How To Buy The Best Ball Pen For Smooth Writing?
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How To Buy The Best Ball Pen For Smooth Writing?

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Ask a writer or student, about the feel of writing with a smooth ball pen. Finding a perfect pen is no less than a treasure! Though other factors like paper type, the purpose of writing, pen width, and ink type also contribute to your writing experience. 

But more than half of your issue is resolved if you have invested in a good ballpoint pen. 

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to pick the best ballpen as per their writing style. A variety of ball pens are available in the market. More options lead to more confusion.  

Is your ball pen leaving ink marks on the backside of your page?  Do you get easily frustrated with the spreading ink of your ball pen? Then, this mini guide belongs to you.  

Here on this page, we’ll discuss the different categories of ball pens and the parameters that you must consider before buying the ball pen.  

Let’s read to find out which ball pen is compatible with your writing purpose

Different Pen Types

Have you ever wondered how these ball pens work? Well, the ball pens use a rolling ball mechanism at their tips to regulate the ink flow from the internal cartridge.  It doesn’t end here!  Each ball pen uses different ink types. Interesting, No?  Check below the #5 most popular ball pen & ink types to easily differentiate between them in the future!

Ballpoint pens

Their refills are filled with oil-based ink which means the ink dries immediately. Ballpoint pens are the most vicious type of pens. Sometimes you have to press down hard to write using ball pens. It usually happens when you are using low-quality ball pens. 

Rollerball pens

Such pens use water-based ink which means ink takes some time to get dried. As the pen glides smoothly on the page, you are definite to have an ultimate writing experience. The only problem is ink gets smudged easily. Also, these pens are not a convenient option for left-handed students or writers.

Gel pens

Rather than using dye-based ink, gel pens use water-based ink which is pigment based. Gel pens are more consistent and user-friendly than roller ball pens. But be careful, poor quality gel pens usually get dried and have the tendency to clump. A little more investment and research are required to buy superb gel pens.

Felt-tip pens

Never heard before? Don’t get confused by the name, felt tip pens are also referred to as porous-point pens or markers. These marker pens come with thin and thicker tips for different writing purposes. You can choose to buy permanent or non-permanent marker pens. Felt tip pens are used for writing on paper using pigment-based dye.

Fountain pens

Can you recall a memory or ad where a person gets ink stains on a shirt? Well, they are fountain pens! Such pens are meant for sophisticated writing and come with disposable cartridges. If you know how to use, write and fill them, then no piece of writing with another pen is comparable. Fountain pens come with a nib and are strictly not recommended for kids and junior students.

How To Buy The Best Pen For Good Handwriting?

How To Buy The Best Pen For Good Handwriting

As we discussed earlier, each pen is designed differently and uses different ink types. We know it’s quite overwhelming to choose the best one when infinite options are available. After all, they come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. If you ask us what a good pen looks like? Here are some important questions that you must ask yourself before buying one.

  • What’s the purpose of buying a pen? 
  • Is it easy and comfortable to hold in hand?
  • Check the construction material.
  • Whether you want to buy a pen with a grip or not?
  • How heavy should your pen be? ( Weight/Size)
  • What type of paper do you use?
  • Does it write smoothly?
  • Is it Smudge Proof?
  • Does the ink smear with highlighting?
  • Is the price worth it? 

Pro Tip: left-handers usually struggle with their choices of pens. The reason is the ink smudges while gliding on the paper. So, make sure you pick a pen that is easy to hold and write with. 

What makes ballpoint pens the #1 Choice of daily writers?

Ballpoint pens are the most common, and popular type of pen among daily writers, students, or accountants. Though ball pens are not as luxe and special as fountain or pilot pens, still they are ruling the people’s hearts. 

Artists like Lennie Mace & Andy Warhol have created unique art pieces( airbrush style artwork) using ball pens. With ball pens, they can create sharp lines, the illusion of volume & photography.

These pens use refills filled with an oil-based ink that’s smooth as well as dries instantly. Let’s read some of the several reasons and merits why people prefer ballpoint pens over other types of pens:

  • Ball pens are easily available and are the most selling ones.
  • They are affordable and can be reused again by changing the refills.
  • You can easily buy a superb quality ballpoint pen for a few rupees.
  • They are smooth and versatile 
  • Serve the purpose of every writing style.
  • Your writing looks neat & clean.
  • The ink easily sets and dries on the paper.
  • A convenient & best option for left-handers.
  • Easy to hold and comfortable to use.
  • Available in millions of designs, and colors.

Did you know? 

The first patent for Ballpoint pens was issued on October 30, 1988, to John Loud who was a leather tanner. Since then, ball pens are being redeveloped and designed every then and now!

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Which is the best pen for students in exams?

A ballpoint pen of premium quality & a rubber grip is by far the best option for exams. You can buy them in bulk and the rubber grip won’t make your hands tired easily.

What are the limitations of ball pens?

1. A low-quality ball pen can create smudges, and ink bleed may happen.
2. The ink stains are nearly impossible to remove.
3. The oil-based ink may freeze and that stops the flow of the ink.
4. Sometimes they require more pressure to write.

Which is better: a whitener or erasable pen for a mistake?

A Whitner is the best option for a neat and clean writing piece.

Are luxury pens worth buying?

Yes of course! They are smooth, last longer, and completely serve the purpose. Nowadays many eco-friendly pens are available in the market.

Wrapping up!

Whether you are a pen enthusiast, writer, or first-time buyer; this pen guide will help you buy the perfect pen. We hope you liked it and can easily make a decision. You can buy a pen of a single brand in bulk for a constant supply or try out various other pens; it’s up to you! Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!