Best Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 – Check Now!
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Best Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 – Check Now!

best solar panel in India

We have brought the Best Solar Panel in India to you. A simple solution to electricity cuts and large bills is a solar panel. We have all been a witness to the giant shift from heavy consumption of energy to energy saving methods. One of these methods is solar panels. Solar Panels help save electricity and reduce its consumption. It also makes your daily life independent of electricity. That means free from unwanted electricity cuts and bills.

There are many things one needs to look into before buying anything at all. Not many of us are aware or have knowledge about renewable energy and the products that use them. Solar energy is an example of renewable energy. Since we have a continuous and never ending supply of it, instead of using resources that will diminish after some time, we are shifting towards these energy sources. It is a step towards conservation of energy as well as the environment.

But searching and researching for one might be a bigger job than it appears, especially if you have no prior knowledge about it. To know all basic information, operation and maintenance from square one is a huge task. Then you will have to read on the features and functions to finally choose one. But we have made your job easier and done all that for you. This post of best solar panels in India has brought you different choices according to your need. Even if you are a newbie to this, we have all things you need to know and you will end up with a quick decision and a solar panel at hand.

Image Product Detail Price
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 Loom Solar Panel Loom Solar brings out a product that is made in India. The company has been at the top of this product and has multiple ranges of solar panels out in the market. The product here has 50 watt mono panels. best solar panel in India
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 Luminous Poly Crystalline Solar Panels Luminous is another company which has a wide range of solar panels in the market. This product is made of poly crystalline cells. It has a capacity of 1325 Watt or 24 volts. best solar panel in India
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 Microtek Solar Panel Microtek Solar Panel is another economical option to consider if you are under a budget. It has multiple features and is very efficient when it comes to conversion of solar energy to electricity. best solar panel in India
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 Awcre Solar Panel Awcre Solar Panel uses mono crystalline German cells that are of a high grade. They are very efficient and given optimum results even in unfavorable conditions like bad weather or low light situations. best solar panel in India
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 Vedansh Suncorp Poly Crystalline Solar Panel Vedansh Suncorp Poly Crystalline Solar Panel has a power capacity of 150 watts or 12 volts. The panels have been made of poly crystalline material that improves the efficiency of the panels. best solar panel in India
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022 Sukam Solar Panel Sukam Solar Panel covers a power capacity of 100 watts or 12 volts. It is an ideal product if you do not require much electricity consumption from it. best solar panel in India

Best Solar Panels in India 2020

Solar Panels are devices which absorb and use solar energy or sunlight and convert it into electricity that is Direct Current. In this century of solar revolution, the world is going through a large transition to eco-friendly solutions and methods to live. Solar panels are the forerunners in this race and have been under use for a very long time. With only an installation fee to pay for, it is a solution everyone is moving towards.

We are here to help you through the process. We have brought all you need to know about the product at one single place and explained in a very simple manner. Along with that, we have a list of the best products you can go through and sort according to your requirements. This is the most convenient and time saving method to choose and buy a solar panel.

Let’s get started with our well researched solar panels and reviews to make an ideal purchase.

TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022
Loom Solar Panel
  • The cells used are A-grade mono perk and the glasses are tempered. The glass panels are durable and work even in cloudy weather and low light. The quality of the glass, as well as the cells, is ensured to be good and high performing
best solar panel in India

Since the panels are made of tough materials, the company gives a 25 year warranty on power output and 10 years warranty on defects related to manufacturing. The panel is lightweight and portable, its weight being 3 kgs. The panels have been made to bring out the most efficient results and use the best technology for the best output.

It is a very compact and convenient product to have for fulfilling small electricity requirements like charging your devices etc.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • 50watt panels
  • Durable
  • Connectors not provided with the product.
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022
Luminous Poly Crystalline Solar Panels
  • The structure of the panel is made of aluminium of great strength that gives it its durability. It uses a resistance technology that prevents power loss and provides safety against it.
best solar panel in India

 The solar panel is efficient and works even in low light. The panel also has an anti-reflective coating and provides great resistance in harsh weather conditions. The conversion of solar energy to electricity is very efficient and high performing.

The product gives a 25 year warranty and can operate for heavier usage also. Offline cost of the product may vary. Deals given online give a very good option and a cost-effective choice for a great product. The electricity capacity and durability are features worth the price.

  • 325 Watt capacity
  • Durable structure
  • Provides resistance in bad weather and is efficient
  • High original price
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022
Microtek Solar Panel
  • The glasses have been coated with an anti-reflective coating for better protection and durability. The capacity of the panel extends to 150 Watts or 12 Volts.
best solar panel in India

The cells used are multi crystalline silicon. The structure or frame of the panel is made of anodized aluminium alloy. It even has a tempered cover over the glass for high strength and protection against breakage. It features battery gravity management and also works completely silently. It produces no sound and is suitable for all sensitive devices and appliances.

It has a long battery life and also has a backup. The product is also great for the price and a good value for money

  • Cost effective and a good value for money
  • Strong and durable frame as well as glass
  • 150 watts or 12 volts capacity
  • Price may vary in market.
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022
Awcre Solar Panel
  • The glass used in the panel is also toughened and of high quality. Both, the cells and the glass are of good quality and make the panel very durable and reliable.
best solar panel in India

 The company ensures of many quality checks at the time of manufacturing for the best quality products. The solar panel is suitable for light usage like charging devices, lighting and street lighting which do not require heavy electricity supply. The maximum power capacity can be extended to 12 volts or 50 watts. The product is also made in India.

The product is very cheap and cost effective given the features. It is definitely a good choice for an economical option and the best quality. It also gives a warranty of 25 years.

  • Durable and reliable material used
  • 50 watts or 12 volts power capacity
  • Cost effective and economical option
  • Small in size
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022
Vedansh Suncorp Poly Crystalline Solar Panel
  • It absorbs sunlight with more efficiency and converts it into electricity and gives out optimum results. The product is manufactured by Infraenergy which is one of the top companies in producing renewable energy products in India.
best solar panel in India

The panel works well even in unfavorable conditions and low light. The material and cells used is of high quality and ensures good performance of the product. The company ensures a warranty of 5 years which extends not only to manufacturing but also efficiency.

This one is also cost effective and affordable. The ratings ensure good quality and good efficiency also.

  • 150 watt or 12 volt power capacity
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Good quality and durable providing excellent performance
  • Price may vary
TBest Solar Panel To Buy in India 2022
Sukam Solar Panel
  • It can fulfill very basic needs and efficiently converts solar energy into electricity. It uses this renewable source to its fullest capacity.
best solar panel in India

Sukam, the manufacturing company ensures a 5 year warranty on product and the quality is ensured by the company. If you are looking for a product which is cost effective and yet covers all basic needs of a solar panel, this one might be for you. The panels are made of poly crystalline. Mono crystalline panels provide conversion of solar energy to electricity even in low light and harsh weather conditions. Poly crystalline does not supply this feature but is comparatively cheaper.

Since the product is made to be cost effective, it is best used in places that have continuous supply of sunlight.

  • 100 watts or 12 volts capacity
  • Poly crystalline panels
  • Very cost effective
  • Packaging issues

Buy The Best Solar Panel In India – A complete Buying Guide

Most of us are unaware of knowledge regarding renewable energy sources and how we are using them to conserve energy. Solar panel is one of those products which help in the same direction. Instead of using the conventional ways of producing electricity, it uses solar energy to do the same. But since most of us are not privy to this concept, it becomes a little difficult to choose a product.

We have made a list of things that you need to know and the factors that one needs to consider before buying a solar panel. We have broken down the information in simple terms for you to have better knowledge of a product you are going to buy.

There are a number of factors that go into building a solar panel. Like the type of cells used, the material of the glass, the electricity capacity and many more. But first understanding then researching them in all products will only be a tough task for you and one that is definitely not necessary. So we have combined all in one list so you can save up your time along with saving electricity and extra bucks on your electricity bills.

Check what factors we consider while listing the best solar panels for you.

1. Size

The electricity capacity of a solar panel depends on its size. A bigger solar panel will absorb greater sunlight. More the sunlight it absorbs, greater is the end product – electricity. Therefore, a greater surface area helps in larger production of electricity and greater absorption of sunlight or solar energy for consumption.

2. Warranty

Since the product has to be used for a long period of time, it is only a wise decision to make sure you are buying a product of quality. Needless to say an ensured warranty should be one of your top priorities.  Solar Panels are products that you cannot fix on your own. It is up to the company and the manufacturer to make sure they have delivered the right product and it works fine. A solar panel is made of glass and it makes it a very delicate product. Warranty insurance is a minimum to ask for while buying it.

3. Durability

Solar panels nowadays use tough material and take extra measurement to keep the product durable. Since solar panels are very fragile and delicate, the material they are made of decides a lot of the durability features. Extra coatings on the glass and tough materials used on the structure and the frame of the panels are a few things you can look into.

4. Budget

Budget can be the first thing that should be considered while purchasing anything. We have all kind of solar panels based on per watt. To get the genuine price, you should think about your requirements whether you want higher watt panel or smaller one. All you just need to set a budget limit and find options from our selected solar panels.

5. Efficiency

Last but not the least; efficiency is one of the most important factors in a solar panel. Its efficiency depends on how much of the solar energy it absorbs does it convert to electricity. Not only that, it is also determined by how much it works under harsh weather conditions. Solar panels that work well under low light and cloudy days are bound to deliver better results in place of solar panels that don’t.


Our experts have spent several hours shortlisting the options for the best solar panel in India. Solar panels are a step towards conservation of the environment and a more eco-friendly future. Using renewable resources to the fullest is the best and only option to save diminishing resources and also saving the environment in general. Continuance of the same activities will keep on harming the environment.

Solar Panels are smart products that make use of solar energy to give a very necessary end product without which life in this world is not possible. It is one of the smartest ways we have found to fulfill our needs and simultaneously conserve the environment. Not only that, it saves you from extra buck that you pay on your electricity bills. Along with that, solar energy is a resource you can trust not to run out of. It ensures a supply of electricity you can trust on and not have to deal with power cuts.

After reading this guide, you must have an idea which solar panel you require for your home. So quickly browse the list of best solar panels in India with discounted prices. Shop now!

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