Importance of Pens in Various Aspects of Life

Importance of Pens in Various Aspects of Life

Importance of Pens in Various Aspects of Life

It’s hard to imagine life without pens. No matter whether you are a homemaker, student, journalist, teacher, artist, or work in an office; this humble writing tool is a must-have item.

We all need pens in our daily life. Every individual has a different relationship with the pen. For some, it helps to remember things, jot down important points, and for others, it helps to turn ideas into reality.

A variety of pens are available in the market from the most loved ballpoint pen, fountain pen, and rollerball pen to gel pens. and, everyone has their own favorite according to the writing purpose.

Despite having laptops and smartphones, we still prefer pens to write or note down quickly. Do you know it has been scientifically proven that writing gives us pleasure and reduces stress in our life? 

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of pens in our daily lives. Also, find out which is the best pen to write smoothly & quickly

Why do you need to write quickly?

Even in this digital age of smartphones, tablets, and Macbooks, no gadget has been able to replace a pen.

There are many instances and places where gadgets are strictly banned such as courts, or prisons. So, the only option left is the timeless writing tool i.e. Ballpoint pen.

They are portable, convenient, and inexpensive. There are many professions where physical notetaking or editing is the only option for the role. For example,

  • Journalists still use paper, pencils & ballpoint pens for interviews & press releases.
  • Writers &  Authors
  • Teaching 
  • Publishers, and 
  • Therapists.

Students have to use a pen & paper for writing exams. So it becomes necessary for them to write clearly & quickly. Don’t worry!

We have shared some tips for writing quickly in the next section. Keep reading

Tips To Write Faster With Pen

Want to save your time & get expertise in penmanship? No doubt the choice of your pen matters the most. But there are many other strategies that will help you write faster and move to your next task:

Work On Your Posture

Have you ever noticed your posture while writing? Do you Slouch or do you feel cramps in your shoulders or back? Working on your posture can enhance your writing skills. So what you need to do is; 

  1. Sit with your back straight and should be supported by the chair.
  2. Make sure your elbows are at right angles to the table. 
  3. Check if your feet are placed flat on the ground.

Many full-time writers use standing desks to work for longer hours. KIt helps them regulate blood flow & energy.

Try The Pomodoro Technique

Does writing for longer hours distract you and make you feel fatigued? Then, you must have not tried the Pomodoro Technique. Sounds new?  Let us tell you that it’s a popular time-management technique that increases your productivity. Want to know the rules?

  1. Write in continuity with a focus for 25 minutes
  2. Allow yourself to take a break every  5-10 minutes. 
  3. Repeat & complete four sessions following the same technique.
  4. After four sessions, take a break of 20-30 minutes.
  5. Then, you can start the whole process again.

It’s easy and convenient. Trust us, it’ll definitely increase your engagement & productivity.

Write Smaller

Try using small sentences instead of long and complex ones. It will help increase your speed. Moreover, small sentences are easy to read and understand. From a technical point of view, your pen doesn’t have to travel long distances for writing small sentences.

When we say small, we are targeting both your font size & sentence size. Just make sure to decrease the size of your font by 10-15%. As writing small letters is even more time-consuming, and at the same time difficult for others to read.

Adapt Cursive Writing Style

Another effective way is to mold the shape of your letters. Writing speed also depends on the way you hold your ballpoint pen or your fingers bend while writing. Try writing tall & skinny letters to move your hands quickly and comfortably on the paper. The reason is, cursive writing reduces the horizontal movement of your hands.

Use Your Arm

Do you move your arm while writing? No! Well, 90% of the writers or students don’t glide their arms while writing for longer durations. The result of this is, your wrist has to bear the stress. P\us you start feeling cramps in your wrist and palm. So, make use of your forearm, it will support your wrist while writing on the paper.  This technique will help you write for longer periods.

Loose Grip

Many writers or students like to hold the pens with a loose grip. The reason being it doesn’t create strain on your palm and fingers. So you can competitively write comfortably for longer durations. 

Do you usually buy pens with thin barrel sizes? That means you hold the pen barrel tighter. To alleviate less pressure on your finger, we suggest investing in a premium quality thick barrel pen. It will take some days to practice writing with a loose grip. But once you get used to it, you’ll find this writing style more comfortable & faster.

Importance of Ball Point Pen in our Daily Life

There are many times in life when we can’t express our feelings or thoughts verbally. At such times, handwritten notes and quotes serve our purpose. You can conveniently convey your thoughts.

Do you know many of the great literary works, lyrics, poems, and discoveries have been crafted using a pen? 

A pen is a powerful tool that helps us express our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Or, better say it is a communication tool. Check out these important facts about pens and their importance in your life. Trust us, they will leave you amazed & pleased!

  • The pen was invented by Laszlo Biros in 1944, and that’s why it is referred to as Biros.
  • Pens were the only source to get or write information before print media.
  • Do you know the manuscripts about the history of mankind have been written with the pens used in ancient days?
  • You can immediately note down the tasks to do later or important information.
  • Many Occupations like teaching, journalism, engineering, Doctors, and poets are useless without the pen.
  • The pen is also used to write an Autobiography/will that is read after death.
  • Even the Hindu scriptures & other religious scriptures in the world have been written with ancient pens & ink. 
  • Many writers still prefer using pens to create scripts.
  • The pen is the voice of your thoughts, emotions, ideas, or verbal opinions. 
  • The pen is the most common & humble writing tool found in every school, office, public or private sector.
  • If there were no pens, there would have been no books.
  • Cheques without a signature with a pen are useless.
  • The foreign treaties between two countries are still signed with a pen.
  • The pen is referred to as the ‘Sword of Writer.’
  • No one in the world can deny the use of a pen in their life.
  • Writing with a pen makes you calmer, and helps to memorize things. 
  • Tourists/ Blog writers also use pens to note down important information on notepads using a pen.
  • Literature is one of the best fields that utilize this basic writing tool. 
  • Even the tourists carry pen and paper to jot down the information about the places they visit.

Summing up!

Overall, Pen is, was, and will always be one of the reliable writing tools. We all agree on the fact that even the latest gadgets and technology are unable to replace our humble ballpoint pen. The pen is beyond just being a simple object. Not only does it foster communication but it is also a weapon for educated people. It’s a blessing for poets & writers.

So, now you know how significant a pen is in our life. If you liked our article, do leave your reviews in the comment section below!