AC, dehumidifier, or Fan as per the weather conditions. It is equipped with an intake hose of up to 60 degrees, extendable exhaust, and complete thermostat control. The cooling capacity is about 12000 BTU. The patented auto drain feature automatically exhausts the condensate. It has been awarded as the top and most efficient portable AC to buy in 2019. So hurry up and buy the energy-efficient and easy-to-move AC from one room to another.

  • Auto drain function
  • R-32 refrigerant
  • Digital readout
  • Eco-friendly CFC
  • Higher humidity & temperature may affect the performance.
Best Portable AC in India
Voltas Venture Slimline Tower AC
  • 3500 CMH Outdoor Air Flow
  • 5 Year compressor Warranty
  • 5 Star Energy Efficient
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 48 Db Noise level
Best Portable AC in India

The Voltas Venture Slimline AC can work as a dehumidifier and comes with an antibacterial coating for quality airflow. No doubt the cost may seem high but this portable AC is energy efficient that will definitely reduce your electricity bills. Designed especially for modern houses with a moderate noise level. This highly-rated Venture Slimline portable AC is already available on Amazon at a great discount. Opt for Voltas portable AC if you are looking to buy a portable AC for high-capacity areas.

  • Doesn’t require installation.
  • Suitable for larger rooms
  • Stylish design
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Requires installation
Best Portable AC in India
Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC (Copper, 2019 Model, PC12DB, White)
  • High-Efficiency Rotary Compressor
  • R410A Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Anti-Bacterial Silver Coating
  • 2-star energy efficiency
  • Hydrophilic Gold Fin for Protection
Best Portable AC in India

The Blue star 1 Ton AC is designed with dynamic drive technology for maximum cooling and energy efficiency. The caster wheels allow easy movement with minimal effort. It comes along with the remote control for an easy and distant operation. The fuzzy feature auto-adjusts the cooling mode without disturbing your sleep. R410A refrigerant has zero ozone-depleting material and POE with better heat transfer properties. The silver coating sterilizes the air, collects dust, and prevents bacteria growth. It is equipped with a hydrophilic gold fin that enhances the ac performance. 

  • Quick cooling
  • Auto Mode
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Five years warranty
  • Corded Electric
  • N/A
Best Portable AC in India
Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC
  • Blue-tec Anti-corrosive protection
  • 2D Auto Air Swing
  • Copper Condenser
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • X-Rotary Compressor
Best Portable AC in India

Cruise portable AC is built with heavy-duty plastic material and an incredibly powerful X-rotary compressor that ensures its long life and consistent cooling. It comes with a windows slider kit and hot air exhaust hose. This portable AC is coated with the blue-tec anti-corrosive protection layer that prevents rust and bacteria growth. The special features include a 2D auto air swing, LED display, smart remote control. Get special cashback offers on buying through amazon. Hurry up!

  • 1-year warranty
  • High-density dust filter
  • Suitable for small size rooms
  • LED display with feather touch panel
  • Limited cooling space
Best Portable AC in India
Honeywell Portable AC (14,000 BTU, 1.15 Ton) With Dehumidifier & Fan
  • 3 in 1 Multipurpose AC
  • 4-star energy efficient
  • Flexible Exhaust hose
  • Auto-Evaporation system
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
Best Portable AC in India

Honeywell portable AC uses a combination of 3 technologies and promises to deliver consistent cooling and fresh ventilation. It can function like a dehumidifier and a cooler when required. So stay dry and cool all the time with Honeywell’s AC built using heavy-duty material. It also comes with an easy-to-remove window vent and compact-sized compressor, condenser, and evaporator. This product has been made to last long with eco-friendly refrigerant. It’s easy to install and ready to use.

  • Durable
  • Fresh and germ-free air
  • Easy to move
  • Powerful compressor
  • A bit expensive
  • Limited warranty
Best Portable AC in India
EURGEEN A5 1320 Watt Portable Air Conditioner
  • Auto Swing mode
  • 4 in 1(AC/Air-Dehumidifier/Fan/ heater)
  • 1320 Watts Power
  • 12000 BTU Cooling Capacity
  • Suitable for Medium Rooms
Best Portable AC in India

Eurgeen A5 4 in 1 portable has been built and designed for all seasons. Just move the wheels and shift this AC from one room to another. It comes with an inbuilt stabilizer cooling capacity of 12000 BTU and a heating capacity of 10,000 BTU. What we liked the most is that the exhaust pipe automatically evaporates the drained water. You’ll get the installation kit along with the evergreen AC. Apart from this, it comes with a 15 amp power card but can work well in 5 amps plus. So, stop worrying about bills and enjoy the rapid cooling in summers and heating in winters.

  • Easy to carry with wheels
  • Automatic evaporation system
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Low power consumption
  • Rapid Cooling/Heating
  • Appropriate usage is required.
  • External help to install the AC.
Best Portable AC in India
VOSAREA Mini Portable AC
  • 4 in 1 functions
  • 7 colors led light humidifier
  • USB Cable
  • Superfast Cooling
  • High Energy efficiency
Best Portable AC in India

Designed to be used anywhere and anytime. You can keep it near you while sleeping, traveling, or at the dining table. The 3-wind design creates a personal cooling space. It comes with a USB cord and can be charged even on a mobile battery. So power consumption is super low. So charge it and use it. The noise level is low to 60db so you can easily sleep at night without any disturbance. Though it is small in size, this multifunctional fully featured AC is one of its own kind to buy this summer season. 

  • Convenient to travel with.
  • Microfiber leather handstand
  • Super quiet
  • Affordable
  • Moisturize dry air
  • Effective for the smaller areas only.

Buying guide for picking the best Portable AC in India for 2022

Need our help to buy a portable AC? We know it has never been easier! That’s why our experts have compiled a list of 7 crucial factors that you must keep in mind before buying the portable AC for your office or workplace. Take a look!

best Portable AC in India
  • Capacity: We recommend 1 ton Ac for small rooms, 1.5 ton Ac for medium-sized rooms, and 2-3 ton AC for larger rooms.
  • Energy star rating:  Never forget to check the energy ratings. More the stars mean more is the efficiency. That means it consumes less power that helps to reduce your bills.
  • Type of Coil: Do check if the AC uses a copper or aluminum coil. Copper Coils are far better in performance and resisting voltage fluctuations.
  • Long-lasting compressor: It’s the compressor that varies speed as per the temperature conditions for better cooling. Lesser the load on the compressor means longer life.
  • Inverter & Non-Inverter: Check whether your selected portable AC can perform well in low voltage situations or inverters. Inverter technology AC consumes less power.
  • Special Features: You can look out for features like anti-bacterial coating, Eco-friendly filters, and refrigerant type.

How do we rate and pick the best Portable AC in India?

We do not just randomly pick and place any portable AC on our list. It’s only after well research and deep analysis; our well-qualified experts have recommended 10 portable Best AC For your Home or office. If you browse the list you’ll know that all the portable AC’s in our list have been highly reviewed and rated on amazon. Below is the list of our rating criteria:

  • Customer Feedback: Customer rating and review never lie. So we make sure to check if the users who already bought the portable AC are satisfied with their purchase.
  • Low Power Consumption: Our selected range of portable AC does not only consume less power but are also energy and cost-efficient.
  • Consistent Cooling: The portable AC must be capable enough to bear high humidity and temperature levels.
  • Durability: The long life of a portable AC depends on the type of compressor, filters, coil, and coating. 
  • Noise Level: The noise level should not bother the people around. Mostly ACs with inverter technology work silently.
  • Warranty: All our listed portable AC’s come with a minimum of 1-year product warranty and compressor warranty.

FAQS about  Best Portable AC in India

Which is the best brand to buy portable AC in India?

You can buy Blue star, Voltas Venture, and Croma’s built trending portable ACs for your home or workplace. Browse our list to check and compare the prices of the top 10 most trending portable ACs in India.

Are Portable AC best for homes?

Yes, of course! They are easy to carry from one place to another with high mobility wheels. It all depends on your selection. We suggest buying ACs with  3 to 5-star energy-efficient ratings. To know in detail, read our buying guide.

Does Portable AC require a Stabilizer?

May or may not! Generally, 1 ton AC’s don’t require a stabilizer, but if you plan to buy AC for larger spaces, it’s better to use a stabilizer for more safety and security. Rest it all depends on the specifications.

Which portable AC is made of 100% copper coil condenser?

Portable AC’s with 100% coil condenser is far better in terms of performance, cooling, and efficiency. Check our list and compare the prices to buy your favorite one!

Wrapping up!

Portable AC’s are far more convenient, compact in size, and can be easily moved from one room to another. You can also buy the portable AC with 3 in 1 feature that can work as a Dehumidifier/Fan/ AC as mentioned in our list above. We think reading our buying guide and rating criteria has helped you select the Best portable AC in India for 2022. All you need to do is click on the links mentioned above to get greatly discounted prices at amazon. No cost EMI and exchange offers are also available. Have a happy shopping experience!