How to Find & Protect Yourself From Illegal Hidden Cameras?

How to Find & Protect Yourself From Illegal Hidden Cameras?

How to Find & Protect Yourself From Illegal Hidden Cameras

Are you being watched by hidden cameras? How to know & protect ourselves from the spy camera? Then this article is a blessing in disguise!

Many times it happens when we spot something odd in changing rooms, hotel rooms, hostels, or Airbnb rooms that seem like a camera.

According to a survey by BBC, six out of 1 Airbnb or hostel room use spy cameras, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms. It’s terrible and we need to be pretty conscious when planning to stay there. 

There are better chances that these cameras are fitted in a wall socket, shower, table light, clock, or table light. Another fact is that 95% of them deliver live-streaming views. Till the time you have realized, your videos have already been transmitted to some other source. Although it’s illegal, still it’s a huge business. 

Do you know Asia is one of the biggest scam markets known for the illegal use of spy cameras? One of the biggest disadvantages of surveillance cameras is they are easily available in online and offline stores. Unfortunately, the law can’t protect you from these scams.

Don’t worry! This article will guide you on how to protect yourself from hidden cameras.

Hidden Cameras

Also referred to as Internet-connected cameras, hidden cameras are being actively used by scammers. Although it is illegal to install cameras in private places. But still, lucrative businesses are running with the only purpose to earn money. That’s why Many hotel owners and shopkeepers have been arrested for the illegal use of these micro cameras.

Nanotechnology has made it possible that spy cameras these days can easily track your location and conversations. Not only this they can see through the walls, and decode the vibrations obtained through voices.

Below are the certain proven ways to find out hidden cameras:

Always Double-Check the Public Bathroom

You may find something like a phone charger or some suspicious things like tiny lenses near the tube light, geyser, or exhaust fan. There is a high chance that these out-of-place things are none other than spy cameras. 

Are you staying in cheap hotel rooms?

Thoroughly examine the room from the wardrobe, switchboard, bathrooms, and tube lights especially when you are staying in a homestay, hostel, or Airbnb room. Generally, endoscope cameras are installed under the doors of adjoining rooms. One other thing you need to be aware of is the fact that Airbnb rooms allow the use of cameras except in the bathrooms and bedrooms. But you have the full authority to know where exactly the cameras are installed in the hotel.

Use Special Tools

To avoid any risk and protect your privacy, use the advantage of this hi-tech era and invest in a bug-finder. They are affordable and easily available on amazon or other e-commerce stores. All you need to check is its functionality; quality is not a deciding factor when buying these devices.

Download the hidden camera detector App

You can download these hidden camera detector apps from iOS’s App store or Android’s google play store. Many other third-party apps are also available at genuine subscription prices with better features. These apps use your phone’s camera to detect any surveillance cameras. All you need to do is click the search options and point the camera toward the room. 

If the app turns red, that means it detected a pinhole camera. We highly recommend downloading this app for all solo travelers or couples to avoid such scams.

Note: The downside is, you can’t rely 100% on these camera-detecting apps

Buy the Signal Jammer

If it is allowed in your country, it is the easiest way to protect yourself from spy cameras. But there are other disadvantages too. The Internet will stop working and can not be used for longer hours. The device usually gets heated up after a few hours of use. 

Use the Flashlight

It is by far the most realistic and easy way to find hidden cameras when you are staying in a hotel, hostel, or Airbnbs. Use the flashlight of your phone and shine it while walking throughout your room. The cameras, if any, will flash when light passes through them.

Use your Phone’s Camera App

Switch off the lights in the room, open the front-facing camera and rotate while facing the camera. If the camera shows any flash spots, that clearly indicates the IR( infrared) lights of the hidden camera and you are being spied on.

Do Notice the Staff Behavior

If you are not staying in a reputed hotel or place, do notice the gestures of hotel staff & services. If your gut feeling, judgment, and discretion are indicating something suspicious, make sure to thoroughly examine the place.

Places where you can find Hidden Cameras

Nowadays, we keep hearing stories of people getting caught on cameras in girls’ hostels, hotel rooms, or changing rooms.  These micro-sized spy cameras are so small in size that they can easily fit into a place that you wouldn’t have even imagined.  So you need to be aware of  these places:

  •  Air Fresheners
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Lampshades.
  • Wall pictures
  • Heating vents
  •  Motion Detectors
  • Alarm Clocks
  •  Pins
  • Light fixtures.
  • Speakers.
  • Underneath tabletops.
  • Shelves.
  • Flowerpots.
  • Pens.
  • Wall chargers
  • Or, Any place where a micro camera can be fixed.”

It’s nearly impossible to determine where the camera is fitted simply by glancing at a room. You need a smart device or tool to find these illegal hidden cameras quickly.

For example, many people have spotted wall chargers with hidden cameras in bathrooms. Also, a couple from Florida filed a complaint when they found a camera lens pointed at their bed.

Also look for small holes in the walls if any, there is a possibility of a pinhole camera installed. Simply turn off the lights and scan your surroundings for a LED light.

Some Basic Techniques to find out hidden Cameras

Know the places to look into: As already discussed, check every possible place where the spy camera could have been fixed. ( walls, sockets, bathroom, etc.)

Know what part of the camera to look for:  You need to understand that the whole camera lens won’t be visible. So, look for the camera lens to spot the camera.

Use the best angle for room coverage: Scan through the corners of the room to easily spot the camera. Corner views give the best coverage of the room.

Look for odd show pieces or mirrors: Always check if the mirror placed in the room is two-way. 

If there are any alarm clocks or stuffed animals with eyes?

Switch off the room lights to find the camera’s LED indicators.

Make a call on your phone and leave it on for some time. Notice if you hear a crackling, buzzing, or clicking voice.

Buy a Radio-frequency detector. It will beep or crackle and is capable of easily scanning a hidden detector.


What to do If someone is Spying on you?

It’s terrifying and a horrible feeling when you find that someone is spying on you. Call the local police immediately. But make sure you have the evidence. Without proof, the police won’t be able to take any legal action.

Can I find out if I was a victim?

Unless and until the whole scam is uncovered. There are better chances that you’ll never know even if you were the subject of a spy camera.


Although technology has become a basic necessity of life. We can’t stop its evolution or illegal use, but we can learn to control it for our safety and protection. You can invest in a camera detector tool or simply download the app on your smartphone.