What is an A3 Printer & its uses? Why should you choose A3 Printers?

What is an A3 Printer & its uses? Why should you choose A3 Printers?

What is an A3 Printer

Though A3 printers are pretty expensive but are of great use to both students as well as professionals. The printing quality, comprehensive system, and hi-tech features are stunning. 

A3 printer can be your best buddy if you are looking to buy a printer that delivers high-definition images.  You can easily get printouts of portfolios, pamphlets, and posters without compromising on quality. 

Whether it’s about speed, performance, or quality; A3 printers with an 8-ink system are brilliant and par excellence. 

But with several options for A3 printers available in the market, you need to make a viable choice & invest carefully.

Explore this article to know what A3 printers are, the dimensions of A3 printers, and their various uses.

What is an A3 Printer?

A3 Printer as the name suggests can handle different types & sizes of papers of up to A3 size. The larger format of A3 printers is more flexible and measures about 420 X 297 cm or 16.5 X 11.7 inches.  

The eye-catchy designs & more layout space are some other advantages of using large format printers.

In general, commercial A3 printers are larger than regular/ conventional printers. They have large paper trays and printer heads. Many of the A3 Printer models come with fax/copy features; so it’s obvious that they’ll acquire more space. 

But, the wheeling cart allows you to easily port the printer from one place to another in the office.

A3 printer paper/ Ledger Size Paper

A3 size belongs to A series of printer papers as defined by ISO 216 standard. It is one of the most common and easily available papers in the market. The following parameters are used to identify the A series of printer papers:

  • The length divided by the width should be1.4142.
  • The A0 size comes with an area of 1 square meter.
  • The size A(n) is defined as A(n-1) cut in half parallel to its shorter sides.
  • The standard length & width of all paper sizes are rounded to the closest millimeter.

Check below some dimensions of the most popular printer paper sizes:

  • A3: 16.5 in. x 11.7 in. 
  • A4: 8.27 in. x 11.69 in. 
  • Legal: 8.5 in. x 14 in. 
  • Tabloid/Ledger: 11 in. x 17 in.  
  • US Letter: 8.5 in. x 11 in. 

As already discussed, You can buy A3 papers in various dimensions and thickness levels. The price point may vary depending on the quality.

The most common uses of A3 Printers

A3 printers are one of the priciest and largest types of printers. You might have encountered these high-performing printers in offices, schools, or printing shops. The paper size is comparatively larger than other regular printers. A3 printers are an ideal choice if you don’t want to compensate for quality & performance. Check below some of the wide uses of A3 printers:

  • Large Posters/ Photographs
  • Creating Presentations/ Reports 
  • Visual information for students in classrooms
  • Pamphlets, and others.
  • Large-format drawings/ diagrams/ renderings in architecture offices.
  • Printing Charts & graphs in Office.

A3 printers have proven themselves as a favorite size for statistical use. They are used widely for specific use in printing large layouts of chars, tables, and graphs. They can even reproduce diagrams and drawings of large sizes 

You can also fit various images of different sizes on a single A3 paper and take the cutouts later at your convenience.

Another important use of A3 printers is rasterbation which means a single image is enlarged to multiple pages. It’s a kind of wall art in which multiple pieces of an image are glued together to form a larger image.

Don’t fret! If you want to stop the process, the A3 printers are inbuilt with special commands to break the print job.

A3 printers are also capable of generating titles with light bleeding at the edges for creative or professional use.

Not to forget,  the unique use of A3 printers i.e. you can use them to take the printouts of two A4 pages as a spread.

Various Business Benefits of A3 Printers

The smaller, the better! Well, this is the slogan the consumer believes in when we talk about technology. Unfortunately, this parameter doesn’t fit well when it’s for professional printing. The bigger is always better in terms of high-quality printing services.

In this section, we have outlined some of the business benefits of buying  A3 Printers. Keep reading to know why I need to switch to larger printer models from laser or inkjet printers!

  • Freedom in printing customized paper sizes.
  • These printers support marketing & communication.
  • Many A3 Printer models offer auto media detection failure.
  • One-time investment increases productivity & reduces office downtime.
  • They can easily handle high workloads with high printing speed 
  • Bigger toner cartridges that don’t need to be replaced every now & then.

How & Where to buy A3 Printers?

A3 printers are easily available in nearby and online stores. Or, you can directly buy your favorite A3 printing equipment through catalogs or manufacturers by visiting their official websites.

Important factors to consider before buying a portable A3 printer

  • Budget & Price Point.
  • Check the brand, reviews, and customers’ feedback.
  • Check & compare the features with other brands/models
  • Types & sizes of papers it supports.
  • Color consistency, quality & printing speed.
  • If the printer can be charged using the USB cable or runs on batteries?
  • Can you edit images & documents on smartphones?
  • Connectivity options & ease of connectivity
  • Is Wi-Fi &  Cloud printing available?
  • Ease of availability of accessories.

FAQs about A3 Printers

What’s the difference between A3 & A4 printers?

The main difference lies in their design, integration with different paper sizes, and functionality. Keep in mind that not all A4 printers are capable of printing A3 papers and vice-versa.
A3 printers have been specifically designed for printing on large sizes of paper or tabloid/ledger size papers. Whereas A4 printers are used to print on standard  A4 and US/letter sizes that are easily available in our homes and offices.

How many different paper sizes are available?

The sky is the limit when we are talking about the format and size of the paper. Though you are free to choose from a variety of paper sizes, there are higher chances that you’ll not be able to find a suitable printer. The most common paper sizes are A4 & A3 for home or official use.

How do the paper sizes relate to one another?

A sheer variety of paper sizes are used in different parts of the world. Some of them are referred to as A Series or B Series while many of them do not belong to any series.

What is the standard size of A3 Paper?

A3 paper is also referred to as ledger size or tabloid size paper. According to ISO 216 standard, it measures about  420 X 297 cm or 16.5 X 11.7 inches.

Why should you buy A3 Printers?

If you want precision, clarity, custom-built colored, and technical printouts; A3 Printer is all you need. We agree with the fact that they are expensive, but with value-added features; it’s totally worth buying! A3 printers are high-performing printers, and the best innovation plotters so far. With lots of business benefits to offer; you won’t regret investing in A3 printers. So go for it and do share your buying experience with us. We would love to hear from you!