Who Invented the Ball Point Pen?

Who Invented the Ball Point Pen?

Who Invented the Ball Point Pen

Do you know the history of ballpoint pens? Ever wondered who invented ball pens? Well, you’ll get answers to all your questions in this detailed article.

Ballpoint pens also known as Biro are the most popular and essential item found everywhere from the home, shops, and schools to offices.

Pause for a second and imagine your life without a pen. Can you? Hell, No! The pen is the most important writing tool.

So, we have brought you an interesting story about the invention of the ballpoint pen. Here, you’ll find answers to all your questions from when, where & who invented the ball pen.

Excited? Let’s begin!

Who Invented the Ballpoint?

In 1938, It was László Bíró, a journalist from a Jewish family who laid the foundation of a ballpoint pen. Now you know why Ball pen is also known as Biro.

In the early 20th century, Laszlo along with his brother György worked hard for almost a decade before getting a patent.  Gyorgy was a dentist whereas Laszlo was a newspaperman who noticed that ink used in newspapers dries out quickly. Well, this was the time when the invention of the workable ballpoint pen started. 

It was the ancient old writing tools that frustrated him and motivated him to invent the ball pen. In the initial stage, Laszlo invented a unique ink made from paste rather than water.

The biro brothers combined the viscous ink with a ball-socket mechanism.  Though the ink didn’t get dried in the pen, the problem was the pen used to leave marks when used. 

  1. Finally, in 1931, they presented the first official ballpoint pen at the Budapest International Fair. 
  2. In 1938, for filing patents, they approached France and Britain. Their ballpoint pen was finally licensed in Britain as ‘Biro’. 
  3. Then, In 1941 Bíró brothers along with their friend Juan Jorge Meyne opened a factory in Argentina as Bíró Pens of Argentina. They started selling pens in Argentina with the name ‘Birome’. 

John J Loud: The Unsung Inventor of Ball Point Pen

Although Biro is known as the real inventor of the Ball pen. Yet, the credit goes to  John J. Loud who tried hard to make a writing instrument in 1889. 

He made a pen and even got a patent for it. But eventually, it lapsed due to no commercial use. that could write on wood, wrapping paper, coarse, leather, and other rough surfaces. The ball pen made by Loud had a rotating ball made of steel. 

Thanks to modern inventors for continuously bringing changes and making the modern ballpoint pen. Truly, this amazing writing instrument has changed our writing style.

Nowadays, the ball at the point comes in various diameters and uses steel, brass, or tungsten carbide as a ballpoint.

Evolution of Ballpoint Pen:

Many other inventors tried to sell their ball pens but their success didn’t last for a long period. Then in 1945, Milton Reynolds on a business trip saw a ball pen for the first time in Buenos Aires. 

On returning to America, he worked on redesigning the pen and applied for a new American patent. 

After approval, he started manufacturing ball pens in his company, Reynolds International Pen. 

The first and most successful ballpoint pen was named the  Reynolds Rocket. The interesting part is they sold the pens under the campaign announcing that these pens don’t need to be refilled for 15 years.

To the surprise, the Gimbels department store in NY City sold thousands of ballpoint pens within a week only.

After Reynolds, Eversharp Co. brought some changes and manufactured their own pen. Eversharp was already making mechanical pencils, so it wasn’t a big deal for them.

Now comes the turn of Britain! They saw a successful ballpen commercial in the same year produced by Miles Martin Pen Company. 

Unfortunately, the company lapsed in the 1950s, and the pen market was saturated in different nations.

Any guesses who made a grand entry at the same time?  It was Parker Pens! They manufactured a jotter pen with ballpoint made of textured tungsten-carbide. Millions of people loved and bought them especially due to their economic price points. 

Later on, Parker Pens bought Eversharp Company. 

Then, Paper Mate pens were introduced in Canada with new designs and unique ink formulas.

It was in the 1950s when Marcel Bmpletelyich, also referred to as Bic, took the license for a ballpoint pen from Bíró. He started manufacturing pens in his own company, and the rest is history. Now the world recognizes him!

Since then and now, ballpoint pens are still being evolved with new designs, barrels, and sizes by various companies.

Even many manufacturers have developed eco-friendly pens made up of cardboard or wood.  

Interesting Fun Facts about BallPoint Pen

  • Do you know RAF aircrews used Biro/Ballpoint pens at high altitudes? As fountain pens used to leak inks at higher altitudes.
  • The ink used in Ballpoint pen ink is made of a paste that contains approx. 25-40 percent dye, which further is suspended in oil.
  • A premium quality ballpoint pen can write about 50,000 words on average.
  • You can buy Ballpoint pens ranging from 7 cents to about $730,000 for the Mont Blanc ballpoint.
  • In 2011, Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa created the world’s largest ballpoint pen.
  • National Ballpoint pen day is celebrated every June 10th.
  • On average 125 ball pens are sold every single second.
  • The first ballpoint pen was sold for $12 in New York.
  • 3.4 billion ballpoint pens are imported into the USA each year
  • 95% of the people write their name first with the newly bought ball pen.


Whether it’s about work or pleasure, Biros have a special place in our hearts. There is no home, office, or business where you will not find this popular writing tool. No matter how digital this new era becomes, the experience and joy of writing with a ballpoint pen are incomparable. So buy your favorite ballpoint pen and start writing now. Did you like our handpicked story about the invention of the ballpoint pen with lots of twists & turns? Do Leave your comments.