Best VR Headset In India 2022 – Enthralls Gaming!
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Best VR Headset In India 2022 – Enthralls Gaming!

best VR Headset in India

Thanks to advanced technology, our burdens of work get reduced just by snapping the fingers. Mobiles, tabs, digital watches, cameras, these types of accessories we use in our daily lives. Virtual Reality (VR) can be described as – stepping in reality but feeling like being in a virtual-animated world. VR triggers various sensations like – vision, audio, special effects, smell, touch that sums up to convert a real-time environment into a stimulated one. 

Walking in this busy schedule we cannot make time to engage ourselves with various games and video games but the childish nature never fades away from an adult person. Well VR headset is a head-mounted goggle kind of device that is mostly used while playing a video game. It is also used in medical and military training. This very super gadget is a bonus for all the gamers out in town. To get a quick idea about the best VR headsets in India 2022, have a look at such amazing gadgets.

Image Product Detail Price
best VR headsets in India OCULUS RIFT + TOUCH VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEMS It can be easily controlled using – mouse, keyboard, joystick, steering wheels, and so on. Adapted to Windows-8, Windows 7 SP1. It has 8 GB of RAM. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India OCULUS GO STANDALONE VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET This is another massive production of Standalone VR Headset by the renowned company named ‘Oculus’. This headset doesn’t require to be connected with any other additional hardware like- computers, phones, and devices. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India HTC VIVE The third most purchased VR Headset in 2020. By wearing this headset, trust me you will feel like walking in some paramagnetic world. In short, this very headset can be called a – super saver. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India SAMSUNG GEAR VR w / Controller Hundreds of games are loaded in the phones that can be played by wearing this headset. Very comfortable and enduring. This is pocket-friendly and will pull you into the virtual world to explore. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India Google Daydream VR It’s economical and reliable. After all, it’s inspired and manufactured by ‘Google’. Comfort-giving and quite trendy in colors. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India GEARSONE VIRTUAL REALITY VR HEADSET This 3D VR Headset is designed to provide ultra comfort and luxury while battling against demons. Wholesome provides an extravagant experience. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India PROCUS PRO (WHITE) VR HEADSET To gain immersive experience, this 3D VR Headset is the correct one. It has packed 3D games storage and provides vivid picture clarity and recognition. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India PROCUS ONE This is lightweight, portable. Easy to use the head strap. In-built controllers. Super-package for VR 3D game victories. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India OCULAR GRAND This VR Headset is known for its good adaptability and compatibility with various operating systems. Exclusively engineered to provide comfort. best VR Headset in India
best VR headsets in India IRUSU PLAY VR PLUS This is another such top graded VR Headset that is easily compatible with all kinds of operating systems like- smartphones, iPhones. You are also able to answer calls at any moment in between the game. best VR Headset in India

Best VR Headset In India 2022: 

Virtual Reality provides a high-quality sensational experience. VR is mainly used in the production of video games and 3-D cinema. This computer-based technology deals with 3-dimensional picturization and videos, therefore giving an overall artificial surrounding with a top-notch gaming arena. Handy, portable, wearable VR Headsets are trending these days in the gaming world. VR Headsets administer both outstanding stereo and top graded visual effects. It makes a person feel ‘real’ while gaming. 

The person starts realizing to be present in that particular game zone. Henceforth, this acts as an ultimate rejoice and stress-burner. 

Hope you remember the Bollywood movie – ‘RA One’. The headset and gaming costume the boy wore gave him a real VR experience and it was quite fun. 

It’s a fact that human beings are much more reciprocating to audio functions rather than visual aspects. The simulations and sensations are tremendous when it’s a punch of both audio-visual graphics. It consists of a head-mounted display (HMD) that helps to see the desktop or television screen in front. It includes two high-resolution LED or OLED monitors that create separate images for each eye. This helps the player to receive the stereoscopic display.

In recent research and advancement in technology, a kind of motion sensor called ‘gyroscopes’ is installed in VR headsets. They possess the potential to track movements and body postures like – head tracking, arm-movement tracking, body posture change, and more. To implement magnificent sound quality, Binaural audio systems are used in the headsets. These headsets can be connected to a desktop or android/i-phone. 

It would be the topmost recreation by wearing such a techy apparatus and get into the virtual world. Would you like to have such a gadget that can push you to the virtual zone? Here is the list of top 10 VR Headsets in 2020 which will surely insist you purchase it and dive into the real world of games. 

best VR headsets in India
  • It has innumerable stored VR games like – horror adventure, gun-fights, escape games, and others that can lead to victory if you gift yourself with such a piece of technology.
best VR Headset in India

The best buy, as this is the all-rounder. Topmost VR Headset. It has numerous features that will instigate you to buy this and enjoy your battles. Come let’s see some of its jaw-dropping product details.

It has two sensors for touch, two sensors for tracking body postures, and one headset. It will surely provide you joy once you wear it and put on your gaming spark. 

Headset – it is soft, comfortable. Easy to wear and rotate the head

Visualization– Visual optics are of super quality with a 360-degree view. Wide image recognition. HD lens for a clear quality picture

Sensors- two sensors that help you to interact flexibly with the virtual systems. It can sense easily if you sit, stand, and walk

Touch Controllers- whatever you touch in reality it puts gives a virtual outlook. Without a doubt, it provides complete satisfaction in the game.

Sound- it is incredible with deep stereo qualities. Allover surrounded by sound 

Design- intelligent and classy

Colour- Black

It has an overall packed performance. Games won’t feel like games. It will portray your real fight. 

  • Easy to access and set-up
  • 360-degree visualization with high sound quality
  • Amazing content of games
  • Needs a high-end gaming PC
best VR headsets in India
  • There is a micro USB port for charging the headset. No need for a computer set-up. Looks fascinating and calm but provides utmost amusement.
best VR Headset in India

Affordable as well as durable. Oculus Go Standalone is all-in-one. It helps you to achieve new heights in your game. 

Design- made of durable plastic material in the exterior part. Straps are adjustable and well equipped to fix. The delicate foam-molding pad provides comfort. The pad is covered with soft fabric to give a touch of a cloth-like feeling. Light-weight

Visualization- Fast-switch LCD that improves visual clarity. Lenses are large thus provide a wider image formation 

Sensors- well-managed with touch controllers. No use to tap the power button as it works under sensors. Once you remove the headset it turns off 

Sound- Consist of integrated spatial speakers is that in-built with the headset. 

Colour- Black, white, grey

  • Light-weight and portable.
  • Pixel and picture quality is great
  • The minimal screen-door effect takes place
  • Battery back-up is not up to the mark with reference to the charging time.
best VR headsets in India
  • Free and easy movable headset. Long-term lasting with stable features. A huge set of games stored which will deliver full-on pleasure. Lots of games to play and lots of sensations to sense.
best VR Headset in India

The technology, features, and adaptability this headset provides, is way beyond dreams. Affordable and satisfactory. East to set up. Tethered kind of VR Headset.

Headset- adjustable and flexible straps. It conveniently holds the head. Thick plastic covering. The headset can be moved according to the requirements

Design- stylish, elegant with streamlined shine

Sensors- high adaptive, quick posture tracker

Controller- wireless with swift -touch mechanism, intuitive

Sound- ear-tickling speakers with a wide range of sound effects

Visualization- deluxe graded picturization with 360- degree room-scale view. Multiple eye-relief adjustments

Operation- Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1and Windows 10

  • Software partnership with Valve
  • Hardware is solid and high-load compatible
  • Ready for the next generation tracking
  • Needs a lot of space for set-up
best VR headsets in India
SAMSUNG GEAR VR w / Controller
  • It is priorly known that Samsung has never failed to come up with new technologies and such devices. We all are aware of mobiles, televisions, laptops, and more products by Samsung.
best VR Headset in India

Want to jump into the world of animation! Try this. It brings fascination to the player with its features.

Design- sleek and handy. Smart glasses with convenient adjusting straps to fit the head. Light-weight

Visualization- crisp and highly detailed experience. Large lens with 101-degree visual space

Sensors- gyro sensors are attached which can sense the momentum of body movement. Proximity sensors are also loaded. Just with a wave of your wrist, you can (select, drag, lift, drop or point) to the nearby objects

Sound- in-built speakers as head-phones

Controller- The Gear VR controller is inside the box. Ultra touchpad key sensation. Well receptive and triggering navigator with a single touch on it. Volume, back-forward, home all these buttons are present on that controller. Wireless

Operation- Compatible especially with Galaxy S8 and other Galaxy graded mobiles. Can be easily connected to Galaxy phones

  • Easy to handle
  • Adaptable to mobiles
  • Low in price than other VR Headsets in the market
  • Due to too much heat fog can appear on the lenses
best VR headsets in India
Google Daydream VR
  • Intuitive controllers with original content of games in the library. One of the best products under the ‘Daydream’ series.
best VR Headset in India

Tell me one thing, can we think anything without ‘Google’ these days? Not at all. Google has been our companion for a long time on all grounds. This VR headset will not let you ‘daydream’ rather this will push you to catch your dreams at any point of the day. Whether it be in daylight or night. 

Design- hardy and covered with a soft cloth fabric to give it a cloth kind of feeling. A bit weightier than the rest of the VR Headsets. Straps are customizable and soft to touch. I fact the flap cover is also quite soft

Visualization- low light penetration from the bottom of the headset. Pixel 3 with high-class image formations. Clear and wider field view

Sensors- gyro sensors with superb movement locators

Sound- top-class stereo quality with satisfying volume changes

Controller- handy, button system navigation

Operation – Compatible with smartphones

Colour- Coral, fog, charcoal, light-grey; such cool colors are available.

  • Classy design with numerous choices of colors
  •  Simple software set-up
  • Smartphone powered
  • Do not support iOS
best VR headsets in India
  • It is well ventilated. Heat can easily pass out by keeping the eye region cool and without sweating. 3D images, apps, and games can be well enjoyed by having such a techy-designed device.
best VR Headset in India

Design- cool and compact in look. Made of soft foam with 3 adjustable straps to fit the head properly before putting on the game. T – shaped straps hold your head in the proper order to give a face-off direct head posture 

Visualization- Focal distance and pupil distance can be customized. Eye-protected smart glasses. Large lens for clear visuals around 360- degrees. 

Sensors- tracks efficiently, actions are well monitored and tracked according to the virtual screen

Sound- high-rated

Controller- mini controller is available in the box to navigate the virtual system. Bluetooth remote controlling system. Smooth touchpads Operation- Can be connected to both Android and iOS. Much more easy-going with smartphones. Makes it an ideal match when connected to the iPhone 7 VR Headset. It also goes well with Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, S6, and more. Moreover, it is cozy and handy in use.

  • Mini controller via Bluetooth
  • Perfect match with iPhone 7
  • Smooth and soft straps
  • Do not support Google daydream
best VR headsets in India
  • Integrated control systems are designed for better sensation and rejuvenation. Adjustable sound and visual systems. This can be a great deal if you like to play VR 3D games based on horror.
best VR Headset in India

It’s qualities-

Headset- hardy, portable but light in weight. Cushioned padding over headphones. This makes the ear comfortable to absorb sounds perfectly 

Visualization- Provides 100- 120-degree FOV. 3D vision. The focal length and focal distance are adjustable. It is designed with Japanese imported PMMA lenses that help crystal-clear pictures to see

Sound- in-built headphones. The audio output is great. Unwanted sound cancellation facility

Sensors- Gyro Sensors with ultra reception

Controllers- in-built supporting, quick controlling buttons with touch, and tap 

Operation – Can be operated via smartphones

Colour– White with black combination

  • PMMA lenses for a better view
  • Soft-pads on the earpiece
  • In-built controllers
  • A bit expensive
best VR headsets in India
  • It is another manufactured high-class product by Procus. This 3D VR headset is black and shiny. A complete journey to the virtual world.
best VR Headset in India

It’s qualities-

Headset- this version is a bit more modified than the other one. It has an adjustable strap. Foam-face cushioning

Visualization- Expanded FOV like up to 90-100 degrees. Broad view coverage.HD lenses. Adjustable screen distance. IPD is stored for the safety of the eyes as it can protect them from damage

Sounds- high-pitched and flexible volume changes

Operation – Compatible with Android/ iOS

  • IPD system incorporated in lense for the protection of eyes
  • Adjustable head-strap. Comfortable
  • View more than 100 degree
  • No cushioning is available above the nose part, so it may hurt the nose due to pressure
best VR headsets in India
  • White in color with black combinations. You can answer calls between an ongoing game. Mobile-holder is present to prevent the falling of the mobile.
best VR Headset in India

A wide range of extensive amusement is provided by the headset.

Headset- portable, light-weight, and easy to set up. In-built headphones and controllers. Adjustable straps for better grip and support. Controlled mechanical Knobs for various adjustments in vision and sound

Visualization- 42 PMMA lenses. Expanded image recognition. Premium quality lenses are fitted. Unparalleled 120-degree FOV

Operation- Adaptable to Windows, Android, iPhone

  • Affordable
  • Compatible with all types of devices like- smartphones, i-phones, and Windows
  • Large lens for better visualization
  • Doesn’t have too many straps for better grip. Smartphones of 4-inch size screens cannot go with this headset
best VR headsets in India
  • This very headset provides you the utmost experience of innovation and leads to to the world of imagination and animation
best VR Headset in India

Extravagant stimulations and sensations are provided which will surely make you feel inside an artificial world of imagination.

Headset- made of thick plastic, three-way head straps are there which can hold the head in a comfortable position. Cushion pads over the eyes verge for better focus and comfort. In-built speakers 

Visualization- 40 MM lenses are there. HD Resin-shaped lenses. 360-degree coverage. Pupil distance can be changed according to vision. IPD system for eye protection

Controllers- Bluetooth mode remote controllers.

  • In-built microphone and sound speakers
  • Compatible to all smartphones
  • Call answering facility
  • The remote control system is not so friendly in VR headsets.


So as you see, above mentioned VR Headsets are the top 10 most purchased around our nation. For a long time, we have been habituated to playing mini-games on phones and laptops like – Candy Crush, PUBG, Clash Of Clans, and more other interesting games. It’s fun. Isn’t it? It’s going to be a lot more fun and exciting if you play a VR-based game. But before that, you need to buy a super-quality VR Headset to experience the virtual phase beyond thoughts. 

VR Headset is a high-tech apparatus that needs to be handled with care and concern. Keep an eye that it should not fall from the hand or do not keep it unboxed and uncared. Now, the focus zone. While going to buy a VR Headset, you must look after certain parameters and qualitative features that will lead to the best-buy. 

These are some features that you should tally and make your choice according to that-

  • Visualization and display– Lookup for large lenses. Pixel quality should be high enough which will in-turn portray clearer and bright images. 360-degree visual coverage is like a jackpot. 
  • Senors- Now, this is the vital part. In the VR system ‘gyro sensors’ play a crucial role as they can receive the action stimuli and track them. This should be super sensitive. Quick locator of body postures and movements. Hence, this feature adds more excitement and a broad virtual phenomenon. 
  • Controllers- It is lovely if it possesses touchpad navigators. Button system controllers are also well equipped. This tiny tool helps to navigate and perform actions in short-hand. It mainly consists of Volume buttons, home, back, forward and a lot more. The wireless one is the best. 
  • Headset- This is the main device that you are going to wear on your eyes as a goggle. It should be light-weight so you can easily bend and move your head. Straps and small belts attached to the headset should be comfortable to adjust that fits the head precisely. 
  • Sounds- Binaural sound systems are used. Many of them have in-built speakers that give high-power deep amplitude. It feels like a real battle-field.
  • Operating Systems- This would be wonderful if it is a smartphone and iOs friendly headset. Computer set-up headsets are space taking and not as comfortable. Laptop set-up devices are also good to some extent. There are many VR Headsets in the market which are compatible with Windows as well as android/i-phone. 

Colour and its combinations are not such a big deal but it’s nice to have a VR Headset of cool but class colors like- black or blue. Overall it should be comfortable to wear and handle, have an affordable, wide spectrum of virtual experience, and must be durable with an assured warranty. 

You must compare two to three products of your choice and finalize the best one from your perspective. You can visit the showrooms and try them before purchasing them. On the other hand, you can also buy them via online shopping sites like- Amazon, Flipkart. Links are provided above. 


Managing and balancing with this highly active and scheduled routine of work, somewhere-somehow we are pulling ourselves from actual entertainment and enjoyment. We all are fond of games. Hence, games with such audio-visual motion pictures and graphics are completely out of the box. 

Imagination meets reality. Using VR Headset it feels like – ‘Breathing in real-world but sensing virtual panorama’. Quality of the stereo effects, visual and clarity of the images, high-tech sensors, and sensitive touch controller that all sum up a complete VR Kit. 

In this entire world, who doesn’t want to make dreams come true? VR Headset allows you to explore your dreams and feel on top of the world. So, get ready to catch your dreams. Purchase a VR Headset and drive into the world of ‘virtually true. Here is the guide for the best VR Headset in India to help you select the product of your choice.

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