Best Toolkit For Home Use In India – Home Needs
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Best Toolkit For Home Use In India – Home Needs

best toolkit for home use in india

We all should have at least one tool kit at our homes. It is an important essential as you never know just when you might need it. There are a range of toolkits in the market but you have to understand which type of tool you need for your work. this post of best toolkit for home use in India will introduce you with best options available in the market.

Tools range from screwdriver to electric drills and there are a lot of tools between them. The screwdriver itself has 14 different types for different uses. A child is first introduced with a screwdriver by his father and the tool kits at home are every father’s pride. The most common screwdriver is the flat head for the common people and the phillips for the professionals. 

Image Product Detail Price
best toolkit for home use in india Bosch GSB Professional Tool Kit Bosch is a reputed company with the best home drills in the world. This tool kit has over one hundred different tools that will get you covered. The quality provided is also of the highest level. best toolkit for home use in india
best toolkit for home use in india Black + Decker Tool Kit This is a compact and lightweight tool kit which is perfect if you want to get some simple work done. You have the access to 108 tools for all your do it yourself tasks. best toolkit for home use in india
best toolkit for home use in india Stanley Drive Metric Socket Set This tool kit is the best for you when you are on a budget but want quality tools. Any DIY task you need to undertake this tool kit has got you covered with its 46 basic tools. best toolkit for home use in india
best toolkit for home use in india CAMEL BRAND 13mm Impact Drill Machine with Reversible Function This powerful drill and the tool kit is very useful in your household. The powerful drill can make holes on almost all surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, brick, masonry, soft surfaces and many more. best toolkit for home use in india
best toolkit for home use in india Laprite 58-In-1 With 54 Bit Screwdriver Set This screwdriver set allows you to perform 58 different work as it has 58 different screwdriver heads which are all magnetically attached. You can use this tool kit to fix electronics like laptops, mobiles, microwaves, radios, gaming setups and many more. best toolkit for home use in india
best toolkit for home use in india Cumi Metabo SBE 601 Power & Hand Tool Kit This power and hand tool kit is very affordable and provides you with the wide range of accessories to suit all your needs. You can use this tool for mending electrical gadgets, drilling, furniture making and many more. best toolkit for home use in india
best toolkit for home use in india IBELL IBL TD13-100, 650W The tool kit is all stacked up with a power drill, leveling scale, measurement tape, wrenches , hammers and more. The drill has 115 attachments which makes it suitable to any drilling job. best toolkit for home use in india
best toolkit for home use in india JK Super Drive 13RE This heavy duty tool kit has one of the most powerful and feature packed power drills in the market. The drill has three different modes to choose from which are very easy to select. best toolkit for home use in india

Best Toolkit For Home Use In India

best toolkit for home use in india
Bosch GSB Professional Tool Kit
  • The hammer it provides is not made of wood like normal hammers, instead they are made of industrial metal which will never snap in two. Bosch being a reputed brand insures that their tools will not break easily and will last for years.
best toolkit for home use in india

The kit includes the drill and the screwdriver set which are all stored in the case provided. The case protects the tools from rust and ensures that all the tools are fastened into its dedicated place. The drill provided is very strong and can be drilled through walls, woods, concrete, metal and even masonry. Anyone with the basic knowledge of drilling can use this easily making it perfect for use at homes and at professionals spots too.


  • It provides you with over 100 tools for all your needs
  • The electric drill is very easy to use and anybody can use it. The drill is also very powerful which can drill through walls, woods, metal and even masonry. 
  • The tools allow for forward and reverse mode which does not not get in the way of your work. 
  • The drill can also be used for pulling out nails because of its reverse rotation. 
  • You can use this tool kit for all purposes from building shelves to fixing the electric appliances. 
  • It is light in weight
  • It comes with 100 different tools
  • The tools are rustproof 
  • The drill is very strong and easy to use
  • It is difficult to find the original set as the sellers often keep the replicas.
best toolkit for home use in india
Black + Decker Tool Kit
  • Being lightweight makes it very easy to carry and allows it to be portable. The hacksaw makes it useful for sawing wood and for using it for your furniture.
best toolkit for home use in india

 The tool kit includes a claw hammer, screws, flashlight, Utility knife, Pliers, Adjustable wrench, measuring tape, precision bit holder, ratchet screwdriver, precision screwdriver, tester, insulated tape, masonry drill, mini hacksaw, hex keys, and many more tools. You even have a tester that makes it a good kit for electrical use also. The case provided for storing the tools help to protect it from moisture and prevent rusts from forming.


  • The large number of tools make it easy for getting all your jobs done easily with the provided tools. 
  • Lightweight material used makes it very light and easy to carry around. 
  • The tester makes it an ideal kit for all your electronic related tasks. 
  • The screwdrivers come with 6 different holders that fit all your sizes.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very easy to use
  • It can be used for electrical uses
  • Large number of tools(108)
  • The material used looks cheap
  • The electric drill is not provided in the tool kit
best toolkit for home use in india
Stanley Drive Metric Socket Set
  • It is the ideal tool kit for fixing your car, bikes, plumbing work, and much more. These tools are useful in mechanical and electrical usage too, which are very easy to use.
best toolkit for home use in india

This tool kit will give you enough confidence for your children to help you out in your work. It comes with a quick release mechanism, drive extensions, drive flexible extensions, bit sockets, T-bars, universal joints, spinner handle, hex keys and more. They offer different variants to choose from according to your needs. If you plan on riding your bike or going on a long drive then you must carry this tool kit which is compact and will help you in a lot of ways when you face minor problems along the way.

The compact size allows you to keep it in your bag or your car trunk to overcome any problems related to your car or bike. These tools are coated with nickel- chromium alloy which protects them from rust and corrosion. The case helps you to keep your tools organised and in a systematic manner which will save you time instead of looking for a particular screw head. The tools heads are pointed which makes it easy for you to use it in narrow spaces, the grip also allows you to have a firm hand while using them. 


  • The narrow heads make it usable in the tiny spaces too along with its excellent grip. You do not have to apply much pressure to get the job done. 
  • The compact size allows you to carry the toll kit with you in your backpack or your car trunk to help you out on the go and in very less time. 
  • The quality of the tools are excellent and very durable. The tools are also coated with nickel- chromium alloy to prevent rust and corrosion and even comes with its own case. 
  • The case provided not only keeps your tools safe but also saves you time and effort in looking for the different screws. All the tools have their own dedicated slot when you can always store them. 
  • Very good value for money
  • Durable 
  • Rust and corrosion proof
  • Excellent grip 
  • The tools are limited
  • The tools may be difficult to use for people with large hands.
best toolkit for home use in india
CAMEL BRAND 13mm Impact Drill Machine with Reversible Function
  • The drill is so powerful that it can spin 45000 times in a minute which makes the drilling of holes look very easy. It weighs only 1.5 kilograms which means your arms will not get tired of holding the drill while drilling.
best toolkit for home use in india

The drill also comes with a range for modules which can be attached on it for different and versatile usage. The reversible function and the screwdriver module allows you to screw and unscrew nails very quickly and without any effort. Along with the drilling function the drill is also equipped with a hammer function so that you can drill deep holes on very tough surfaces like concrete and metal.

The holes will be sturdy enough for any product you decide to hang it from. The different modules are the wood bits, HSS-R Metal Drill bits for non-ferrous metals and soft surfaces, masonry drill bits for concrete and bricks which makes it much more versatile to use than the ordinary drills. The entire tool kit has many more tools for manual use and not only the electric drill. The kit provides you with an adjustable wrench, claw hammer to pull out and push in nails, a socket wrench to adjust the grip and many more. The tools are kept in a hard plastic shell where all the tools, even the drill have their own space to store and strap onto. 


  • This kit can be used for different purposes due to the vast range of tools it provides you with.
  • The powerful drill makes making holes look easy. The different module attachments help to drill holes in any surface with ease. You can drill holes in woods, walls, metals, concrete surfaces, glass, fibre and many more which makes it very versatile. The hammer function of the drill is also very useful for drilling on hard surfaces. 
  • The drill is very light weight and weighs only 1.3 kilograms. Your arms will not be tired after using this drill for multiple purposes. 
  • The tool kit provides for over 100 accessories for all your fixing and building tasks. 
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful performance
  • Contains over 100 different tools.
  • Expensive
best toolkit for home use in india
Laprite 58-In-1 With 54 Bit Screwdriver Set
  • The tools are made of supreme chromium steel which is heat treated to attain its structure and build resistance against heat. The screwdrivers have a rubber grip to provide you with a strong grip and non slip feature.
best toolkit for home use in india

 The shaft is flexible and capable of bending arbitrarily, making it perfect to work with different angles. It can be a great use of money because now you will be able to fix your electronics for the minor damage instead of giving it for repair. The different screws lock onto the main screwdriver magnetically which is very secure making them easy to assemble and disassemble. 


  • It is very easy to assemble and disassemble which makes it quick for small fixes.
  • The small size allows you to carry it everywhere without the fear of it being heavy. The lightweight material makes it easy to carry around.
  • This tool kit can be used to fix electronic appliances as it has a narrow tip and is highly resistant to heat. 
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to carry and is lightweight
  • It attaches to the screws magnetically and provides for a strong grip
  • It cannot be used on larger appliances.
  • The material cannot be depended upon.
best toolkit for home use in india
Cumi Metabo SBE 601 Power & Hand Tool Kit
  • You can use the tools to tighten or unscrew screws easily because of the grip the screwdriver provides. The drill can also be used for the nails and screws because it can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise.
best toolkit for home use in india

The speed of the drill can also be adjusted because if the rotation speed is too fast then the soft surface may tear. To adjust the speed the drill has a thumbwheel to do so easily. The kit also provides 65 different attachments to fit all your needs in one box.

Apart from the drilling accessories you are also provided with wrenches for the pipes and plumbing work, measuring tape for getting all accurate measure. The drill also comes with a depth measuring tool which helps you to measure the depth of the drilled hole. The tool kit also provides you with a knife for simple and quick cutting. 


  • The drill has 65 different attachments for all your needs. You are provided with a simple tool that you can use to measure the depth of the drilled hole accurately and is very helpful to get precise measurements. 
  • The drill comes with a tighter which is used to tighten the attachments securely and it even has a dedicated holder on the drill itself. 
  • The kit provides you with a measuring tape and blade for quick access and cutting. The measuring tape is very important as when you have to hand pictures or anything you need it to be equal and balanced. 
  • The drill set and the tools have a hard case where you can store them easily with their dedicated slots. You do not have to waste time looking for the different attachments as they will all be aligned in the case which makes it easy to access. 
  • Durable
  • Many drilling features
  • Good value for money
  • The drill has some design issues as it is not convenient to hold for everyone.
best toolkit for home use in india
IBELL IBL TD13-100, 650W
  • The design of the drill is also comfortable and has the shape similar to a pistol which makes it very easy to hold firmly. The vibrations also felt on the drill is very minimal as compared to the other drills available in the market.
best toolkit for home use in india

The pliers and the testing screwdriver makes the tool kit suitable for electrical usage too. The hammer, hand saw etc allow you to work on your wooden projects be it building a dog house or a shelf, this tool kit has you covered in all directions.

The drilling adjustments are all labeled for the different types of drilling on wood, cement, and steel which make it a lot easier for you to choose your essential drilling tips. You also get an adjustable drill handle for superior grip while drilling. The claw hammer can be used to pull out the imperfect nails and fix the minor issues in a quick minute. 


  • The tool kit provides you with all the essential tools you may need for all your versatile works. 
  • The drill is very accurate and stable while using. The vibration is minimal and the design is ergonomically shaped like a pistol for better grip and stability. It also comes with an adjustable handle for those hard drilling jobs by allowing you to have a stronger grip. 
  • The extras that come with the tool kit is also very helpful as it has an important role in constructing anything. The drill depth scale is one of those tools which you usually have to buy separately, here it is provided for you so you can have accurate drilling measurements. The tool kit also provides you with fishers which have all the common sizes for the extra padding and firmness for the screws that are drilled in. 
  • The leveling scale and the measuring tape is transparent which allows you to get accurate measurements the majority of the times.
  • It is very affordable
  • It is easy to use with all the labellings provided for different tools.
  • It is not light weight which does not make it easy to carry around.
best toolkit for home use in india
JK Super Drive 13RE
  • The continuous drill mode at different speeds which can be selected by locking a button on the drill. This mode allows you to drill continuously and at variable speeds for precision according to the task.
best toolkit for home use in india

The screw driver mode allows you to screw and unscrew the screws with ease and all you have to do to activate this mode is slide the button. The hammering mode is used to drill on hard surfaces like concrete and walls easily, you can select this mode by rotating the switch dial on top of the drill. It is also insulated to keep the user safe from any electric shocks.

Its design is ergonomical and is comfortable to hold. The other tools that are provided are screwdriver set, socket set, pliers, claw hammers, drills, wrench, utility knife & measuring tape and more. The adjustable wrench has a soft head which allows for more grip on the bolts and prevents slipping. 


  • The drill uses heavy duty motors which make it much more efficient while drilling continuously. The lightweight materials make it very easy to carry. 
  • The drill has been double insulated for shock proof application that keeps the user safe. You will find it very easy to use on all surfaces for a long period of time as it is double insulated and the ergonomic design takes the load off the arms. 
  • You can select from any three of the drilling modes to get your job done easily and you are also provided with different types of drill tips for different surfaces so that you do not make the tip blund by using it on the wrong surface.
  • The other tools are also padded on the heads so that you get a better grip for tightening or loosening the screws. The pliers and the wrench are also padded for the extra grip. 
  • Powerful and ergonomic design of the drill 
  • All the tools provide better grip than the competitors ones. 
  • The drill is safe to use for long durations. 
  • It is quite portable as it is lightweight
  • The material used has been compromised for the weight
  • It is expensive.

There are several kinds of tools in the market, each serves different purposes and are of different shapes that are used accordingly. 

  • Flat head– this screwdriver has a very simple design and has a flat shaped blade along the width of the head. They can be used on phillips screws but they often slip when strong pressure is applied. Which is why it is not as popular with the professional’s as they used to be. 
  • Cross head- this is the screwdriver that can easily unscrew the phillips head screws. It is aos the favourite for many professionals. The acute angle makes it go deeper into the screw which prevents it from slipping out. 
  • Torx– this screwdriver was popular in the security field but now has uses in the commercial field as well. It provides for extremely high torque which makes it ideal for use in the appliance manufacturing and the security field. 
  • Hex – they have a hexagonal head which usually comes included when you have to assemble furniture. 
  • Square heads- this screwdriver is mainly used in canada and it is the screwdriver with the maximum torque. They are often used in the automobile industry as well as the furniture industry. 

These were the most common screwdrivers that everyone should have in their toolkit. Another very common tool is the claw hammer. 

  • Clawhammer– whenever you are asked to think of a tool you would often choose the hammer. It is a very useful tool to drive nails into any material. A good hammer can last you a lifetime and all your hammering jobs will be done with ease. Before using a hammer you should try it out personally as it is very important that it balances with your hand, it should not be too heavy for you as the efficiency will decrease. 

Here are some of the most essential tools that you must have apart from the hammer and screwdrivers:

  • Measuring tape- a tape is very important when you have to do any home projects you need to constantly measure everything that you plan on doing. Even if you are not buildining anything, when you buy a carpet for your house you need to measure the floor and decide accordingly, or when you want to buy a new bed that too you will have to measure to get the perfect size for your room. 
  • The adjustable wrench– this is another very common tool and when it comes to plumbing and pipes this tool becomes the most important one. The adjustable head makes it easy to grab the pipes and the handle makes it very easy to turn it clockwise or anti clockwise. The wrench is a very strong and durable tool which will last for years and can sometimes also be used as a hammer, in case you break yours. 
  • Electric drill– this tool is useful when you want to hang pictures, paintings, or anything that needs a good wall foundation. The cordless ones are much more convenient and easy to carry around the house. The possibilities to use the drill never end and you will keep finding a way to use it. Some people even use the electric drill with the screwdrivers where you do not have to use any manual effort. 
  • High quality leveling tool– this level is more like a much accurate scale for all types of surfaces. The level has a liquid portion in the centre which helps you to measure. It is important for hanging on the walls and building things with precision. 
  • Utility knife with blades – one of these knives will last you forever and are very popular as well. The blades are very long lasting and you can easily cut through boxes, wood, and many more. This will never be at the bottom of your tool box and will be used frequently. 
  • Flashlight – sight is a very important aspect especially in the dark basements where the sunlight does not reach. And a flashlight is an essential tool in many cases.
  • Pliers– the pliers are very ideal for bending any wires and thin rods and even for cutting and shaping the electrical wires. 

Keeping these tools at home is a must for everyone because you never know just when you might need them. These tools are a great investment as you will eventually save a lot of money which you would otherwise have to spend on plumber, electricians, and carpenters for the simplest of work. When you will be able to fix problems at home with these tools you will feel satisfied and more importantly have fun while using these tools. 

Some of the best tool kits where you will be provided with all the essentials are discussed below. The tool kits are a smart investment and if you are looking to get a tool kit where you will get the most out of, here are the best of the best.


From the above discussion of the detailed review, it is evident which type of toolkit will suit best for which type of usage. Depending on the needs and demands of the users, there are several varieties of models available in the market. We have picked the choicest varieties of best toolkit for home use in India to suit the basic yet versatile needs of varieties of repair and construction needs.