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Best Steam Iron in India 2022 – Buy Now!

best steam iron in india

In this technological era, there are many machines and appliances are available that tend to make our lives easy. Among these, for regular use and one that can stand the test of time, we need to find the best of the lot. Same is the case with irons, in particular steam irons here. Only the Best Steam Iron In India can satisfy the needs and requirements out of these appliances. But it is rather a task to search and find the best irons in the huge pile of products that one can find online as well as offline today.

To make that task easier and to reach the destination of the best steam iron that will suit your needs and deliver exactly what you require of it, we have come up with a list. A list of the best steam iron in India which deliver functions and features at its best. Since the options and variety of products is endless, it is no less than a job to begin with. But worry not! This article will provide for all the necessary things you need.

10 Best Steam Iron in India – Latest Price List 2022

Image Product Detail Price
10 Best Steam Iron in India Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray Philips comes in with a great product to begin with. It explains the product to be superfast when it comes to filling and emptying the water. best steam iron in india
10 Best Steam Iron in India Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250 Watt Steam Iron Bajaj Majesty MX 3 Steam Iron is a product packed with features and all at a very decent price. It has a non stick coating on the plate for safety purposes. best steam iron in india
10 Best Steam Iron in India Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300 Watt Steam Iron It provides all the major functions and features of a steam iron and falls under the same price as the others. The steam iron is a very powerful product and is very efficient. best steam iron in india
10 Best Steam Iron in India Inalsa Steam Iron Optra 1400 W Inalsa Steam Iron Optra 1400 Watt has rapid heat technology that evenly supplies heat to the fabric for better performance. The steam holes are aligned and placed to supply the maximum steam while also evenly supplying heat. best steam iron in india
10 Best Steam Iron in India Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 Watt Steam Iron Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 Watt Steam Iron has a unique design and is a very useful and efficient product. It gives you control over the steam supply. best steam iron in india
10 Best Steam Iron in India Havells Magnum 1840 Watt Steam Iron Havells Magnum 1840 Watt Steam Iron has a unique soft grip handle which gives a natural grip to your hand which is soft at the same time and puts no pressure on your hands and wrists. best steam iron in india
10 Best Steam Iron in India Black Decker Steam Iron Press Black Decker Steam Iron Press has many features and functions. The anti-drip feature prevents any leakage and dripping from the soleplate which is one of the major concerns when it comes to steam irons. best steam iron in india

Best Steam Irons in India 2022

Let us begin with irons at first. These are small appliances that are used to press clothes. It removes creases from garments when heated and comes in various varieties. Nowadays, most irons used in households and even for commercial purposes are electrical. Electrical irons also come in various varieties. Dry iron uses only electricity for ironing. Steam iron makes use of steam that helps iron the clothes at a faster speed and also removes the wrinkles immediately. As opposed to dry irons, these work at a much faster speed and efficiency especially when wrinkles are concerned. 

There is not a sliver of doubt when it comes to the usefulness of these appliances. For instant meetings and plans or just not wanting to keep track of one extra thing, an iron at home helps every time. Even if you do not iron your clothes yourself, you will always need an iron at home for unexpected and emergency situations. It is best to buy a product that will work the best and is most efficient. 

So let’s have a look at the top irons that worth your consideration.

10 Best Steam Iron in India
Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray
  • It continuously supplies steam for efficient ironing at 13 g/min. The iron has a durable and strong built to last long. The product has a 2 year warranty and has a water capacity 180ml.
best steam iron in india

Aluminium soleplate is a feature used in irons for smooth ironing on all fabrics. This feature is provided in the steam iron as well. The steam settings can also be changed manually. With the correct precautions and measures, you are good to go with this product. It offers a great deal of features and at the given price is something you would want to grab at first go only.  


  • Aluminium soleplate for gliding on fabric while ironing 
  • Continuous steam supply
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Slighlty bulky
10 Best Steam Iron in India
Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250 Watt Steam Iron
  • The water spray is very powerful to iron out creases and wrinkles are difficult to iron. It does it effectively and with great ease. It also helps reduce stress on hands and wrists. Another unique feature is its vertical ironing.
best steam iron in india

The cord also features 360 degree movement and does not tangle. The water tank has a capacity of 150 ml and has a self clean feature. It has a 2 year on product warranty. This steam iron comes in the cheaper range of products and is very budget friendly.

  • Continuous steam supply
  • Vertical ironing
  • Economical and environment friendly
  • Water leakage problem
10 Best Steam Iron in India
Usha Steam Pro SI 3713 1300 Watt Steam Iron
  • The soleplate is coated with a non-stick PTFE coating for safe and smooth ironing. It facilitates dry, steam as well as spray ironing. The soleplate has 19 steam vents for even distribution of steam while ironing with output of 18 g/min.
best steam iron in india

It also features a safety feature where it shut off if overheated. The fabric temperature can be controlled with the thermostatic disc.

The steam iron is self cleaning and helps keep the iron durable. It has a 1 year on product warranty. It also supports 360 degree movement of the iron and is very quick. The water tank capacity is 180 ml.

  • Safety measures that prevent overheating
  • Continuous and even supply of steam
  • Self cleaning and non-stick coating
  • Water leakage
10 Best Steam Iron in India
Inalsa Steam Iron Optra 1400 W
  • The aluminum soleplate glides on all fabrics for a smooth experience and also has an enamel layer. The temperature can be decided according to the fabric with the help of the dial provided.
best steam iron in india

The product is very user friendly. The water capacity is 150ml and is very easy to fill and empty. There is a temperature indicator light as well. Amazon has great offers to buy this product at. Otherwise also it falls in a similar piece range as the other products. It has 2 years of warranty. The steam supply is 18 g/min and uses quick heating.

  • Even distribution of steam and heat
  • Temperature control with safety measures
  • Spray function and aluminium
  • Water spillage


10 Best Steam Iron in India
Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 Watt Steam Iron
  • It has a continuous supply of steam at 11gm and powerful steam shots at 150gm/min which is greater than most other steam irons and adds to its effectiveness. The steam iron also allows vertical ironing which caters to needs of ironing curtains etc.
best steam iron in india

The steam iron is durable and has a water capacity of 350ml which is again more than most other steam irons. It allows 360 degree movement and has fine water spray function also has a 2 year on product warranty. Summed up, the product is excellent given the extra features. The diamond and ceramic coated soleplate that gives a smooth ironing experience and distributes heat and steam evenly.

  • Vertical ironing function
  • Self clean function
  • Large storage capacity and effective steam supply
  • Big and heavy
10 Best Steam Iron in India
Havells Magnum 1840 Watt Steam Iron
  • The steam iron has many steam functions and allows you to control the steam on your fabric. The water storage part has a self clean feature which saves you the time and effort that goes into cleaning the product.
best steam iron in india

The water tank has a storage capacity of 300ml. The steam iron comes with 2 years of warranty. The special anti-scale functions help increase the durability and long life of the product. The steam iron is a little expensive but is worth every penny owing to the quality and many features. It also features an extra function of anti-drip which saves your iron from any extra spillage and leakage of water. 


  • Controlled steam functions
  • Large storage capacity
  • Durable and soft handle for better grip
  • Slightly expensive
10 Best Steam Iron in India
Black Decker Steam Iron Press
  • The steam supply stands at 35g/min which is continuous and even. There is an option of a steam boost at 90g/min which helps effectively remove creases and wrinkles. It has a water storage tank of 380 ml which is also a higher capacity than most other steam irons.
best steam iron in india

The steam iron features a self clean function which saves up on the extra time and effort needed to just maintain the steam iron. For durability, it prevents building of scale in the water container. As a safety measure, it automatically shuts off and has a 2 years of warranty. The soleplate is coated with ceramic that distributes heat evenly and allows ironing on all fabrics.


  • Durable and robust body
  • Multiple steam functions
  • Higher water capacity
  • Little Expensive

Buying Guide Of The Top Stream irons in India

Our list of products have been curated especially for the purpose of providing the best and quality products at one place. We all know how hectic buying a new appliance for home can get. All the researching, assessing and then double checking, sometimes we end up with nothing in hand. Rather, we would want someone else to make it easy for you. So, we have! But there are a few things that you must have knowledge of before buying a steam iron. 

Knowing these few factors will help you find a product that will suit you and your requirements best. A check on this list also will help you choose the right product that exactly fits your requirements. You can filter out features and functions that you might not need and save yourself some extra bucks.

1. Self Clean feature

Steam irons are irons which need filling and emptying the water time and again .Even though the appliance is time saving itself, even this small task might end up being an extra one. A self clean feature is a must look for feature in these appliances. They not only save time but also help increase the appliance’s durability and increase its long life. They keep the water storage tank clean and free from minerals which tend to deposit inside and decrease the durability of the steam iron.

2. Temperature and Steam control

Since different fabrics have different requirements, it is important to have a control over the temperature of the iron. Steam control is a feature that can be missed but one that has multiple steam functions can be very helpful at times. But temperature is the most important as fabrics tend to get burned over a certain temperature which is different for different fabrics. It is best to have a manual control over it. 

3. Safety measures 

Safety measures must be considered while buying any electrical appliance. Steam irons have an automatic cut-off feature, which means that if you forget to turn off the iron, it will shut off after it has thoroughly heated.

4. Budget

The most important factor of all is the budget. Probably the first thing you should consider before starting your research. With technological advancement came variety and better, newer options. But with additional features also comes a rise in price. You can always filter out your options according to your budget first and then look out for products. A cheaper price does not mean one that does not work effectively. But it might have fewer features as compared to other products. You can set a budget limit and find options under that.

The list is endless but a look into the above few will give you an idea of what you will be looking forward to. This includes all the major factors you have to look into before concluding on the final product.


We have done a thorough research on the products and made this list of products available. There are a lot of options available but it is important that you look into a few things before making a buy. The above factors determine the ideal product for you and the one that will suit you best. Your buy will go in vain if you do not consider the above given factors.

Steam Irons are appliances which come with a specific manual on how to operate. It is best to follow the directions for safety purposes. As the products are electrical, it becomes obvious to take a little extra care and precaution while using them. In addition to that, it uses steam which also needs to be taken extra care of.

Each product has been given with all details necessary for your decision. Every product is listed with pros and cons and it’s features. The details and the list of pros and cons will make it easier for you to decide for the best product. After going through the products and the detailed buying guide, we are sure it will now be an easy decision for you to select best steam iron in India.  

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