Do’s & Don’ts To Clean Your Phone’s Camera Lens

Do’s & Don’ts To Clean Your Phone’s Camera Lens

Do’s & Don’ts To Clean Your Phone’s Camera Lens

Do your images look blurry and unsharp? Not getting satisfactory results despite having a great smartphone? Then it’s time to clean your camera lens!

The compact size of mobile phones makes them easier to carry anywhere. They easily slip into our jeans, handbags, and where not! So, mobile lenses have to struggle with dust, germs, fingerprints, and grease on a daily basis. 

We are not as conscious about our phone lenses as we are about DSLRs. Don’t deny it!

How do you clean your camera lens? Do you blow on the lens, grab your t-shirt, and rub the camera? Well, that’s what most people do to take a quick snap! 

Though rubbing gently with a soft cloth won’t do any harm. But, let us tell you that there are other effective ways to get crystal-clear shots.

To help you out, here we have put together some best possible solutions to properly clean your any type of mobile camera lens. Let’s dig a little deeper to read the dos & don’t of cleaning the camera lens!

Do’s: How to clean your Phone Camera Lens?

1. Use a soft brush with a cleaning pen

A variety of cleaning pens are available in the market from delicate to broadway to fluffier brushes. These quick brushes in different shapes & sizes can effectively clean your dusty camera lens. Even a soft makeup brush will do the job to clean your phone camera. Make sure to buy a cleaning pen of appropriate size that suits your camera lens. 

2. Buff away Smudges with a Microfiber Cloth

Is your mobile camera lens covered with fingerprints? Then obviously it is going to produce blurred images. Let us tell you that cleaning with your t-shirt, tissues and any random cloth won’t be effective. It may leave scratches on your camera lens. They will still leave some dust particles on it.

To get the best result, buy a quality microfibre cloth, fold it into a triangle, and gently buff with it. It will wipe away all the smudges without any dust or lint behind.

Experts tip: Keep a separate microfibre cloth for your camera lens. Wash it with a fabric softener , so it won’t leave any streak on your camera lens.

3. Use a lens wipe to remove Stubborn Grime

It happens many times that we use our phones immediately after eating chicken, cheesy nuggets, fritters or something greasy. And, the stubborn greasy grime won’t just go away. So, all you need to clean your camera lens is use a lens wipe. Lens wipes contain a  cleaning solution that can easily  remove stubborn grease and grime without creating any fuss. 

Don’t try to use the regular baby or wet wipes on camera lenses. They contain a softener and will make your lens even greasier.

4. Buy a lens cleaner/ DIY home cleaner

Do you need to immediately clean your camera lens? Don’t have lens wipe at home? Well, then the lens solution is your best buddy. They are diluted with a small percentage of alcohol and can easily wipe away all the dust, grease, or grimness. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to clean it.

Don’t have a lens solution at home? Don’t worry! You can still make a homemade version. All you need is alcohol (70% isopropyl) and distilled water.  Mix them in equal ratio (1:1), and gently buff over your camera lens.

Tip: Avoid using normal running water to create the solution.

Step by Step Tutorial to Clean your Mobile Camera Lens

  1. Place a plain fabric on the table. The fabric should be larger than your smartphone.
  2. Place your mobile with the camera lens facing upwards.
  3. Make sure to hold your phone tightly while cleaning.
  4. Use the microfiber cloth and wipe off the dust, grim or grease.
  5. Lightly Damp the microfiber cloth with a lens solution.
  6. Allow it to air dry.

Don’ts: How to not clean your phone Camera Lens?

1. Don’t use regular glass cleaner

Many people use glass cleaners available at home to clean their phone screens and camera lenses. But let us tell you that they are a bit harsh for your phone’s camera lens, and may destroy the outer coating of your camera lens. Make sure to use products specifically made for camera lenses.

2. Don’t use any random clothes

As already suggested, Microfibre cloths are best for cleaning camera lenses. They are soft and can easily wipe away dust, grime, and grease. Whereas the use of a rough cloth can cause scratches when buffed on the camera lens.

3. Don’t use normal water

Tap water is a big no for cleaning the mobile screen and camera lenses. Rather use distilled water for a streak-free finish. Tap water contains impurities and other minerals that can leave behind some marks. Thus making your camera lens even dirtier.

Tips to remove Condensation from your Mobile Camera Lens

Sometimes the camera lens becomes foggy and dusty from the inside due to moisture penetrated by the phone camera. So, how to get rid of this moisture and dry out your phone?

To begin with, place your phone in an airtight container filled with raw rice and silica gel packets. Switch off your phone and leave it overnight for 24 hours. It will help absorb the excess moisture from your phone  

If your camera lens is still foggy after a dry rice bath, we suggest visiting the mobile store and seeking a professional’s help. They will disassemble the phone or camera module and wipe out the moisture from your camera lens.

Avoid direct contact with the radiator or blow dryer with your phone. As high temperatures can damage the IC’s and create more harm.

Tips to Protect your phone camera lens

Buy a Camera Lens Protector

To retain the quality of images for many years, you must invest in a camera lens protector for front and back cameras. They stick to the camera glass and protect it from scratches and moisture escaping to the inner side of the camera. The major benefit of buying lens protectors is they are inexpensive and replaceable.

Don’t want to stick that lens protector but still want to keep your camera lens free from scratches? 

Buy a Phone Case

Try using a lightweight raised case to avoid direct contact with your camera lens with rough surfaces. They are affordable and upgrade your phone’s look.

Buy a Smartphone Pouch

A sheer variety of smartphone pouches are available in the market. When you don’t use it, put it in the pouch. 

Place your phone with the camera upwards

While placing your phone down, make sure to Lay your phone with the camera facing upwards. It protects your phone camera lens from scratches.

Keep your phone in clean, dry, and safe areas

We always encourage our users to not use their phones while they are in the kitchen or bathroom.  There are high chances of escaping moisture to the inner side of cameras. Also don’t slip your phone into pockets with keys.

How to fix your blurry camera?

Have you thoroughly cleaned your phone camera lenses from the inside and outside? Still, the images are not clear. Then probably it can be a software-related issue. Try the following steps to troubleshoot your phone and fix the blurry camera:

Step 1: Restart your phone.

Step 2: Open the settings> camera app> clear the cache.

Step 3: Update your camera app.

Step 4: Gently tap the phone back on your palm.

Step 5: Scan your phone to check if there are any viruses.

Step 6: Download the third-party camera app from your App store/Play store.

Step 7: Reset your phone to factory settings.


Cleaning your camera lens doesn’t require any high-end tools. Try these simple and easy DIY hacks and you’ll get the desired results. Do remember to clean your lens regularly to protect your camera lens. You can also buy a camera lens protector from local mobile stores or online shopping stores. And, if you still have a doubt, you can seek professional help!

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