The Best Pens for Different Writing Purposes

The Best Pens for Different Writing Purposes

The Best Pens for Different Writing Purposes

Are you a student, daily writer, artist, or beginner? Can’t decide which pen to buy that suits your writing purpose? Don’t fret! It’s normal especially when several options are available to choose from. 

No doubt this modern era is getting digital every passing day, But still, the pen remains an essential and irreplaceable part of our day-to-day life. We enjoy writing with a pen that smoothly glides on the paper. 

There are fountain pens, ball pens (biros), gel pens, and many others. The matter of concern is we don’t know which pen is best for different writing purposes.

To help you save time, we have broken down the list of best pens as per your occupation. Before you rush to stock up, let’s quickly go through this mini guide!

#1. Know the purpose of your writing

The most prominent factor is knowing your needs. For example:

If you are a writer who needs to immediately pen down your thoughts or a student taking notes in class. Then, all you need is a premium quality ballpoint pen for a smooth writing experience. 

It writes fast, is smooth, and doesn’t smudge. Also, it’s easy to hold and inexpensive. You can buy a bunch of them together for a few rupees.

And, if you are into calligraphy or fond of good handwriting, then you need to buy pilot or brush pens. These pens are expensive but it’s all worth it!

Pen typesBest for
Ballpoint PensStudents/ Scriptwriters/ shopkeepers
Felt Tip PensLeft-handers/ sketching/ drawing/ fine lines/ highlighting
Fountain PensGifting/ Writing Thank you note.
Rollerball pensNotes/ Writing letters/ detailed sketching
Pilot PensCalligraphy/ Cursive handwriting

#2. Are you left-handed or right-handed?

The hand you use to write strongly impacts your writing experience.  All the pen’s designs and styles are designed keeping right-handed people in mind.  So you won’t face any difficulty choosing from the range of different kinds of pens. You’ll find them comfortable and easy to write with.

But what about left-handed people? They have to struggle a lot to find the right kind of pen, especially the students and writers.

As their hand follows the pen, they have to make sure the ink in the pen dries out quickly and is smudge-proof. Also, their palm gets easily covered with ink stains.

We can understand your pain!

Fortunately, the good news is many pen manufacturing companies have started designing pens for left-handed people. 

So, the most convenient and user-friendly option for left-hand writers is Ball point pens or oil-based ink pens. 

Not only are they inexpensive but the ink dries immediately while writing on the paper.

Need some more options? 

With a slight change in how you hold the pen, you can use other pens as well such as gel-based or liquid-ink pens. So, practice, practice & practice.

#3. Pen-Barrel: How do you feel holding the pen in your hand?

Sounds like jargon to you? But yes, it’s the pen barrel or design that decides your writing experience. if you don’t like the feel of holding a pen then no matter how expensive the pen is or have a smooth ink flow, it’s not worth it! 

You won’t be able to enjoy writing and the pen is definitely to reward you with raging hand cramps. Felt Sarcastic? But that’s true!

To make sure your pen is easy to use, and comfortable; always buy a pen that fits your hand size.

Thick Vs. Thin Pen Barrel

For example: If you have tiny little hands then you must not pick a pen with a thick pen barrel. 

Similarly, if you have the hands of WWE wrestler Batista or Rock, you simply can’t buy pens small and thin in size.

Thick Pen Barrels (33+)Best for bulky hands or people who hold the pen with a loose grip.
Thin Pen Barrels (15-25mm)Best for artistic, slender fingers and thin hands.
Medium Pen Barrels (25-32)These goldilocks sized are average-sized pens and suit hands of all sizes. 

#4. How much do you write with a pen?

Another major factor that can help you decide whether you should invest in expensive or economic pens?

If you occasionally use the pen for signatures or a pen fonder who loves to buy and flaunt luxury pens, then you must spend on

  • Fountain pens
  • Pilot pens, or other such fancy pens.

Want to write something formal or a letter, small notes for business meetings? Then Roller ball pens or fountain pens belong to you!

Felt-tip pens, gel-based pens, or rollerball pens are some of the best options for journaling. Trust us, they won’t give you any hand cramps plus the ink dries quickly.

For crossword puzzles, we suggest buying premium quality gel pens with fine and sharp tips. So you have enough room for writing in the small boxes.

For teachers as well as students, there can be no better option than Ball pens. You don’t need to worry about ink leakage or smudges. The advantage is the inexpensive price lets you buy them in bulk. So in case your pen is stolen or misplaced, you can take out another one.

Ballpoint pens definitely serve the purpose of periodic writers or teachers while grading, checking papers, or making report cards.

But what matters the most is the quality and design of the pens. We advise you to buy high-quality pens only that can easily handle plenty of use.

#5. Are You Buying The Pen For Yourself Or As A Gift?

This question is the real kicker! Your shopping efforts depend on this question. When buying a pen for yourself, you don’t need to worry about price points. Things are pretty simple!

You already know what exactly you are looking for! 

But when you are trying to buy a pen as a gift for your near and dear ones, you have to keep many things in mind. It includes

  • The occasion ( birthday/promotion/holiday etc.)
  • Their relationship with you ( family/friend/ colleague).
  • Price point.
  • What will they do with the pen?

To serve the purpose,  you can buy fancy-schmancy pens such as Light fountain pens, pilot pens, or rollerball pens.

#6. What Type Of Paper do You Write On?

Except for a few, most of the paper surfaces are compatible with all types of pens. But if you are looking to optimize or have an absolutely perfect writing experience, it’s important to consider the paper type.

For glossy paper surfaces, writing with ballpoint pens can create magic. Although Ballpoint pens run smoothly on any paper surface, glossy papers enhance the writing experience.

Besides this, you also need to keep in mind the two other general  factors for an optimized piece of writing:

Paper Color: The standard paper color used for writing is either white or off-white. But still, it’s up to you, a variety of fun color options are available for papers in the market. Suppose you are choosing a red paper to write on, you’ll have to choose the ink color accordingly.

Ink Bleed:  If the paper is too soft and you are using a gel pen or water-based ink, then there are better chances of ink bleeding. Or, the other reason for ink bleeding can be poor quality gel pen or fountain pen.

Summing up:

Well, that’s all from our side! All you need to do is set your priorities before buying the best ball pen or any other pen type as already discussed in this article. Hope you liked this awesome piece of writing by pen experts!